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    Closely monitor the shipping stages of your package with SFC Service tracking on TrackingMore and know the latest update within seconds with just the tracking number.


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    SFC Service Tracking

    Send From China (SFC Service) shipments can be tracked online on the company’s website using the package tracking tool on the homepage. Like other SFC Service services, this package tracking tool is reliable and quickly returns accurate results. This tool is simple to use and available for all SFC Service packages.

    Another method for tracking your SFC Service package is using the TrackingMore platform, which integrates with 1209 global couriers. With TrackingMore, you can follow your SFC Service packages and check on any items you may be shipping through other carrier companies. This article will offer tips on how to track packages using the SFC Service website and TrackingMore.

    How Can I Track My SFC Service Package?

    Knowing how to track Send From China packages is a useful skill if you love shopping online, as the company is a go-to option for most eCommerce merchants and dropshippers sourcing their products from China. Below are breakdowns of the two most recommended ways to track SFC Service packages.

    • Via the Official SFC Service Website

    SFC Service tracking website

    Although it is primarily in Chinese, the Send From China website has an English version that can be used to easily track the whereabouts of a package you are expecting from the logistics service provider. The procedure for this is as follows.

    1. Open the SFC Service website and click on English on the top right.
    2. Scroll down the new version of the website to find the package tracking query box.
    3. Enter your tracking number and click the magnifying lens icon to run the search.
    4. SFC Service will load the order’s tracking history on a new page.

    SFC Service tracking status page

    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore tracking website

    TrackingMore is the go-to tracking platform for SFC Service packages and allows you to keep up with the shipping progress of your package through the following procedure.

    1. Visit the TrackingMore website from your computer or mobile device.
    2. Click the Carriers option from the homepage to load the carrier list.
    3. Search for SFC Service using the search box and click on the corresponding option.
    4. Type in your order’s tracking number (you can enter up to 50 tracking IDs) and click Track.
    5. The package’s latest tracking page and entire tracking history will show on a new page.

    TrackingMore tracking status page

    Using TrackingMore to track shipments allows you to query the whereabouts of 1209 global couriers including SFC Service. This multi-carrier support feature of the platform gives you the confidence you need to shop online from different eCommerce websites, knowing you can easily track your orders no matter the courier the merchant partners with. The TrackingMore platform also allows you to track packages in English and the 13 other languages it supports. The SFC Service website only supports Chinese and English.

    Businesses who opt for TrackingMore as their tracking partner access a powerful tracking API solution that supports 1100+ global carriers, including household names like FedEx, USPS, and La Poste. With this API, a seamless order tracking experience is guaranteed. 

    SFC Service Tracking Number

    SFC Service tracking numbers are unique codes that help customers track the movement of their orders as they are shipped to their destinations. When keyed into the SFC Service website’s tracking tool or a platform like TrackingMore, the tracking IDs generate tracking reports that can be read and interpreted to identify if the delivery process is progressing well or stalled.

    The standard format of SFC Service tracking numbers is all-digits or mixed numbers and letters. 

    • The alpha-numeric tracking IDs can have five letters, such as SFC ServiceAA, at the start, followed by ten numbers and two letters at the end. For example, SFC ServiceAA0065386903YQ.
    • Other digit and letter tracking numbers will have two-letter suffixes and prefixes enclosing nine digits between them. For example, LZ576734925FR.
    • Number-only tracking codes can have 14 characters. For example, 84150002613810.

    eCommerce merchants and dropshippers access the tracking numbers immediately after creating a package shipping label. On the other hand, the tracking ID is availed to recipients in the shipment confirmation email sent by SFC Service after the package is processed.

    SFC Service Tracking Status

    A typical SFC Service tracking report will return different statuses depending on the shipping stage of the package in question. Interpreting these statuses correctly helps you know what is happening to your order and whether the delivery process is nearing completion. The table below contains some common SFC Service tracking statuses that you can expect to encounter when looking up the whereabouts of your order.

    Send From China Tracking Status


    Shipment information sent to SFC Service.

    The merchant has shared shipment information with SFC Service and created a shipping label.

    Departed from SFC Service warehouse-Shenzhen.

    The order has been released from SFC Service’s warehouse in Shenzhen, China.

    CHINA, Item processed at origin hub

    The item has been scanned at an SFC Service hub in China.

    CHINA, In transit in origin country.

    An SFC Service driver is transporting the package to the next point in the delivery cycle.

    CHINA, Export customs cleared.

    Export officials in China have reviewed the package and cleared it for exportation.

    Shipment arrived at the departure airport.

    Your order has been successfully delivered to the export airport in China.

    Flight departure from international airport to abroad.

    The airplane carrying the SFC Service package has left the origin airport in China for the destination country.

    Start import customs clearance.

    Customs officials in the destination country have begun the import review process of the SFC Service package.

    Arrived at destination airport.

    The package is officially at the airport in the destination country.

    Released by customs.

    Customs officials in the destination country have finished the review process and allowed the package entry.

    Collected from airport terminal.

    An SFC Service partner in the destination country has picked up the package from the airport.

    Transferred to local courier.

    The package is in transit to the SFC Service partner facility.

    Processing at facility.

    Your order is being sorted at the local courier’s facility in the destination country.

    Item out for delivery.

    A delivery driver is transporting the package to your destination.


    The SFC Service package has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

    About SFC Service

    Send From China (SFC Service) is a third-party logistics (3PL) and order fulfillment company based in China with over 17 years of experience in the industry. The company offers various services, including order synchronization automation, custom packaging, and shipping, warehousing and storage, and delivered duty-paid (DDP) designed to help eCommerce brands of all sizes serve their customers better and achieve their growth potential.

    SFC Service is able to provide these services thanks to a large staff portfolio of more than 1,500 employees, with over 100 of them dedicated to their IT department. The 3PL works with 50+ global partners, enabling it to ship to 220 countries and jurisdictions globally. 

    How to Contact SFC Service Tracking Customer Service

    If you encounter any issues with your SFC Service packages, you can contact the customer support team through the following channels.

    Contact Method



    10/F, Tower A, Yuanzheng Chuangye Building, No.19 Langshan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518057, China

    National service hotline



    cs.SFC Service@SFC Serviceservice.com

    Note: The hotline is available from Monday to Friday: 9:30-18:30, closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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