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    Follow your package’s journey with ePacket tracking via TrackingMore and get the latest updates on your ePacket packages with just the tracking number.


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    ePacket Tracking

    The ePacket tracking service allows online shoppers in China and overseas to track their online orders as they ship to their destinations. With ePacket tracking, customers can conveniently follow their package’s movement and be alerted on each delivery stage it passes successfully. In case of delays, ePacket tracking helps customers adjust their expectations, and merchants to communicate with shoppers to ease their post-purchase anxiety.

    You can use the ePacket tracker on the China Post website or opt for a robust third-party platform like TrackingMore to track your ePacket shipments. This article will elaborate on steps to track ePacket packages using both approaches and highlight why TrackingMore is the better option.

    What is ePacket?

    ePacket is an international e-commerce shipping service that allows customers to shop from online stores in China (including Hong Kong) and receive small packages up to 2kg (4.4 lbs) quickly and affordably. The ePacket service was started in 2011 to facilitate easy and quick shipment of packages to the US from China (including Hong Kong).

    Today, the service has expanded to cover 44 countries globally. It comprises a network of renowned third-party logistics companies that also offer reverse logistics, ensuring online merchants can manage returns efficiently. The service is highly recommended for dropshipping businesses outside China that want to compete with local manufacturing times and provide an exceptional customer experience.

    How Does ePacket Shipping Work?

    ePacket is a shipping option on Chinese e-commerce sites, including AliExpress, eBay, and Orbelo. The service prioritizes fast and efficient delivery of small and light packages to participating ePacket countries. Store owners who choose this shipping service see their customer orders shipped from China (including Hong Kong) at a more affordable price than other options.

    • ePacket China Post

    China Post's ePacket, also known as EUB (Youbao, E邮宝), is a shipping service designed specifically for e-commerce products weighing less than 2 kg. It started in 2011 with a primary focus on shipments from China to the US. However, due to its popularity, the service soon expanded to cover other international destinations. Shipments to the US and other countries generally take between 7-15 days for delivery. A significant feature of ePacket is its full traceability, allowing customers to track their packages easily through the China Post website. China Post collaborates with international postal partners to ensure the smooth delivery of ePacket shipments.

    • ePacket International

    ePacket International is a service that caters to dropshipping merchants on Shopify and other e-commerce platforms to help them keep up with the delivery speeds of local competitors. With the ePacket shipping service, merchants can satisfy their customers with optimal delivery times. ePacket delivery to ePacket countries is done in 15-30 days, with end-to-end tracking available.

    • ePacket Tracking DHgate

    DHgate is a go-to e-commerce platform that connects buyers with Chinese wholesalers and small manufacturers, allowing them to purchase a wide range of products in flexible quantities for personal use and resale. DHgate offers sellers an ePacket shipping option that enables them to deliver to their customers in countries within the ePacket delivery network within 15-30 days. 

    • USPS ePacket Tracking

    USPS is the official handler of ePacket packages in the US. Initially, the ePacket service was a collaboration between Hong Kong Post and USPS. It features transparent package tracking with delivery confirmation for packages to the US. Packages sent via this service are delivered in 15-30 days. Customers can follow the delivery progress of your ePacket deliveries to the US via a third-party tracking platform like TrackingMore which offers an all-in-one tracking service including USPS tracking.

    How to Track ePacket’s Package

    You can track ePacket packages in several ways. This section goes into detail on how to use two ePacket track methods to monitor the movements of an ePacket package.

    • Through China Post’s Official Website

    ePacket tracking page

    China Post is China’s largest logistics service provider and provides a straightforward way to track ePacket packages using the following procedure.

    1. Open the China Post website.
    2. Key in your ePacket tracking code on the homepage and click the track icon.
    3. Pass the verification post and wait for the system to retrieve tracking data on your package.
    4. Tracking information on the ePacket package will load in a new window.

    ePacket tracking status

    • Through TrackingMore (Powerful Third-party Platform)

    TrackingMore is a multi-carrier package tracking platform that tracks ePacket packages accurately.

    TrackingMore ePacket tracking page

    To utilize this tracking tool’s full tracking capabilities, follow these steps.

    1. Open the TrackingMore website and click on “carriers”.
    2. Search for ePacket tracking from the carrier list using the search function.
    3. Enter your tracking number and click the Track button.
    4. TrackingMore will show a detailed tracking report in a few seconds.

    TrackingMore ePacket tracking status

    TrackingMore is a powerful independent platform that onboards over 1100 global couriers like China Post, FedEx, and USPS, allowing you to track up to 50 packages simultaneously.

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over China Post?

    TrackingMore provides a better tracking experience than China Post because of its advanced capabilities. Compared to China Post, TrackingMore onboards 1100+ global couriers, which extends its tracking abilities beyond just ePacket packages. For cross-border packages that often change their tracking number, TrackingMore allows you to continue tracking them efficiently.

    Carrier auto-detection is another standout feature of TrackingMore, allowing you to accurately detect any courier with just the tracking number. This feature guarantees that you can always know which carrier is handling your package if the tracking number changes due to the carrier exchange.

    TrackingMore ensures 100% clear shipment visibility with timely updates even during holidays and e-commerce peak seasons such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Whereas the China Post website may be slow in such periods due to high traffic, TrackingMore’s China EMS tracking page remains fast and stable.

    ePacket Tracking Number

    An ePacket tracking number is a distinct code that helps to identify a package shipped under this service. With it, customers can enter it into the China Post website or TrackingMore to know where their package is and which delivery stages it has successfully passed.

    The ePacket tracking number comprises 13 characters with two letters at the start indicating the service, nine digits in the middle, and two more letters, “CN” at the end. 

    Some examples of ePacket tracking numbers are listed below.



    The ePacket tracking number will be indicated on the online purchase invoice or order confirmation email. Online merchants can also locate the tracking number on the postage receipt of their packages once it has been registered with ePacket for shipping.

    ePacket Tracking Status

    As you track the delivery progress of your ePacket shipment, it is essential to know what each tracking status received means. This understanding helps you interpret the information correctly and set the right expectations. Below are some ePacket tracking statuses and their meanings.

    ePacket Tracking Status


    Acceptance, Handed over by Customer

    The package has been handed over to China Post by the online retailer.

    Acceptance, Dongguan, Package Received

    The package has been received by China Post at Dongguan.

    In Transit

    Your ePacket package is on its way to a China Post processing center.

    DongGuan, Arrival at Processing Center [DongGuan]

    The ePacket package has arrived at the China Post processing center and has been scanned. 

    Dongguan, Departure from Local Sorting Center

    Your package has left the China Post local sorting center.

    DongGuanShi, Departure from Processing Center [DongGuan]

    The ePacket package has been successfully processed and left the China Post processing center.

    Dongguan, Arrival at Regional Sorting Center

    The ePacket package has been scanned at the China Post regional sorting center in Dongguan.

    Dongguan, Out for Delivery

    The ePacket package is on its way to be delivered to the recipient.


    The package has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

    ePacket Tracking API

    The China Post EMS has an API solution that you can implement on your business website to help customers track their ePacket packages easily. The downside to this API is that it can only track ePacket packages. TrackingMore’s multi-carrier tracking API is a more efficient alternative that onboards more than 1100 global carriers, allowing you to provide customers with a seamless tracking experience.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    TrackingMore API is a state-of-the-art tracking solution with innovative features that are perfect for businesses looking to enhance the post-purchase experience for their customers. TrackingMore features end-to-end tracking functionality that allows customers to keep up with updates on their ePacket packages and shipments from other 1100+ global couriers. It delivers 100% accurate tracking events from when packages are handed over to the courier to when they are delivered to the recipient.

    TrackingMore enables e-commerce merchants to stay on the pulse of multiple packages from a single dashboard, ensuring that they can stay alert to any shipment exceptions and act quickly to resolve them before they affect the customer’s post-purchase experience. Other premium features that merchants will find useful include a branded tracking page that is valuable in boosting conversions and email and SMS shipment notifications that keep their customers updated on the go about their packages.  

    Try out TrackingMore risk-free by signing up for a free trial and elevate the after-purchase experience for your customers.

    FAQs on ePacket Tracking

    • What is AliExpress ePacket?

    AliExpress ePacket is a shipping service available to drop shippers on AliExpress. When store owners opt into the service, they can offer fast and inexpensive shipping service to customers in 44 countries served by the ePacket delivery network.

    • What does ePacket delivery from China mean?

    ePacket Delivery from China is an e-commerce shipping service that allows online merchants to ship small packages from China to customers in the USA and other locations worldwide.

    • How long does an ePacket take from China to the USA?

    ePacket delivery from China to the USA usually takes 7 to 20 days. Delays can occur due to customs, busy shipping times, the package's final destination, and unexpected events like weather. For a quicker delivery option, consider using China Post Express service.

    How to Contact ePacket Customer Service

    If you are experiencing any issues with your ePacket package, China Post provides a customer service number (11183), available 24/7 that you can call to get assistance with your package.

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