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    Track your Israel Post parcel the easy way with TrackingMore. Enter your package tracking number and stay informed about its real-time delivery status.


    • Israel Post Tracking
    • How Can I Track My Israel Post Package?
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    • What Does My Israel Post Status Mean?
    • About Israel Post
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    Israel Post Tracking

    Israel Post is a government-owned company that offers universal postal services to the general public. The company serves about 120,000 customers daily, making it one of the most efficient and widely used logistics service providers in Israel. 

    Israel Post provides delivery tracking services in 111 countries globally. This allows sellers and customers to track their parcels and know their real-time delivery status. Whether you’ve sent a document or a letter to a different part of the city or the nation, you can easily know its current location through Israel Post tracking. 

    How Can I Track My Israel Post Package?

    Tracking your Israel Post package is easy, thanks to the fast delivery tracking services offered by the carrier. All Israel Post parcels can be tracked, including those sent outside the country. 

    There are two ways of tracking your Israel Post package to know its current location. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to track your Israel Post package through the two options.

    1. Through the Official Israel Post Website 

    Israel tracking page

    • Visit the official Israel Post website in Hebrew or English.
    • Click Track and Trace (English version).
    • Enter your item tracking number on the search bar. 
    • Click Search to initiate to initiate the package tracking process. 

    The website will redirect you to a delivery tracking results page. This page displays the current shipment status and progress, as shown below. 

    Israel tracking status

    2. Through TrackingMore

    If you cannot access the Israel Post website from your location, you can use TrackingMore to quickly track your Israel Post package and know its delivery status. Here’s how to go about it. 

    TrackingMore Israel tracking page

    • Go to the TrackingMore website. 
    • Click Carriers and scroll down to Carriers List.
    • Search Israel Post on the search bar and click the carrier. Also, you can save time by going directly to this Israel Post tracking page.
    • Enter your Israel Post package tracking number and click the Track button (With TrackingMore, you can track up to 50 tracking numbers at once).

    You'll be redirected to a tracking results page showing the real-time status of your package, including its progress since it was shipped. 

    TrackingMore Israel tracking status

    TrackingMore is an all-in-one, multi-carrier tracking platform that tracks packages from different logistics service providers. With TrackingMore, you can track parcels shipped via Israel Post plus those delivered via more than 1,100 postal and express couriers globally. These include DHL Express, FedEx, China Post, UPS, and USPS, to mention a few. This makes it a perfect package tracking platform for sellers and customers dealing with several logistics service providers. 

    TrackingMore provides a powerful shipment tracking API (application programming interface). This tracking API can be integrated easily into any system, enabling e-commerce sellers to gain a comprehensive view of all their package delivery statuses. Also, it helps deliver a smooth order-tracking experience to final customers.

    To add the cherry on top of the cake, TrackingMore is available in 15 languages. This makes it convenient for users in different locations worldwide.

    Israel Post Tracking Number

    By definition, a tracking number is a unique number attached to every package. This number is used for tracking parcel movement from the sender to the recipient. It can be within one country or even between countries.

    The format and length of a tracking number vary depending on the carrier. Israel Post uses different formats for the domestic and international tracking numbers.

    - Domestic Couriers

    Format: 8-digit numeric

    Example: 26435722

    - International Shipments

    Format: 2 letters + 9 digits + 2 letters

    Example: EE048043685RU 

    What Does My Israel Post Status Mean?

    You will encounter several tracking statuses when you track your Israel Post package. Here's what each status means.



    Notification has been received regarding a package being shipped

    Israel Post has received your parcel and will process it for delivery.

    Forwarded for processing

    This status means your package is being processed for delivery.

    Arrived at the postal unit for delivery to the addressee

    The parcel has arrived at the Israel Post unit that will ship it.

    Notification of arrival in the delivery unit has been sent to the customer

    As a customer, you will be notified that your package has arrived at the delivery unit.

    Released from customs

    The parcel has been cleared by customs and shipped to the final address.

    Delivered to addressee

    The parcel has arrived at the final destination address. You can go and pick it up. 

    About Israel Post

    Israel Post is 100% owned by the Israeli government. This company provides postal services to the public and banking services under the Post Bank, a subsidiary. It is Israel's national leader in online trade and mail delivery based on various business principles, such as fair competition and profitable product lines.

    The company has invested in technology to improve its level of service to match international standards. It has 1,300 service points countrywide, making it widely accessible. Also, it has established hundreds of neighborhood package delivery centers nationwide in partnership with small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Israel Post offers digital services, enabling customers to perform actions without visiting specific branches. This improves the speed and convenience of sending and receiving parcels. 

    How to Contact Israel Post Customer Support

    You can quickly contact the customer support team for concerns or questions about your Israel Post package or other services. Here's how you can contact the support team.

    Contact Method


    Service Time




    Sun - Thurs: 8 AM - 4:45 PM

    Fri: 8 AM - 12 noon.


    Sun - Thurs: 7 AM - 6:45 PM

    Friday & holiday eve: 7 AM - 2 PM

    Web Support

    Contact Us form

    Note: Contact Israel Post customer support during operation hours for timely feedback.

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