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    Track your Japan Post items precisely and get real-time tracking updates with TrackingMore. Japan Post tracking is simple with just the tracking number.


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    Japan Post Tracking

    When sending or receiving a package via Japan Post, the courier provides a convenient way to track the movements of the package as it goes through different delivery stages. This track and trace feature helps senders and recipients monitor the status and know the whereabouts of a Japan Post parcel as it moves through Japan and to international destinations.

    While tracking a Japan Post parcel via the website is the most common method by customers using this courier’s service, alternative third-party tracking methods like TrackingMore provide more conclusive tracking reports. This article will explore Japan Post tracking using both ways and guide users on interpreting the tracking statuses to enhance their package tracking experience.

    About Japan Post

    Japan Post is the leading provider of postal and delivery services in Japan. The company was founded in 2006 after the reorganization of the pre-existing Japan Post company. It began formal operations on 1 October 2007 and is headquartered in Otemachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo. Japan Post is operated by the Japan Post Holdings company, whose other subsidiaries include Japan Post Bank, Japan Post Insurance, and Toll Group.

    Although the list of products offered by Japan Post Holdings includes banking and life insurance, it is more renowned for its mail delivery, post offices, and courier services. Japan Post offers  Express Mail Service (EMS), allowing customers to ship quickly in Japan and internationally. As of 2023, Japan Post is 34.34% owned by the government by law and has more than 200,000 employees.

    Japan Post Domestic Tracking

    Japan Post offers the following delivery and tracking services for domestic packages.

    • Standard Mail Services (Letter, Postcard)



    Estimated Delivery Time



    (First Class Mail)

    • Standard size letters up to 50g
    • Non-standard size letters up to 4kg

    3 days

    Not tracked


    (2nd Class Mail)

    • Standard postcards up to 6g
    • Reply-paid card up to 12g

    3 days

    Not tracked

    • Letter Pack



    Estimated Delivery Time


    Letter Pack

    • A4 up to 4kg
    • Letter Pack Plus offers face-to-face delivery with a receipt seal
    • Letter Pack Light delivers to mailboxes

    1-2 days


    • Yu-Pack (Parcel)



    Estimated Delivery Time


    Yu-Pack Parcel

    • Delivery on preferred day and hour
    • Send from the convenience store
    • 300,000 Yen Insurance
    • Optional pay-on delivery

    Within 2 days


    • Japan Post Delivery Options

    Delivery Option


    Estimated Delivery Time


    Registered Mail

    • Delivers on weekends and holidays
    • Redelivery on preferred date and hours
    • Same-day redelivery option

    2 days


    Express Mail

    • Fastest delivery service
    • Supports Standard Mail and Yu-Mail
    • Weekend and holiday delivery
    • Delivered by hand
    • Mailbox drop-off option
    • Deposit at Yu-Yu counter



    Delivery Date-specified Mail

    • Ideal for sending birthday cards
    • Supports sending anniversary gifts
    • Send postal items on Sunday

    Choose a specific date within ten days of posting


    Japan Post International Tracking

    Japan Post makes shipping packages to international destinations simple with a host of delivery services that also include package tracking. These services include the following.



    Estimated Delivery Time


    Surface Mail

    • The most affordable international shipping service

    2 weeks



    • Fast international shipping at moderate fees

    5 days


    Economy Air (SAL)

    • Faster than surface mail but less costly than airmail
    • For international mail
    • Combines surface mail and airmail in Japan and the destination country
    • Service is temporarily suspended by Japan Post



    Small Packets

    • Option for sending single and bulk packages
    • For small packages up to 2kg



    UGX (For corporations)

    • International parcel delivery service tailored to corporate entities
    • Supports sending oversized items
    • Includes duty forward
    • Send multiple items to the same address
    • Supports packages up to 50kg

    Depends on the shipping service selected

    Not available

    Japan Post EMS Tracking

    Japan Post offers express mail service (EMS) for international parcels. With EMS tracking Japan Post, you can track your packages from end to end without anxiety.



    Estimated Delivery Time



    • Fast global shipping
    • Cool EMS keeps shipments fresh for international shipping
    • Supports online shopping

    2 days


    How to Track Japan Post Packages

    Japan Post packages can be tracked through the official website or using a third-party platform like TrackingMore. Below is a step-by-step guide for tracking Japan Post shipments using both approaches.

    • Via Official Website

    Japan Post’s official website has a tracking feature that lets users know what time and date a package was scanned, tracking status, and physical location. Follow these steps to track a Japan Post package using the company’s website.

    Japan Post tracking page

    1. Visit Japan Post’s’ official website.
    2. Type in the tracking number in the Track and Trace Service search field.
    3. Click on “Tracking” and wait for tracking information to load in a new tab.

    Japan Post tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-party Platform)

    TrackingMore is a powerful third-party platform offering reliable Japan Post tracking services to help you know what is happening to your package and its whereabouts. To leverage this alternative Japan Post tracking method, follow the steps below.

    TrackingMore Japan Post tracking page

    1. Open the TrackingMore homepage and click the “Carriers” option.
    2. Search for Japan Post using the search field on the carrier list page.
    3. Type in your Japan Post tracking number and click the “Track” button.
    4. The tracking results on your package will load in a few seconds.

    TrackingMore Japan Post tracking status

    TrackingMore’s robust tracking API supports more than 1100 global couriers, allowing you to track Japan Post packages and shipments handled by other couriers such as DHL and FedEx.

    Why Should I Choose To Track Using TrackingMore Over Japan Post?

    TrackingMore is a reliable end-to-end shipment tracking tool with several features that make it the most suitable third-party tracking platform. It connects seamlessly with 1100+ couriers globally, allowing you to track Japan Post packages and others from different couriers. This feature is especially helpful for cross-border packages, which often have to be fulfilled by a last-mile partner of Japan Post in the destination country.

    TrackingMore also has a carrier auto-detection feature that automatically recognizes the logistics company handling your shipment. Cross-border shipments often change tracking numbers at border points when handed to other carriers, making tracking using Japan Post ineffective. However, with TrackingMore, you can follow the package’s trail with the original tracking number even when carriers change.

    Holiday seasons and major sales such as Black Friday witness an increased traffic volume to the Japan Post website, making it slow and inconvenient to use for tracking your packages. Due to TrackingMore’s limited traffic throughout the year, the website remains stable, allowing you to track your Japan Post packages without downtime.

    Japan Post Tracking Number

    Once a package is paid for, Japan Post will automatically issue a unique tracking code. This number helps locate the parcel as it journeys to its destination. Accessing a shipment’s tracking updates is only possible with an accurate Japan Post tracking number.

    Japan Post Tracking Number Format and Examples

    Japan Post tracking numbers vary depending on the shipping service the package is posted under. For local mail and parcels, the tracking number is digits-only and consists of 11 numbers. International packages have a longer tracking number made up of 13 characters. These 13 characters include two letters as a prefix followed by nine digits and a “JP” suffix. 

    Some examples of Japan Post tracking numbers are as follows.

    • 522634224140
    • EN279250643JP
    • CN063250676JP

    The Japan Post tracking number can be found on the postage receipt for a shipment. Online shoppers can also get this tracking code in the order confirmation email or invoice. Enter the tracking number into TrackingMore to start tracking your Japan Post package immediately.

    Japan Post Tracking Status

    For a smoother package tracking experience using TrackingMore or the Japan Post track and trace service, it is crucial to understand the meaning of different tracking statuses. The table below explains the meanings of common Japan Post tracking statuses.

    Japan Post Tracking Status



    The package has been posted with Japan Post or collected from the sender.

    En route

    The Japan Post package is in transit to a Japan Post sorting facility.

    Arrival at outward office of exchange

    The item has arrived at the export point to be reviewed by customs officials.

    Dispatch from outward office of exchange

    The Japan Post package has satisfied all export requirements and has been released for transport to the destination country. 

    Arrival at inward office of exchange

    The import office in the destination country has received the package.


    The Japan Post package is under review at the import office in the destination country.

    Item into sorting center

    The parcel has been scanned at a Japan Post partner sorting facility in the destination country.

    Item presented to import customs

    Custom officials have received the package for review.

    In customs

    The package is still held at customs.

    Item returned from import customs

    Your package has successfully passed customs and is handed back to Japan Post or a delivery partner in the destination country.

    Item out of sorting center

    After reviewing the package information, the final mile delivery partner in the destination country has released the package for delivery.

    Item out for physical delivery

    The Japan Post package has left the sorting center and is on the way to be delivered to your address or pickup location.

    Processing at delivery Post Office

    The package has been scanned at the local Post Office and is ready for pickup.

    Final delivery

    The Japan Post package was successfully delivered.

    Your item was not found

    No tracking information is available on the package you are monitoring.

    Japan Post Tracking API

    Japan Post has a tracking API that enables businesses to link with their package tracking system. However, Japan Post’s website can only track Japan Post packages and will not support packages handled by other couriers. TrackingMore offers a multi-carrier tracking API that delivers reliable tracking updates on packages handled by the more than 1100 couriers it supports. 

    Why Should I Use the TrackingMore API?

    With TrackingMore’s Japan Post tracking API, you can offer your customers a seamless tracking experience that delivers 100% accurate tracking events, even for cross-border packages. It is a steady solution that averages 99.9% uptime on numerous performance tests. This API guarantees that your customers can conveniently track their packages on your website 24/7 with clear shipment visibility and minimal downtime. Implementing this solution is critical to providing your customers with an exceptional package tracking experience.

    Try TrackingMore’s end-to-end tracking functionality with a free trial and give your customers the best post-purchase experience devoid of anxiety.

    Japan Post Tracking FAQs

    • Which Japan Post service delivers on Sundays and holidays?

    Japan Post has several services that are delivered on Sundays and holidays. These services include Express Mail, Delivery time-specified Mail, Registered Mail, Cash on Delivery, Delivery date-specified Mail, Electronic Postal Mail (Letax), Letter Pack Plus, Letter Pack Light, Yu-Pack Parcel, and Yu-Packet.

    • Can I send a Yu-Pack parcel as Express Mail?

    You cannot send Yu-Pack parcels as Express Mail. Japan Post discontinued this service on June 30, 2010.

    • What is the recommended method for sending an important postal item?

    The best method for sending an important postal item is to use Registered Mail. With this service, the process is recorded from acceptance to delivery and the actual damage is compensated up to the declared amount of insured value (except for Yu-Pack parcels) if the postal item is unsent or damaged. The parcels are also delivered by hand with a receipt seal or signature required when received.

    • How much will it cost me to send an express mail?

    The total cost for sending express mail will consist of the postage cost of the postal item plus the express mail charge. The express mail charge will vary depending on the weight of the postal item.

    How to Contact Japan Post Customer Support

    Japan Post’s customer support is available to walk you through any package tracking challenges. You can contact them through the methods below if you have any inquiries on International Mail. Please note that you cannot call from overseas.

    Customer Service 

    Phone Number


    Service Hours

    General Inquiries



    Daily 8:00 - 21:00

    Mobile Phone

    In Japan: 0570-046-666

    For English: 0570-046-111


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