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    Seamlessly track your ePacket package journey with TrackingMore. Enter the tracking number to get the latest updates on your ePacket package.


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    What is ePacket?

    ePacket, or "EUB" or "e邮宝", is a package shipping service designed specifically for e-commerce. It is intended to provide online sellers and buyers with faster and more affordable delivery of small, lightweight goods shipped from mainland China and Hong Kong.

    Initially, the service was an affordable U.S. delivery solution for Chinese merchants, allowing them to deliver small packages quickly and securely to the United States. However, over the past few years, the ePacket service has gradually expanded to cover various markets worldwide at a lower cost, including more than 40 countries and regions such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Brazil Israel, etc. However, It should be noted that ePacket's service to Japan was discontinued on September 30, 2023. From now on, you can use an equivalent service such as Registered Mail or Small Packet Mail (air transport).

    ePacket vs EMS

    Is ePacket the same as EMS? The answer is no. ePacket and EMS are different services. 

    ePacket is mainly a small package service for cross-border e-commerce. It is relatively low-priced and suitable for small and lightweight packages. It provides affordable shipping and faster delivery time, usually delivered within 7-15 working days. ePacket also provides a full tracking service from shipment to delivery, allowing users to know the status of the package at any time.

    EMS is the abbreviation of Express Mail Service. It is more expensive and suitable for packages of all weights and sizes but provides faster service and higher insurance protection. It is usually delivered within 5-15 working days and provides detailed tracking information to ensure that the package is transparent from shipment to delivery. EMS also provides higher insurance coverage, which is suitable for the transportation of valuable items.

    Both services are designed to improve the speed and reliability of international package transportation. ePacket is ideal for small, lightweight packages at a lower cost, while EMS offers faster delivery, and higher insurance coverage, and is suitable for packages of all sizes.

    eCommerce ePacket Tracking

    ePacket is popular in eCommerce, providing an affordable and reliable way to send small items. It has a wide coverage and can be delivered to almost most countries and regions in the world, so it is regarded as the preferred international shipping option by many eCommerce sellers. Through ePacket, buyers can enjoy a fast and convenient shopping experience, which increases the transparency and trust of shopping.

    Dhgate ePacket Tracking 

    DHgate is a cross-border e-commerce wholesale platform that offers a variety of products, such as electronics, clothing, accessories, etc. ePacket is a common international shipping option on DHgate, especially for small and light goods. Most sellers on DHgate will provide free ePacket shipping for packages under 2 kg. Through ePacket, sellers on DHgate can quickly send goods to all parts of the world at low shipping costs, and they can generally be delivered within 7 to 20 business days.

    The ePacket shipping service provided by DHgate supports order tracking, and buyers can easily track the logistics information of the package on the DHgate website. On the order details page, buyers can find the "Courier Information" section containing the tracking number and check the latest status of the package by clicking the tracking link or entering the tracking number on the designated courier company's website.

    Other eCommerce Platforms

    On AliExpress, e-commerce sellers can choose to use ePacket as a shipping method for their orders. ePacket usually has a shorter delivery time and can be delivered to the destination country in about 10 to 20 days, ensuring that customers receive their purchased goods in a reasonable time and can track their orders.

    On Shopify, ePacket is a good way for merchants to save shipping costs when selling products from China, and most orders will be delivered within 7 to 20 days.

    Although ePacket is generally considered a reliable shipping method, sometimes there are some problems, such as the delivery time may be extended or the tracking information may not be accurate enough. Therefore, if you ship with ePacket and the tracking information has not been updated for a long time, you may need to contact the supplier or inquire with the courier for more information.

    How to Track My ePacket Package

    To help you better grasp the shipping status of the packages, You can use the following three ways to track your order.

    Via China Post (for ePacket shipments originating from China)

    the China Post Website

    Here are the steps to track packages using China Post.

    1. Go to the China Post Website.
    2. Enter your China Post tracking number and click the search icon
    3. Drag the slider to verify and then get the package status.

    Via USPS (for ePacket shipments arriving in the USA):

    You can track your ePacket orders through the USPS tracking portal. You can track up to 35 packages at one time on this portal.

    the USPS tracking portal

    Note: If you are in other countries, please contact local customer service.

    Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a comprehensive package tracking platform that supports a network of 1272 major carriers worldwide, including USPS, La Poste, and Deutsche Post.

    With TrackingMore, it automatically detects carriers and lets you track up to 50 order numbers simultaneously with just one click, simplifying and streamlining your shipment tracking process.

    TrackingMore also provides a dedicated ePacket tracking page, so you can keep track of your package at any time.

    ePacket tracking page

    ePacket Tracking Number

    After you place an order on the eCommerce Marketplace, sellers will usually send you a confirmation email, where you can find your tracking number.

    The ePacket tracking number is a unique identifier for ePacket packages, usually printed on the shipping label in the form of a barcode, and is used to track the status of the package.

    ePacket Tracking Number Format & Examples

    The tracking number of ePacket usually has "CN" at the end because the ePacket service was originally launched by China Post, so the tracking number format follows China Post's international standards. The suffix part of the tracking number indicates the original country or region of the package. The specific explanation is as follows:

    • The ePacket tracking number generally consists of 13 characters: two letters at the beginning, followed by nine numbers, and the last two letters indicate the country of origin.
    • For example, the format of the tracking number may be "LZ123456789CN", where "CN" means China.

    Although the use of the ePacket service has expanded globally since its origin and the main use country is still China, the tracking numbers of many packages will end with "CN".

    Track your ePacket With TrackingMore API

    TrackingMore API is a powerful multi-carrier tracking solution designed to simplify shipment tracking for businesses. It supports shipment tracking over 1272 global carriers including ePacket, seamlessly integrating real-time tracking information into your system. With a single API call, you can track up to 400 orders, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date package status. For historical tracking numbers, you can track 20000 tracking numbers per second. For larger customers, the rate limit could be upgraded depending on customer needs.

    Here are the benefits of using TrackingMore's tracking API to track your packages.

    1. All-in-one solution: Consolidate data from multiple carriers into a unified view, streamlining your logistics operations and simplifying management.
    2. Real-time tracking: Get instant updates to keep your customers informed.
    3. Extensive carrier network: 1272 carriers integrated
    4. Scalability: Suitable for businesses of all sizes to handle a large number of tracking requests.
    5. Easy to integrate: Fast implementation in 1-7 days

    TrackingMore is trusted by world-renowned brands such as Shein, DJI, and Printify for its excellent service. It provides reliable shipment tracking solutions for businesses of all sizes to help them improve their logistics operations and enhance customer post-purchase experience.


    What is ePacket Shipping?

    ePacket is a fast, cost-effective global shipping service designed for small e-commerce parcels that typically weigh no more than 2 kg, but have a maximum weight limit of 5 kg in Russia, Israel, and the UK. It enables customers in more than 40 countries to receive their purchases from online stores faster and more economically.

    How long does ePacket take to deliver?

    As with all shipping methods, delivery times for ePacket shipping may vary depending on the destination of the package, customs, holidays, and other unforeseen delays. Average delivery times for key routes are 7-15 business days, and if shipping to the United States, packages usually arrive within 10-20 days. Shipping times to other countries may be similar or slightly longer, depending on the shipping route. The average delivery time on major routes is 7-15 business days, and for shipments to the USA, packages usually arrive within 10-20 days.

    Who delivers ePackets?

    Final mile delivery of ePackets is handled by local carriers, such as USPS and Canada Post. Each local carrier has its own delivery process, costs, and package requirements.

    How to Contact ePacket Customer Service

    To contact ePacket customer service, you can follow these steps:

    1. China Post (for ePacket shipments originating from China):
    • Website: Visit the China Post website for information and support.
    • Customer Service Hotline: You can call their hotline at +86 11185 or +86 11183 for inquiries and assistance.
    • Email: Send an email to their customer service department at [email protected].
    1. USPS (for ePacket shipments arriving in the USA):
    • Website: Visit the USPS website for tracking and support.
    • Customer Service Hotline: Call USPS at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) for assistance.
    • Email: Use the contact form available on the USPS website for inquiries.
    1. Contacting Your Local Postal Service:

    If your ePacket shipment is handled by another country's postal service, you can contact your local postal service for assistance. Check their website for contact information and customer service details.

    1. Online Tracking Tools:

    Use online tracking tools like TrackingMore to get updates and information about your ePacket shipment. These tools often provide customer service contact options as well.

    1. Reach Out to the Seller:

    If you purchased an item from an online seller using ePacket shipping, you can also contact the seller for assistance. They can often provide additional information or help resolve any issues with the shipment.

    By using these resources, you should be able to get the help you need with your ePacket shipment.

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