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    Bez wysiłku śledź swoje paczki GLS za pomocą TrackingMore. Śledź teraz, wprowadzając numer śledzenia GLS i aktualizując status paczki.


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    GLS Tracking 

    Tracking the progress of GLS parcels is crucial. It helps build confidence as recipients can rest assured that their package is on the way. As one of the well-established logistics service providers (LSP), GLS allows senders and recipients to track their packages from the pickup point to the destination address online at any time.

    The GLS live tracking feature is easy to use. Users only need to enter one or several parcel numbers. Also, they can track their packages in real time using a GLS tracking ID on every notification card. GLS provides detailed delivery information in real-time in most countries. 

    About GLS

    Established in Germany, the General Logistics Systems (GLS) Group is a leading European logistics service provider founded in 1999. The company boasts one of the largest global parcel networks and covers over 40 nations through its own network partners and subsidiaries. Also, it has a large customer base, with over 230,000 customers using it to ship their parcels. During the fiscal year 2022/23, the company successfully dispatched a total of 862 million parcels.

    With a vast network, GLS ensures swift, secure deliveries. It achieves this goal thanks to the 22,000+ employees, 1,600+ depots, 35,000+ delivery vans, and 4,700+ long-distance trucks. What’s more, the 42,000+ GLS parcel shops ensure customers send and receive parcels from their local market. As a result, the company has established a local market presence, bringing services closer to the customers.  

    GLS Tracking Service

    GLS provides many shipping services, including parcels, logistics, and express delivery solutions. Whether you want to ship packages locally within Germany or internationally, GLS has got you covered. Also, the company allows customers to conveniently track their parcels throughout the delivery process.  

    Here are some of the tracking services offered by GLS. 

    • GLS Tracking Germany

    GLS De tracking lets customers ship and monitor private and business parcels within Germany. With this service, customers can securely and quickly send parcels countrywide without distance limits.  

    Shipping Service


    Standard Delivery Time


    GLS Germany

    • Maximum package dimensions: Weight: 40 kg 

    Length & Width & Height: 200 cm,80 cm, 60 cm; Girth: 300 cm

    • Digital consignee signature is supported.
    • Offers proactive information and choices for consignees.

    Less than 24 hours

    GLS tracking De is fully supported.

    • GLS Tracking International

    GLS Germany provides international shipping and tracking services, enabling customers to send and receive packages to all major markets across Europe. Customers can send private and business parcels with this service. 

    Shipping Service


    Delivery Time


    GLS International Shipping

    • Maximum package dimensions: 

    Weight: 40 kg

    Length & Width & Height: 200 cm, 80 cm, 60 cm; Girth: 300 cm

    • Supports digital consignee signature.
    • Offers proactive information and choices for consignees.

    Standard: 24 to 48 hours

    Farther regions 

    (away from metropolitan areas): 

    72 to 96 hours

    GLS tracking internationally is fully supported even across national borders. 

    • GLS Express Tracking 

    GLS supports express shipping of parcels within Germany, Europe-wide, and globally. This shipping service is ideal for time-sensitive deliveries. Also, you can track your express parcels from the moment they’re shipped until they arrive at their final destination. Here are the tracking services supported by GLS Express. 

    • GLS Express National

    This GLS express service offers express shipping services to private and business customers within Germany. If you’re looking to deliver parcels within Germany faster and conveniently, GLS national express shipping has got you covered. 

    Shipping Service


    Delivery Time


    GLS National Express

    • Maximum package dimensions:

    Length & Width & Height: 200 cm, 80 cm, 60 cm; Girth: 300 cm

    • Special express shipping solutions for oversized parcels.
    • Supports digital consignee signature.

    Next working day

    Scheduled Saturday delivery: By 12 noon

    Continuous GLS parcel tracking is fully supported. 

    • GLS Express Europe-Wide

    GLS offers express shipping services across Europe. This service enables customers to send time-critical deliveries across Europe. 

    Shipping Service


    Delivery Time


    GLS Europe-Wide Express Shipping

    • Maximum package dimensions: 

    Weight: 50 kg

    Length & Width & Height: 200 cm, 80 cm, 60 cm; Girth: 300 cm. 

    • Special express shipping solutions for oversized parcels.
    • Provides money-back guarantee.
    • Supports digital consignee signature.

    Before the end of the next working day

    Scheduled Saturday delivery: by 12 noon

    Continuous GLS parcel tracking is fully supported. 

    • GLS Express Worldwide

    GLS delivers parcels and documents quickly to all nations globally through its express shipping service. The best thing about this international express shipping solution is that it delivers shipments to major business centers in a couple of days. 

    Shipping Service


    Delivery Time


    GLS Worldwide Express Shipping

    • Delivers to over 160 countries.
    • Maximum package dimensions: Weight: 50 kg

    Length & Width & Height: 200 cm, 80 cm, 60 cm; Girth: 300 cm

    • Provides a second delivery attempt. 
    • Facilitates customs processing through the eDeclaration service.

    2 to 5 working days

    GLS Parcel tracking is fully supported. 

    How to Track GLS’s Package 

    Instead of going to a GLS shop or contacting customer support to inquire about your package delivery status, GLS provides an easy way to track your parcel online. In fact, there are three ways in which you can track your GLS package and get its real-time delivery status. Here is how you can track your GLS parcel using the three options.

    1. Via the Official Website

    GLS tracking page

    • Open the official GLS website.
    • Enter your Parcel Number or Track ID in the Track your Parcel section.
    • Click the forward pointing arrow to initiate the tracking process. 

    The GLS will load and display the tracking information about your parcel, including its current delivery status, as shown below.

    GLS tracking status

    2. Via the Official Mobile App

    GLS mobile App

    GLS has a powerful mobile app that allows you to send, receive, and track your parcels as well as find a GLS ParcelShop near you, to mention a few. Here’s a step-by-step guide to tracking your GLS package using the mobile app. 

    • Open the GLS app on your smartphone or tablet. 
    • Enter your parcel number or track ID on the search bar. 
    • Click the search icon to start the tracking process.
    • Then the app will display your parcel tracking information.

    3. Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore GLS tracking page

    Here are the steps to follow to track your GLS parcel with TrackingMore.

    • Open the official TrackingMore website and click Carriers on the navigation bar.
    • Search GLS through the search bar and click the GLS icon. 
    • Enter your parcel tracking number in the tracking field on the redirected page.
    • Click Track to proceed with the tracking process. 

    TrackingMore will load and display your parcel’s tracking details. This includes the real-time shipment delivery status as well as its progress at different delivery checkpoints, as shown below. 

    TrackingMore GLS tracking status

    TrackingMore is a reliable and powerful package shipment tracking platform that allows you to track GLS parcels easily. This platform provides multiple features for businesses looking to ship their GLS packages. These features include automated delivery notifications, which send SMS and email notifications automatically at every checkpoint. This provides transparency of order status throughout the shipment process. 

    TrackingMore extends beyond GLS tracking; it encompasses the entire GLS Group's partner companies. This means whether your shipment is with GLS Germany, GLS Italy, or any other associate, TrackingMore offers comprehensive tracking support. Furthermore, the platform is compatible with over 1,100 carriers globally, including industry leaders like FedEx, DHL, and USPS, positioning it as a versatile tracking solution for global shippers utilizing multiple carriers. Additionally, TrackingMore provides a robust shipment tracking API, allowing for seamless integration into business systems for a consolidated view of shipment statuses worldwide.

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over GLS?

    While both GLS and TrackingMore provide tracking capabilities, TrackingMore is a better choice for global shipment tracking. First of all, TrackingMore supports the tracking of parcels from 1,100+ global carriers. This ability is essential when GLS is used as a third-party service and needs to switch courier services several times over the shipment journey. You can use TrackingMore for all-in-one parcel tracking to get a seamless tracking experience for your packages. Using this feature is simple. Head over to the Carriers page and enter your package tracking number – TrackingMore will detect your courier automatically. 

    Secondly, TrackingMore allows you to track up to 50 tracking numbers at once. This saves time, especially when you want to track many parcel tracking numbers simultaneously.

    GLS Tracking Number

    A GLS tracking number serves as a unique identifier for your shipment. With this number, you can monitor your package from origin to destination.

    • What does a GLS Tracking Number Look like?

    Understanding the format and specifics of the GLS tracking number can enhance your tracking experience. The GLS tracking number has different formats, which vary in length and composition. 

    Here are some real GLS tracking numbers.

    - 21595099718

    - 50470202211354

    - 00HNEYP6

    - Z1XJHZDA

    Note that GLS tracking numbers may vary depending on the GLS national company location. 

    GLS Tracking Status

    When you track your GLS parcel, several tracking statuses will appear depending on where the package is in its delivery journey. Here is a detailed review of some GLS tracking statuses and their meaning.

    GLS Tracking Status


    The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS.

    The package details have been submitted to the GLS IT system. However, it’s yet to be handed over to GLS.

    The parcel was provided by the sender for collection by GLS.

    The sender has handed over the parcel. It’s ready to be picked up by GLS.

    The parcel was handed over to GLS.

    Your parcel has been collected by GLS.

    The parcel has reached the parcel center.

    Your parcel has arrived at the GLS parcel center. This status may appear several times depending on the number of GLS parcel centers that will handle your package before it reaches the destination address. 

    The parcel has left the parcel center.

    Your parcel has left the GLS parcel center. This status may also appear several times depending on the number of GLS parcel centers that will handle your package before it reaches the destination address.

    The parcel is expected to be delivered during the day. 

    Your parcel is approaching the destination address. It is expected to arrive on the same day.

    The parcel has been delivered.

    Your package has arrived at the destination address. 

    GLS Tracking API

    GLS provides a tracking application programming interface (API), which can be integrated into a business system to provide visibility of all packages’ statuses. This API is called MyGLS API. Before you start using the MyGLS API, you must have an agreement with GLS. However, if you do not have the necessary MyGLS sign-in credentials, contact the company. 

    While GLS tracking API is good, it’s limited to tracking GLS packages. So, if you want to track packages from multiple carriers, consider using a robust third-party tracking API like TrackingMore, which is better and more efficient. 

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    TrackingMore’s API is a multicarrier shipment tracking API that allows businesses to easily onboard over 1,100 carriers worldwide which makes it ideal for businesses dealing with multiple carriers. Also, it supports several programming languages, such as Java, Python, and Node.js. This enables developers to quickly update and patch the API. 

    What’s more, the TrackingMore API boasts an enterprise-grade security mechanism, ensuring data is transmitted securely. Also, the API delivers and maintains 99.9% uptime for every customer, ensuring customers won’t experience downtime when tracking their packages. Combining these features with 24/7 global technical support enables you to quickly integrate the API with your system. 

    TrackingMore's API enables businesses to create a custom-branded tracking page, providing customers with the convenience of monitoring their parcel's journey directly on the business's own website. This feature eliminates the need to redirect customers to carrier websites for tracking updates.

    So, why wait? Sign up for a free trial and experience the revolutionary power of the TrackingMore API.  

    FAQs on GLS Tracking

    • Is GLS tracking possible? 

    Yes. GLS allows customers to track and trace their LTL shipments in real time, keeping them informed about the location and status of their parcels. 

    • My GLS tracking number is not recognized or accepted? What can I do?

    There are two possibilities if your GLS tracking number is not recognized. You entered a wrong tracking number which can result in failed or inaccurate tracking results, or the sender may have provided you with an erroneous tracking number. You should immediately contact the sender to have the parcel tracking number checked.

    • My GLS tracking status indicates the parcel has been delivered, but I don't know where it is. 

    You should consult the tracking information for additional details on your parcel's whereabouts. If your parcel tracking status is displayed as delivered, you will find further details, including whether it was left at the GLS ParcelShop or a neighbor's place. Also, check your email box for a delivery notification or your letterbox for a notification card with further details about the delivery. If you cannot find any information about the parcel delivery location, contact GLS at your earliest convenience.

    • What is a GLS digital notification card?

    A digital notification card, contingent on the sender providing your email address, will inform you of all essential details regarding your parcel, including its current location as soon as possible.

    • Why is my shipment status not changing?

    If your GLS shipment status doesn’t change for a prolonged period, call up the comprehensive tracking information about your package. This enables you to visualize a detailed report about your package progress and identify potential issues like address clarifications. 

    How to Contact GLS Customer Service

    GLS boasts a supportive customer service team to help you with any concerns about your parcels. Here’s how you can contact GLS.

    GLS Network

    Contact Method 


    GLS Germany

    Online support

    Contact form

    GLS Group

    Online support

    Contact form

    Note: GLS boasts an extensive presence across more than 40 countries; for localized assistance, we encourage you to visit the GLS website specific to your country.

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