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    Track your Aramex package with TrackingMore.The robust TrackingMore tracking API offers seamless tracking from multiple carriers, auto carrier detection, and more!


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    Aramex Tracking

    Aramex tracking keeps customers up to date on the status of their package from the time it is dispatched from the sender until it is delivered to the receiver. Packages registered at Aramex are given a unique identification number, also referred to as the tracking number. The Aramex tracking number is scanned at each transit point and updated on the tracking system. Users can use this number to monitor their package and stay prepared for receiving the delivery.

    About Aramex

    Amarex is a Jordanian-origin Emirati multinational logistics and courier company. The company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. In 1982, Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson established the company in Jordan. It is one of the most reputed and leading logistics providers, providing seamless shipping between the East and West.

    The company has over 600 offices across 65+ countries and more than 17,000 employees. It is one of the largest companies in Dubai and one of the first Arab-based companies to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and the Dubai Financial Market. 

    Aramex Tracking Service

    Aramex offers a wide range of domestic and international shipping services for e-commerce, small businesses, and startups. The services are designed thoughtfully to meet the demands of shipping time-critical goods at a competitive price. The following section discusses the Amarex services in detail. 


    Aramex Express delivery service offers both domestic and international solutions. The following are the Amerex Express services in detail.

    • Domestic Services

    The Amerex domestic Express service is the fastest door-to-door delivery service offered within the country. It's ideal for shipping time-critical goods as it has a same-day delivery option.

    This service includes the following features:

    ✔Delivery within 1 day

    ✔ Real-time tracking

    ✔Pickup and drop off of returned items at a convenient location

    ✔Several payment methods (card payment, bank transfer, and cash of delivery)

    • International Services

    The Amarex International Express service is the fastest delivery service, meeting the demands of shipping time-sensitive goods across borders. The Amarex live tracking feature included in the international service keeps the packages under constant surveillance. So the sender, receiver, and Amarex are all aware of the shipment progress.

    This service includes the following features:

    ✔Delivery within 2-3 business days

    ✔ Real-time tracking

    ✔Full customs clearance and optional insurance

    ✔Daily and weekly direct flights

    Freight & Logistics

    Amarex uses a variety of modes of transportation to deliver goods quickly while maintaining proper safety. No matter which mode they use, they ensure customers are well aware of their shipment progress. The services come with a tracking feature that assures you your shipment is progressing as planned. Even if the package gets lost or misplaced, it can be identified easily with the help of the tracking number.

    Amarex uses the following modes to meet its shipping needs.

    • Air Freight

    Aramex Air Freight offers a door-to-door international delivery service, perfect for transporting time-sensitive, high-value, or perishable items. With a delivery time of 2-3 business days, this service ensures swift transit through direct flights. Catering to various budgetary needs, Aramex provides multiple flight options, including economy air freight, charter aircraft, and sustainable aviation fuel.

    • Sea Freight

    Aramex Sea Freight is ideal for delivering large shipments that are less time-critical. Aramex also offers a variety of sea freight services that include-

    ✔Ship consolidated shipments - Container Freight Station (CFS) 

    ✔Ship in bulk - Full Container Load (FCL), Project cargo, Out of Gauge Cargo (OOG cargo), and Chartering cargo ships

    ✔Ship dangerous items - Hazardous cargo

    • Land Freight

    Aramex offers door-to-door express pick-ups and deliveries of land freight to meet the shipping needs of cost-effective and short-distance goods. Land freights are transported using vehicles equipped with geocoding technology, which allows the vehicle's location to be tracked in real time. 

    • Domestic

    Aramex is well known for its fast shipping speed. The Aramex domestic shipping service offers the following features-

    ✔Same-day delivery

    ✔Door-to-door delivery

    ✔ Real-time tracking

    ✔Pick-ups and drop-offs at a convenient location or warehouse

    ✔Multiple payment options, such as Cash on Delivery (COD), bank transfer, and Aramex App

    ✔Support from local teams for every delivery and return

    • International

    Amarex offers door-to-door international shipping using various freight options. Time-sensitive goods are transported through air freight, and cost-effective consignments are shipped by sea or land. The Aramex international shipping service offers the following features-

    ✔Direct flights for fast shipping

    ✔Real-time tracking updates

    ✔Updates on weather or sudden changes in customs rules

    ✔Insurance and customs clearance facility


    Amarex offers shipping services specially designed for e-commerce to help them grow. 

    Benefits offered by Aramex to eCommerce businesses include:

    ✔Domestic delivery within 1 day and international delivery within 2-3 days

    ✔ Real-time shipment tracking 

    ✔Weather updates

    ✔fast customs clearance 

    ✔Pick-ups and drop-offs at any convenient location or warehouse

    Aramex Go

    Aramax Go is a newly launched shipping platform introduced by Aramex to meet the domestic and international shipping needs of social sellers, start-up entrepreneurs, and others who have large shipping needs. This specially designed service for SMEs has several bundle options that provide competitive rates and savings opportunities. 

    • Domestic shipping Bundle

    -50 and 75 shipments, with a per-shipment weight limit of 20 kg.

    • International shipping bundle

    -10 and 20  20 shipments with a 1 kg per shipment limit

    Apart from the bundles, the Aramex Go service includes the following benefits-

    ✔Business registration is not necessary

    ✔ Custom prices are provided 

    ✔Real-time shipment tracking

    ✔The cost can be reduced by up to 63%

    ✔Allows customers to choose same-day delivery for orders placed before 4 pm.

    How to Track Aramex’s Package

    The Aramex package has multiple tracking options. You can use the official websites, the mobile app, as well as a third-party shipment tracking platform, such as TrackingMore. 

    The following is a detailed guide on how to track your Aramex package using the methods mentioned above.

    1. Via the Official Website

    The shipment tracking procedure using the official Aramex website is as follows. 

    • Aramex Tracking

    Aramex tracking page

    The Aramex official website has an integrated tracking tool that users can use to track their shipments. Aramex shipment tracking requires the following steps-

    Step 1: Visit the Aramex’s official website.

    Step 2: Enter your Aramex tracking number in the tracking field. For multiple tracking numbers, a space or comma should be used in between the numbers. 

    Step 3: After entering the tracking numbers properly, click the ‘Track’ button.  

    Step 4: Then the tracking details will appear below the tracking tool, showing the current status. To check the shipment route in detail, click the ‘More Details’ option.

    Aramex tracking status

    • Aramex Go Tracking

    Aramex Go tracking page

    Aramex Go also has an in-built tracking tool on its website that you can use to track your Aramex parcel. To track your package-

    Step 1: Go to Aramex Go’s website and click on the ‘Track shipment’ option from the menu bar.

    Step 2: The tracking tool will appear on the screen, where you have to enter your tracking number and hit the enter button on your keyboard. If you want to track multiple packages at the same time, you must put a space or comma between the tracking numbers.

    Step 3: The tracking page with the detailed shipment progress will then appear on the screen.

    2. Via the Official Mobile App

    Aramex mobile app

    Aramex has a free mobile app for both iOS and Android users. Users can use this app to track their packages, book shipments, get shipment notifications, and a lot more. All the Users have to do is install the app on their devices and create an account. 

    3. Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    TrackingMore has an advanced tracking system and is connected to over 1,100 carriers worldwide. You can use TrackingMore to track your Aramex shipment at any time. 

    TrackingMore Aramex tracking page

    Tracking an Aramex shipment using TrackingMore requires the following steps.

    Step 1: Visit TrackingMore’s official website and go to the carriers page by clicking the ‘Carriers’ option from the menu bar.

    Step 2: In the carriers search bar, type ‘Aramex’ and click on the carrier after it appears in the carriers list.

    Step 3: Enter your Aramex tracking number in the tracking field and click the ‘Track’ button. You can track up to 50 tracking numbers in a single search attempt.

    Step 4: Then, the tracking dashboard will appear on the screen, where you can view the detailed shipment journey history.

    TrackingMore Aramex tracking status

    Alternative tracking with TrackingMore:

    TrackingMore has a robust auto carrier detection system. The top section of the ‘Carriers’ page contains the auto-detection tracking tool. In this tool, you can enter tracking numbers from multiple carriers together in a single search attempt. TrackingMore will identify the carriers automatically and provide you with the tracking details in a single dashboard that you can view individually.

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over Aramex?

    Aramex has a well-built online tracking tool that customers can use to track their shipments. However, due to technical difficulties or high traffic, the website may experience slowdowns or other issues. Also, if Aramex is a third-party service that requires switching courier services during the shipment journey, last-mile visibility will be unavailable if their tracking systems are not linked.

    Choosing TrackingMore over Aramex can provide you with the benefits of its incredible features, which include-

    • Track Aramex shipment along with over 1,100 carriers worldwide
    • Carrier auto-detect universal tracking system 
    • Tracking of 50 consignments in a single search
    • Clear shipment visibility with last-mile tracking updates

    Aramex Tracking Number

    Aramex assigns a unique tracking number to each and every shipment registered for delivery which allows customers to track the progress of their shipment in real time. The Aramex tracking number is provided on the shipping receipt. You can also find it under the barcode on the waybill or in the confirmation or notification email. 

    What does the Aramex Tracking Number Look like?

    Aramex delivery tracking numbers come in a variety of formats and can have anywhere from 9 to 20 alphanumeric characters. Some tracking numbers may only contain numerical digits, whereas others may begin and end with letters or simply begin with letters. 

    Here are some of the Aramex tracking number examples.

    9 alphanumeric characters: TFB024553

    11 alphanumeric characters: 34365156730

    13 alphanumeric characters: LP589568058MY

    14 alphanumeric characters: DBW47251821653

    Aramex Tracking Status

    The following are some of the Aramex tracking statuses, along with their explanations, so you can understand their meaning while tracking your Aramex package. 

    Tracking Status


    A new shipment has been created by the sender. But the shipment was not received by Aramex. The shipment will be updated upon receipt from the sender soon

    The sender has registered the shipment at Aramex. But the sender has not dispatched the shipment from their warehouse. Hence, Aramex will update its system when it receives the shipment or package.

    The shipment has been received from the sender

    The sender has dispatched the shipment and Aramex has received the shipment successfully.

    The shipment has left the country of origin and is on its way to the country of final destination

    The shipment has been sent from the country of origin after clearing customs and completing all necessary paperwork. Currently, it is being transported to the destination country.

    The shipment has been received at Aramex offices - it will be transported to the destination office and then delivered to the customer

    The shipment has arrived at the Aramex office in the destination country. The shipment will be sent to the Aramex office nearest the delivery location.

    Update on shipment: Received at destination hub

    The office closest to the delivery location, also referred to as the destination hub, has received the shipment for final delivery to the receiver.

    The shipment is on its way for delivery with an Aramex representative- it is expected to be delivered soon to the customer’s door

    Aramex has handed over the shipment to their delivery man, and he is currently on his way to deliver the shipment to the receiver.

    Delivery must be rescheduled for the next business day

    The delivery attempt was unsuccessful on the scheduled day due to a certain issue and will be delivered the following business day.

    Aramex champion has contacted the customer: customer responded

    The Aramex delivery man contacted the receiver regarding delivery and got a response from the receiver or customer.

    The shipment was delivered sucessfully

    The receiver has received the shipment successfully.

    Customer ID received/Identity information has been received

    The identity of the person who received the shipment has been received as proof of delivery.

    Aramex Tracking API

    Aramex's official website and mobile app have an integrated tracking API that you can use to track your Aramex parcels delivered both domestically and internationally. However, using a reliable third-party tracking platform such as TrackingMore, which has a more powerful parcel tracking API, can offer you some of the additional benefits that you may not get from Aramex. 

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    TrackingMore is an all-in-one tracking solution with a powerful tracking API. It is connected to over 1,100 logistics service providers (LSPs). Integration with such a large network of carriers allows for seamless package tracking, providing last-mile shipment visibility. 

    TrackingMore API includes the following exclusive features.

    • API uptime of 99.9% 
    • Unified data format
    • Military-grade security level
    • Multiple programming languages (PHP, Java, Python, Ruby and Node.js)
    • 24/7 technical support
    • In-depth insights into delivery performance and shipment timings
    • Automatic shipment notification via SMS and email
    • Branded tracking page

    It’s worth mentioning that TrackingMore provides business-specific tailored solutions. Create a TrackingMore account and Sign up for a 7-day free trial!

    FAQs on Aramex Tracking

    • How to check the Aramex tracking number?

    You can check your Aramex tracking number in the same way as taught above, but checking on TrackingMore is the most recommended as you can effortlessly check more than 1,100+ logistic providers' tracking numbers on it.

    • What items are prohibited on International Express?

    Aramex International Express prohibits items including counterfeit currency, firearms, living or dead animals, dangerous goods like explosives and toxic substances, radioactive materials, controlled drugs, and poorly packed packages. Some items have conditional restrictions; for specifics, refer to the prohibited-items document.

    • What benefits will I get with Aramex Express?

    By choosing Aramex Express, you will gain:

    ✔Fast delivery with a competitive shipping rate 

    ✔Major coastal ports in the US and offices in New York and Los Angeles

    ✔Diversified network in Africa and Southeast Asia

    ✔A robust tracking system offers tracking of packages in real-time

    ✔Clear shipment visibility throughout the shipping process

    ✔Customized solution for businesses with specific shipping demands

    Additionally, integrating TrackingMore’s shipment tracking API enhances your ability to effortlessly monitor Aramex shipments.

    How to Contact Aramex Customer Support

    If you experience issues with your Aramex parcel, such as delayed delivery, damaged or lost package, or wrong delivery, you can contact Aramax customer service. 



    Aramex Head Office Dubai

    +971 600 544000

    Aramex India

    +91 11 6480 3300

    Aramex Australia

    (03) 9975 4599

    Aramex Netherlands


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