Amazon Logistics Tracking

Amazon Logistics Tracking, trackingmore provides real time Amazon Order national or international waybill tracking via tracking number and Amazon Logistics tracking API.

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Amazon Logistics Tracking, trackingmore provides real time Amazon Order national or international waybill tracking via tracking number and Amazon Logistics tracking API.

Amazon Logistics Tracking

Amazon Logistics, a.k.a AMZL, is Amazon's delivery service for the products shipping from You can see the "Ships from and sold by " on the page of products. Also, the order will show as shipped by Amazon Logistics (AMZL_US). And if the tracking number starting with "TBA" is being delivered by Amazon Logistics too.

How to track delivery with Amazon Logistics in TrackingMore?

You can track Amazon Logistics on the Amazon website. But for more tracking information, you may want to track your package on a third party parcel tracker like

But Amazon Logistics doesn't provide a tracking number to the customer. So you need to find your tracking link or URL, copy and paste in the above input-box and search.

Kindly follow below instructions to find your tracking URL or link:

Step 1:

Log in with your password, go to Order Page, and click the "Track Package" button.

Step 2:

Copy this "Track Package" webpage's link from the top of your browser.

Step 3:

Switch your window back to, paste, and search.

Wola, the results show up.

Can I see where my Amazon Logistics' package is?

Usually, Amazon only shows the part of domestic shipping if your order is international shipping. Third-Party tracking service is recommended.

For example, you live in German and buy a loved product from Amazon US. Your products will be shipped from Amazon warehouse to your door. It's a usual order, right? But it takes a lot of shipping lines to cooperate. Amazon may ship your package to Netherlands Post, and Netherlands Post passes it to German Post after it's arrived in Europe.

But Amazon only updates tracking the number of the Netherlands Post and German Post. If you want to know where is your package exactly in German or Netherlands. You need to track the German Post tracking number on the German Post website and track the Netherlands Post tracking number in the Netherlands Post website.

Complicated and boring, right? Or you can track all shipping information simply on one website. You can try a third-party package tracker like us,

How do I contact Amazon logistics or AMZL?

If you a customer in the U.S., you only need to call 1 (888) 280-4331. Amazon logistics will lovely to answer any of your questions. Please be sure to have your order number ready, which can be found at your Amazon "Your Orders" page on the website.

Does Amazon Logistics deliver on Sunday?

Package delivery from Amazon every day, no matter through USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. In a few cases, it may cause some speedier deliveries, e.g.USPS Sunday delivery.

What are the pros and cons of Amazon Logistics?


You can choose Lockers, Fresh, Flex, and Prime Air accordingly to your situation. And then your package will be given the fastest delivery options. Same-day and even 2-hours shipping are available in specific geographic.

A new map tacking feature to Amazon Logistics is updated in 2018. Now you can see the whole trip of the package shipping, and even a photo of the delivered parcel on your front porch will be sent to you.

When a carrier is slowing down due to seasonal and other high shipping volume variables, Amazon Logistics is the first one to know. You won’t be worried to choose the wrong carrier and waste a long time to receive your package.


The seller cannot pick and choose which carrier will be shipping their products. Some negative experiences may be caused accordingly.

Amazon Logistics works without the seller’s policies and procedures. Amazon may lack insightful suggestions to improve its procedures.

What’s Amazon Logistics number look like?

If your order is shipped from U.S., Canada, Mexico, it’s usually assigned Amazon Logistics. And the tracking number starts like TBC, TBM, TBA. For example,  TBA612372656987, TBC095344968432, TBAONT984661196.

These Amazon orders can be tracked only with Amazon Logistics URL or link, kindly find the instruction in above to see how to track an Amazon Logistics package.

What happens if an Amazon Logistics driver arrived at my door, but nobody is home?

If this order doesn’t require a signature or a person to be present, the driver will just leave your parcel in a safe place he/she found on the porch or doorstep.

But if somebody must be there when it’s delivered. Amazon Logistics will leave a “We missed you” notice, and then in the coming days, they will try to deliver twice. If they still failed to deliver, your package will be returned to Amazon and a refund will be sent to you.

It shows the package is delivered, but I just can’t find it.

Amazon's tracking system is not a real-time system. If you can’t find your package anywhere, it’s a high chance it’s still on the way but may deliver in the next few hours. And of course, the driver may leave the package at the front desk of your building or your neighbor, if you were no in the location.

Should I be worried about Amazon Logistics drivers handling my shipments?

You may think Amazon Logistics delivery providers do get a salary from Amazon, but technically they are NOT Amazon employees. They are not Amazon employee level, and they just kept to the same standards or schedule as an in-house employee would be.

Who does Amazon use for shipping?

1)Amazon shipping service usually uses UPS. However, in case that the destinations are not served by UPS, other carriers like FedEx DHL are also used.

2)If the estimated delivery date of your order comes to a Sunday, then it’s highly likely that the parcel will be shipped via FedEx, because the UPS doesn’t deliver it on Saturdays.

3) If your products are nearby Amazon warehouse, like 40-50 miles radius, they will partner with local courier companies. For example, A1 Courier Services in Philadelphia or Delaware and OnTrac in California.

What can I do if my AMZL package delivery is late?

Amazon does a great job of delivering products on time, but sometimes things just happened and your order gets delayed. Of course, we can wait a day or two. This is the easiest thing to do.

But some times, that package is too important to wait. We need to figure out what exactly happened to our package.

1)The delivery guy can’t deliver the package. It may happen if they cannot find your address. Or driver believe is not safe for them to deliver ( angry dogs are the main reason)

2)The package was sent to the wrong address. It usually happens when you have multiple addresses in your account (schools, home, work, parents, etc).

3)Your apartment complex is sorting the mail. Some times if your order status is showing “package is delivered”, but you didn’t receive, it’s very possible that the driver put your package at the front desk of your building.

4)Your package is stolen. This is very sad. We live in 21 century now, but things like that still happen. Especially in holidays or purchasing season, tons of products are sitting in front of the door and steps.

What’s an AMZL_US carrier delay?

AMZL deliveries are actually provided by different independent logistics providers or contractors. Delay is a common thing and Amazon has no control of it. When carrier didn’t deliver a package on time, Amazon has no choice but update “carrier delay” in the shipping information

Will Amazon give me a refund if my package is delayed?

If Amazon provides a guaranteed delivery date to you on Amazon checkout page, they may refund you a shipping fee as long as your situation matches the following requirements.

1)You choose the exactly recommend shipping method on the products deal page.

2)Your shipping address is correct.

3)You placed your order before the cut-off time on the products page

4)If the products aren’t eligible for guaranteed delivery and you choose “shipping my items as they become available” option.

5)Your credit or debit cards are correct and Amazon charged you successfully before the cut-off time.

6)Unforeseen circumstance things happen, such as a strike, natural disaster or severe winter storm, Amazon delivery guarantee does not apply.

When will Amazon combine my shipments?

Amazon prefers to combine your shipments together, as it helps Amazon to reduce the number of packages sent to customers. The fewer packages you received, the less packaging material to use, and the better for our environment.

So items will be packed together from multiple orders when the orders meet the following criteria.

1) You placed multiple orders through one account.

2) Your products will be shipped to the same place.

3) The products you orderer are stocked in the same Amazon Fulfillment Center

4) The items are planning to ship at around the same time.

5) The orders will be delivered by the date which Amazon guaranteed.

However, when Amazon combined your shipments, they won’t reduce the shipping fee you paid for each order. And of course, you won’t be charged more than the total amounts, amazon just adds up all your separated shipping charges.

How to track the status of Amazon international return or refunds service?

All Amazon oversea sales have a unified return policy. Kindly check more details from Amazon's official website.

Track the returning products:

After you submit the return application, the products will be picked up from your door. Amazon won't provide shipping information, as you choose the shipping line according to your own wishes. But you can always track your parcel on

Track the exchange products:

If you need to exchange new products, Amazon will automatically create a new exchange order. You can track the waybill number on too.

What's Amazon Logistics?

Amazon Logistics is Amazon's delivery service for the products shipping from and sold by You can see the "Ships from and sold by " on the page of products. Also, the order will show as shipped by Amazon Logistics (AMZL_US). And if the tracking number starting with "TBA" is being delivered by Amazon Logistics too.

After ordering on, you can track your parcel on the page My Order. For some reason like the product from the different entreposage or inventory shortage, the multiple items may separate delivery dates and tracking information. But the information from My Order is not complete, to get more detailed of your package, you need to search them on the corresponding couriers. TrackingMore provides all-in-one tracking for your Amazon order, Just follow the steps below to track your Amazon Order on TrackingMore.

What's AMZL_US?

Amazon Logistics US, A.K.A AMZL_US, is a shipping service that is provided by Amazon. Your order will show as shipped with Amazon on the website if the seller uses Amazon Logistics shipping service.

Why chose Amazon Logistics?

Amazon Logistics is one of the most professional logistics in the world. It considers safety as its top priority. Millions of products are delivered to customers without issue. And they can also support you at emergency delivery. If you ever have a bad experience, choose Amazon Logistics, please.

About Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce company, which is based in Seattle. It starts its business by selling books online, but soon it diversified all products.

Now it's one of the biggest online retailers in the world. In 2016, Fortune magazine ranked it as the 44th largest company in the world. And with a rapid growth speed, Amazon is ranked as the eighth large company in Fortune 500 companies in 2017.



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