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    Track your Ukraine Post shipments effortlessly with TrackingMore. Stay updated on your parcel's journey and delivery status. Book a demo today!


    • Ukraine Post Tracking
    • How Can I Track My Ukraine Post’s Package?
    • Ukraine Post Tracking Number
    • What Does My Ukraine Post Status Mean?
    • About Ukraine Post
    • How to Contact Ukraine Post 

    Ukraine Post Tracking

    In the contemporary world of international shipping and e-commerce, efficient parcel tracking has emerged as a crucial factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and optimizing supply chain management. Ukrposhta, the national postal service of Ukraine, has responded to this demand by introducing a tracking service that offers you a seamless and transparent way to monitor the whereabouts of your parcels. 

    The service leverages advanced tracking technologies to ensure that every update provided is precise and reliable. As international trade continues to flourish, Ukraine Post Tracking stands as a beacon of innovation, ensuring that parcels are tracked with precision and convenience throughout their journey.

    How Can I Track My Ukraine Post’s Package?

    You will then use the tracking number to access your tracking information through various channels, including Ukrposhta’s official website and mobile application, as well as third-party platforms such as Trackingmore, thereby providing a seamless tracking experience across different devices. 

    1. Via the Official Ukrposhta website

    • Launch your browser and go to the official Ukrposhta website.

    Ukraine Post tracking page

    • Enter your tracking number in the provided field just below the main menu.
    • Click the track button to initiate the tracking process.
    • You will be redirected to the tracking page with information on the status of your package. Alternatively, you can download the Ukrposhta mobile application to track your package.

    Ukraine Post tracking status

    2. Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore Ukraine Post tracking page

    • Enter your tracking number and press the Track button. 
    • You will be redirected to the shipment status page with all information regarding your parcel. 

    TrackingMore Ukraine Post tracking status

    As one of the leading third-party shipment tracking platforms, TrackingMore offers exclusive features that are not available in the Ukrposhta tracking service. TrackingMore not only tracks Ukraine Post’s packages, but packages from over 1,100 global carriers. Additionally, TrackingMore allows you to track up to 50 tracking numbers while Ukrposhta only supports 30 postal items at the same time.

    All of these features can be realized by TrackingMore's robust shipment tracking API. Integrating TrackingMore's API into your system allows businesses to access a range of features that enhance the tracking experience for both businesses and customers, ultimately improving their satisfaction. 

    Ukraine Post Tracking Number

    A Ukraine Post tracking number is a 13-digit alphanumeric code that is used to track the shipment of a package. While the exact format may vary based on the type of service and destination, a typical Ukraine Post tracking number starts with two letters, followed by nine digits, and ends with two letters. The first two letters of the tracking number indicate the type of shipment, the next 9 digits are a unique identifier for the shipment, and the last two digits are the country code for Ukraine. 

    Examples of Ukrposhta tracking numbers include:

    - RK123456789UA

    - CQ987654321UA

    You can find your Ukraine Post tracking number on the shipping label and other supporting documents. Ensure that the tracking number provided is authentic and corresponds to the official Ukraine Post system. Otherwise, you will receive the wrong tracking information or no information at all.  

    What Does My Ukraine Post Status Mean?

    The tracking service from Ukraine Post keeps you informed through various shipment statuses that detail each phase of the delivery process. Here is a further explanation of each status.

    Shipment Status

    Status Meaning


    This status indicates that the postal or courier service provider has received the package from the sender and registered it into their system.


    The package has been prepared for its next stage of transportation. It might be loaded onto a vehicle or transported to a central hub for further sorting and routing.

    Arrival at outward office of exchange

    The parcel has arrived at the central processing facility or office of exchange from which international shipments are sent to other countries.

    Item presented to customs

    At this stage, the package has been submitted to customs authorities for inspection and clearance.

    Released from customs for further delivery

    After customs clearance, the package has been approved for release and can now proceed with the delivery process.

    The postal item has been processed at the office of exchange and handed over for further transportation to the destination

    The package has completed processing at a central office of exchange and is now being forwarded to the destination country for further delivery.

    The container has been received by the destination post 

    The shipment has arrived in the destination country and has been received by the local postal service for handling.

    Accepted by destination post for processing

    The local destination post has officially registered and accepted the package into their system for processing and final delivery.

    Arrival at inward office of exchange

    The package has arrived at a central processing facility within the destination country for further sorting and distribution.

    Located at customs

    The package is currently held by customs authorities in the destination country for inspection, assessment, or clearance.

    Departure from inward office of exchange

    After customs clearance in the destination country, the package has been released from the inward office of exchange and is ready to resume its journey for final delivery.

    Final delivery

    The package has been delivered to the recipient's address, and the delivery process is complete.

    About Ukraine Post

    Ukraine Post is the national postal service of Ukraine. It is a state-owned company that Ukraine Post provides a wide range of 50 products and services, including domestic and international mail, parcel delivery, financial services, such as money transfers and bill payments, e-commerce shipping, delivery of goods to rural areas, and postal banking. 

    Established in 1918 following Ukraine's independence, Ukrposhta operates more than 11,000 postal outlets nationwide and has a workforce exceeding 70,000. With a vehicular fleet of over 5,000, the company has the largest collection of vehicles in the country. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Ukrposhta has managed to maintain its operations, although there have been some interruptions.

    How to Contact Ukraine Post 

    As the national post in Ukraine, Ukraine Post offers a robust customer support team to cater to any issues you might have regarding your shipment. You can contact the support team through the methods provided below.

    Contact Method

    Contact Details


    0 800 300 545


    [email protected]


    22 Khreshchatyk Street, Kyiv

    01001, Ukraine

    Social Media

    Facebook -

    Twitter -

    LinkedIn -

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