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    Try:  00340434727129082327
    Try:  00340434727129082327
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    Track your CNE package effortlessly with TrackingMore. Get real-time CNE tracking status and stay in control of all your packages!


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    • How Can I Track My CNE Express Package?
    • CNE Express Tracking Number
    • What Does My CNE Express Status Mean? 
    • About CNE Express
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    CNE Tracking

    Package tracking is all about informing senders and recipients about their order status at every stage of the shipping process. A clear package tracking system covers the parcel’s entire route. Also, it includes a timeline and any obstacles or delays in the final delivery. 

    As a leading international logistics service provider, CNE Express offers robust package tracking capabilities. With CNE tracking, senders and recipients can gain a clear view of their shipments' progress in real time. This significantly improves customer experience, providing customers with insight into the package's current location and expected delivery time.

    How Can I Track My CNE Express Package?

    You can quickly track your CNE Express package with just a few clicks from anywhere and at any time. Here are two ways to track your CNE package. 

    1. Through the CNE Express Website

    CNE tracking page

    • Open the official CNE Express website on your browser.
    • Click Track to open the CNE tracking page.
    • Input your package tracking number in the Track Your Shipment field. You can enter multiple tracking numbers simultaneously and separate them using commas or spaces. 
    • Check whether the tracking number(s) is correct and click the search icon to initiate the tracking process. 

    The CNE Express website will then load and display the tracking information of your package, including its progress throughout the delivery journey. 

    CNE tracking status

    2. Through TrackingMore

    Here is how to track your CNE Express package with TrackingMore.

    TrackingMore CNE tracking page

    • Access the TrackingMore website using your preferred device. 
    • Navigate to the Carriers section to access a comprehensive list of all logistics service providers (LSPs) supported by the TrackingMore platform. 
    • Identify and select CNE Express from the carrier list – either scroll down the list or use the search feature to expedite the process. 
    • Carefully enter your CNE Express tracking number and initiate the tracking process by clicking the Track icon. 

    You will be taken to a page with all tracking information about your package. These details include the package’s current delivery status, location, and timelines.

     TrackingMore CNE tracking status

    TrackingMore is a leading multi-carrier tracking platform that lets you track all your packages in one place. It provides robust package tracking solutions for e-commerce businesses to enhance post-purchase customer experiences. 

    The TrackingMore platform handles about 3 billion interactions annually. Besides that, it supports over 1,100 carriers globally, including TNT, FedEx, and DHL. With such broad coverage, customers can rest assured that TrackingMore will handle all their shipment tracking concerns.

    Customers are not the only ones who benefit from TrackingMore's advanced package tracking capabilities. Businesses have every reason to integrate TrackingMore into their systems to facilitate seamless shipment management. For that purpose, TrackingMore provides a powerful parcel tracking API that supports 1,100+ carriers tracking with API uptime of 99.90% and multi-programming languages. Book a demo now to harness the power of TrackingMore's API! 

    CNE Express Tracking Number

    A tracking number is a unique identifier provided to customers to allow them to monitor the real-time status and location of their shipments. 

    The CNE Express tracking number lets customers conveniently track their packages. The company utilizes four tracking number formats. Here are the formats of CNE Express waybill numbers and their corresponding examples.

    - 2 letters + 11 numbers: 3A5V645700229

    - 2 letters 13 numbers: DY0100055786859 

    - 20 numbers: 00340434727129082327 

    - 26 numbers: 92748927005372000018328447

    What Does My CNE Express Status Mean? 

    Here are some CNE statuses you will come across when tracking your CNE package and their meaning. 



    Parcel information received 

    Your package information has been received by CNE Express.

    Shipment processed

    CNE Express has processed your package at the sorting facility.

    Departure scan

    Your package has been scanned for delivery at the CNE sorting facility.

    Depart from local facility

    The parcel has left the CNE sorting facility.

    Arrived export airport

    Your package has arrived at the export airport. 

    Released from export customs

    The package has been cleared by the export customs. 

    Shipment departed from original country

    The package has left the country of origin.

    Arrived at transit airport

    Your package has arrived at the airport, where it will be shipped.

    Shipment depart from transit airport

    The parcel has left the transit airport.

    Released from import customs

    Your package has been cleared by the import customs.

    Arrived at the delivery company

    The package has been received by the company that will deliver it to the final destination. 

    The shipment has been processed in the parcel center

    The delivery company has processed your package.

    The shipment has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle

    Your package is out for delivery. 

    The shipment has been successfully delivered.

    The package has been delivered to the destination address. The customer can pick it up.

    About CNE Express

    Established in 2003, CNE is a global logistics service provider in downtown Shanghai. This company boasts a team with vast experience in the logistics sector. Also, it has invested in state-of-the-art technologies such as warehouse sorting systems, automated office equipment, and advanced communication systems. 

    These tech-centric investments enable the company to provide customers with fast, accurate, efficient, and safe delivery services. Also, the company handles special requirements, ensuring that customers receive the best delivery service while saving energy, time, and money. 

    CNE Express is constantly pursuing new delivery routes for its customers. Some highly successful delivery routes include the Japan line, the USA line, and the Europe line. As a company that focuses on every client’s needs, CNE Express has expanded based on sincerity while serving customers with credit and strength. 

    How to Contact CNE Customer Service

    CNE offers a supportive customer service team to help you with any concerns you may have regarding your package. Here’s how you can contact the CNE customer service team. 

    Contact Method


    Operating Hours


    15th Floor, Building G, Lane 1777, Hualong Road, Shanghai

    Mon - Sat: 8 a.m. – 12 a.m.

    Sun: 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.


    021-5109 6677 / 400 021 5600 


    [email protected]

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