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    Want to track your Deutsche Post package? TrackingMore makes it easy. Enter your tracking number and get real-time updates on your package's status.


    • Deutsche Post Tracking
    • How Can I Track My Deutsche Post’s Package?
    • Deutsche Post Tracking Number
    • What Does My Deutsche Post Status Mean?
    • About Deutsche Post 
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    Deutsche Post Tracking

    As one of the largest postal and parcel service providers in Europe, Deutsche Post takes customer satisfaction seriously, and its tracking service is a testament to its commitment to transparency and convenience. With Deutsche Post's tracking service, you can gain access to real-time updates on the delivery status of your shipment, ensuring that you are always in the know about the whereabouts and progress of your package.

    The tracking feature offers information such as the current location of your shipment, estimated delivery date and time, and any significant delivery milestones it has reached. This level of detail not only allows you to plan your day around the expected delivery but also allows you to take quick action should any unexpected delays or issues arise during transit.

    How Can I Track My Deutsche Post’s Package?

    All you need is an internet connection and a device that connects to the internet. With everything set, you can now track your package through Deutsche Post’s official tracking website or through the app. You can also use third-party tracking platforms such as TrackingMore which tend to offer more features. 

    1. Via the Official Deutsche Post Website 

    Deutsche Post tracking page

    • Enter your tracking number in the designated field and click the "Find my shipment" button.
    • You will receive all the relevant tracking information regarding your package.

    Deutsche Post tracking status

    2. Via the Official Deutsche Post Mobile App

    Deutsche Post mobile app

    • Search for and install the "Post & DHL" app on the Google Play Store or App Store.
    • Enter your tracking number in the search bar at the top of the app.
    • Click the search button to initiate the tracking process and get your package's status.

    3. Via the TrackingMore Website

    TrackingMore Deutsche Post tracking page

    • Search for Deutsche Post in the search bar and Click the Deutsche Post icon.
    • Enter your tracking number then click the Track button.
    • Input the Ship date then click Submit to view the status of your package.

    TrackingMore Deutsche Post tracking status

    TrackingMore is a powerful third-party tracking platform that can not only track Deutsche Post’s packages but packages from 1,100+ carriers as well. For business, TrackingMore provides a robust shipment tracking API that can be effortlessly merged into a company's current system to enable a smooth tracking experience.

    Deutsche Post Tracking Number

    The Deutsche Post tracking number, which can be found on your package's label, receipt, or internetmake stamp, is a set of 10 - 39 unique digits and alphabets that gives you access to your package's shipment status.  While the tracking number might vary depending on the type of postal service used and the country of origin, the format remains the same. 

    Some examples of an authentic Deutsche Post tracking number include:

    - A0 0348 DEFF 00 0000 03FF

    - NU 00 995 949 7DE 300

    - RP 12 615 371 8DE 110

    - RT 70 028 524 0DE

    What Does My Deutsche Post Status Mean?

    Deutsche Post tracking status provides you with information about the location of your package and the next steps in its journey. Understanding this status helps you have an idea of what is happening to your package at that particular moment.

    Here's a clarification of each Deutsche Post status you might come across.

    Shipment Status 

    Status Meaning 

    The shipment is at the delivery stage.

    Your package is currently in the final stage of its journey and is being prepared for delivery to the recipient's address.

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with information about your shipment over the Internet. Please contact our call center.

    The online tracking system is unable to provide details about your shipment, and you should get in touch with the company's call center for assistance.

    The shipment was handed over to the international logistics center for onward transport to the destination country.

    Your package has been transferred to an international logistics center from where it will continue its journey to reach its destination country.

    The recipient has been notified.

    The recipient of the package has been informed or alerted about the shipment, which could be for various reasons, including arranging delivery or pickup.

    The shipment is ready to be picked up at the relevant Deutsche Post branch.

    Your package is prepared and available for pickup at the designated Deutsche Post branch or location.

    No shipment could be found under the posting date you entered.

    The tracking system couldn't locate any shipment associated with the posting date you provided, possibly due to an error or the package not being processed yet.

    No information about the program could be found.

    The tracking system could not retrieve any information regarding the specified program, possibly due to a lack of relevant data or an incorrect reference.

    The shipment was delivered.

    Your package has been successfully delivered to its intended recipient.

    The shipment was processed in our logistics center.

    Your package has undergone processing at one of Deutsche Post's logistics centers, which is a standard step in the shipping process.

    The recipient has a mailbox.

    The recipient of the package has a mailbox available for deliveries, indicating that the package may have been placed there.

    The shipment was ready for collection.

    Your package was prepared and made available for collection, typically at a specified pickup location.

    The shipment was forwarded at the recipient's request.

    The package was redirected or forwarded to a different address as per the recipient's request.

    The consignment was delivered.

    The consignment or shipment has been successfully delivered to its destination.

    The shipment was accepted by the recipient.

    The recipient has acknowledged and accepted the package, indicating successful delivery or pickup.

    About Deutsche Post 

    Deutsche Post, based in Bonn, Germany, is a foremost player in the postal and logistics sector. Each day, they oversee the delivery of over 61 million letters within Germany alone. As one of the most significant postal operators in Europe, their international reach extends through the DHL Group brand, marking their presence on the global stage.

    Their wide range of services encompasses domestic and international mail, parcel delivery, express shipping, supply chain management, and e-commerce logistics. This extensive expertise and a robust international network establish them as a global logistics leader, helping customers navigate and achieve their international ambitions.

    How to Contact Deutsche Post Customer Service

    When you need assistance or have inquiries regarding Deutsche Post, their customer service is there to help, ensuring that your postal concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. You can contact them Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. except on national holidays. 

    The following contains the contact details for Deutsche Post customer service.

    Contact Method 



    0228 4333112

    Contact Form

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