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    Korea Post tracking is fast and accurate with TrackingMore. Enter the Korea Post ePost tracking ID into the tracking tool and get a complete tracking report.


    • Korea Post Tracking  (우체국택배 조회)
    • About Korea Post
    • Korea Post Tracking Service
    • How to Track Korea Post’s Package
    • Korea Post Tracking Number (우체국택배 송장번호)
    • Korea Post Tracking Status
    • Korea Post Tracking API
    • Korea Post Tracking FAQs
    • How to Contact Korea Post Customer Service

    Korea Post Tracking  (우체국택배 조회)

    Korea Post enables customers to track the movement of their packages domestically and to international destinations via its website. This postal services company features a track and trace tool that consolidates all the tracking information on parcels sent through its tracked service onto a single page, enabling senders and recipients to be updated on the progress of their shipments. Korea Post Tracking via the logistic company’s website is only possible with an accurate package tracking number.

    Whether you are using the Postal Delivery or Express Mail Service, Korea Post's real-time location tracking will help you pinpoint the exact location of a package. This allows recipients to manage expectations and plan availability to facilitate pickup. Online merchants will find this real-time tracking tool beneficial in helping them enhance the customer experience for their valued customers once they’ve purchased a product. Read to learn more about how to track your Korea Post packages more accurately with TrackingMore, a third-party tracking platform.

    About Korea Post

    Korea Post is the official postal services operator of Korea. It was founded in 1844 as the Department of Postal Administration and later rebranded to the Ministry of Post and Communication in 1946. The company would undergo another rebrand in July 2000 and officially adopted the Korea Post name. This latest overhaul saw the company incorporate digital systems to offer online merchants reliable shipping and delivery services.

    Today, Korea Post (우체국택배) is a leading company in the country offering top-class domestic and international mail delivery and special handling, third-party logistics, insurance, post-savings, and banking services.

    Korea Post Tracking Service

    Korea Post has several services available depending on how fast you’d like a package shipped and delivered. Some offer end-to-end package tracking to help you stay updated on the package’s whereabouts. Below are breakdowns of different Korea Post delivery services and their tracking functions.

    • Postal Delivery Service

    This service covers hybrid mail, including letters that can be shipped via ePost within four days. It also allows customers to send greeting cards and buy all Korea Post stamps ever published. The stamps can be purchased online and printed by the customer. While buying the stamps, they also learn more about their history and culture. 

    Extra services include Direct Cash Registered Delivery for recipients up to 1,000,000 won. A delivery certificate option is also available when shipping with the Registered Mail service. All deliveries are done +1 after the shipping period. Korea Post delivery tracking (우체국택배 배송조회) provides customers with a bird’s eye view into their package journeys.

    • ePost Tracking



    Estimated Delivery Time


    ePost Shipping

    • Door-to-door shipping service
    • Delivers throughout Korea thanks to 22 hubs
    • Accessible online 24 hours
    • On-demand pick-up available (weekdays 09:00-18:00, Saturdays 09:00-13:00)
    • High-volume regular shipping available for contract customers
    • Packages below 30kg
    • Guaranteed 1-day in most areas
    • 2-3 days in hard-to-reach regions


    • Korea Post EMS Tracking

    Korea Post EMS enables you to send packages fast and efficiently to over 100 countries with full tracking capabilities. The logistics service provider has availed a tool on the website to help you calculate the Korea Post price (우체국택배 가격) of your EMS package and estimated delivery time.



    Estimated Delivery Time



    • Fast and accurate shipping to 101 countries
    • Korea Post partners with postal administrators in destination countries
    • 3-4 days (Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore)
    • 4-6 days (Other countries)


    EMS Premium

    • Delivers through the UPS company delivery network
    • Reaches more countries than the Korea Post EMS network

    EMS TCS (Time Certain Service)

    • Deliveries at a specified time
    • Covers Hong Kong and Viet Nam (Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh)

    Next day (09:00-17:00)


    How to Track Korea Post’s Package

    Tracking a Korea Post package is possible in several ways. This section will cover the steps to follow when using each method and highlight why TrackingMore is the best tracking method for domestic and cross-border Korea Post shipments.

    1. Via the Official Website

    Tracking via Korea Post’s website is ideal for many first-timers sending or expecting packages within Korea and overseas. Whether you are tracking a domestic or international package, follow these steps.

    • Domestic Tracking

    Korea Post tracking page

    Domestic packages are the lion’s share of shipments that Korea Post handles daily. For tracking a package within Korea, follow this procedure.

    1. Visit Korea Post’s homepage.
    2. Click the “More” button next to “Delivery Tracking” on the right to load the domestic mail delivery tracking page.
    3. Enter the package registration number (tracking ID) and click the “Check” button.
    4. Tracking information on the specific package will show in a new tab.

    Korea Post tracking status

    Note: You can also enter a phone/receipt number to track the page, but this will require logging in.

    • International Tracking

    Korea Post international tracking page

    When sending an international package via Korea Post, tracking its whereabouts is simple with the following process.

    1. Open Korea Post’s homepage and click “More” next to “Delivery Tracking” to the right.
    2. Select “International Mail (EMS)” from the options on the left on the next page.
    3. Enter the package’s tracking number and click “check” to pull up tracking data.
    4. The tracking information will show in the new tab.

    Korea Post international tracking status

    Note: International tracking is also possible via the EMS Premium page or foreign country homepage. Both links are available on the Korea Post international tracking page.

    2. Via Korea Post EMS Tracking Page

    The Korea Post EMS tracking page is dedicated to tracking EMS packages, ensuring you stay on top of events concerning your express mail service shipment. Track your Korea Post EMS package using the following instructions.

    1. Open the Korea Post EMS tracking page.
    2. Enter your EMS item number (tracking ID) and click search.
    3. The EMS package tracking information will load in a new window.

    Note: You can easily track all EMS packages on the tracking information results page by selecting the desired country. This action will redirect to the respective postal delivery tracking page. 

    3. Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-party Platform)

    TrackingMore Korea Post tracking page

    Tracking Korea Post packages is also possible with a powerful third-party platform like TrackingMore, which is easy and convenient.

    1. Open the TrackingMore’s website and click “Carriers” from the top menu.
    2. Search for Korea Post from the carrier list using the search field.
    3. Enter your domestic or EMS package tracking number and click the track button.
    4. TrackingMore will reveal 100% up-to-date tracking information on your package immediately.

    TrackingMore Korea Post tracking status

    TrackingMore has a robust package tracking API that relays accurate tracking data on all Korea Post packages, whether domestic or cross-border. With TrackingMore, you can also track packages by 1,100+ other global couriers including EMS tracking as well.

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over Korea Post?

    Tracking your Korea Post packages via TrackingMore is a better alternative than using the native track and trace tools provided by the logistics service provider because of its numerous advanced features. The first advantage of using TrackingMore is that it allows you to track more than just the Korea Post packages. TrackingMore supports 1100+ global couriers, enabling you to seamlessly track packages handled by different couriers.

    With TrackingMore, you can maintain 100% shipment visibility for cross-border Korea Post shipments, which may change tracking numbers when handed over to final-mile delivery partners in different countries. TrackingMore possesses the carrier auto-detection feature that will automatically detect what carrier the tracking number belongs to. 

    TrackingMore exceeds expectations when tracking Korea Post packages during holidays and high-traffic periods. Whereas the Korea Post website may be slow in such moments, leading to delays and inconveniences when tracking a package, TrackingMore maintains a 99.9% uptime that ensures you can get real-time tracking information on any package no matter the time of the year.

    Korea Post Tracking Number (우체국택배 송장번호)

    Every Korea Post package is issued with a unique tracking code once posted. The Korea Post tracking number is also referred to as a registration number on the courier's website. This special code can pinpoint the whereabouts of a specific package at any time and retrieve a report detailing all the shipment events concerning it.

    Korea Post Tracking Number Format and Examples

    Knowing how your Korea Post tracking number looks is essential for determining if you have the correct tracking number for your package. Korea Post tracking numbers feature 13 characters, but the specifics of each will vary depending on the type of package. Domestic packages have a digits-only tracking number, while EMS packages have a 13-character tracking number with a two-letter prefix starting with the letter ‘E’ followed by nine numerals and two more letters at the end. 

    Some examples of real Korea Post tracking numbers are as follows.

    - 6502201137720 (Domestic package)

    - EG012724179TW (EMS package)

    To get a Korea Post tracking code, check the order confirmation email or invoice for goods bought online. Senders can find the tracking code on the postage receipt.

    Korea Post Tracking Status

    The ability to interpret the meaning of a Korea Post tracking status allows you to follow the movement of the package effectively and understand when it is close to being delivered or when there is a delay. The table below highlights some typical Korea Post tracking statuses and their meaning.

    Korea Post Tracking Status


    Preparing to apply

    The online retailer has applied for a shipping label from Korea Post.


    Korea Post Reception (우체국택배 접수) means that the company has received the package and is processing it.

    Airline acquisition

    The Korea Post international package has been registered with an airline.

    Transport company handover

    Korea Post has handed the package to a transport company that will transport it to its international destination.

    Preparation for shipment

    Your package is being prepared for shipping.

    Aircraft departure

    The aircraft carrying the Korea Post international package has left the airport, heading to the destination country.

    Arrived transfer country

    The Korea Post package has arrived in the destination country.


    The package has been sent to a Korea Post processing facility.


    Your package has been scanned at a Korea Post processing hub.

    Preparing for delivery (view delivery person information)

    The package is about to be sent out for the final delivery. Click to see more information about the delivery person.

    Delivery completed

    The recipient has received the package or picked it up from a pickup point.

    Non-delivery. Reason for non-delivery: Unknown address

    The delivery failed. The recipient's address is incorrect.

    Korea Post Tracking API

    Korea Post has a tracking API that you can implement on your business website to help customers track their Korea Post packages. The main disadvantage of this Korea Post tracking API is that with it, your customers can only track packages handled by this courier. TrackingMore’s Korea Post API is a better solution because it supports more than 1100 couriers, enabling you to provide a seamless tracking experience to your customers.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    TrackingMore is an excellent tracking API with complete documentation, making it easy to implement on your website quickly. Integrating with your business systems does not require an extensive or experienced development team. The TrackingMore customer support team is available on standby 24/7 to help you deploy the API quickly and efficiently.

    Access to more than 1100 global couriers means you can expand your business and ship globally without any challenges for your customers when tracking their shipments. TrackingMore is also continually updating the carrier list, giving you more confidence to expand your business and serve customers in far-flung areas.

    TrackingMore’s tracking API also delivers 100% tracking events, ensuring no stage in a package’s delivery journey is skipped. With this, you can stay ahead of any shipment exceptions and improve communication with your customers post-purchase.

    You can give TrackingMore a run on your website with a free trial and boost the customer experience risk-free for thirty days.

    Korea Post Tracking FAQs

    • How long does Korea Post delivery take?

    Korea Post delivery time will vary depending on the service selected, customs clearance, and other delays, including public holidays.

    • What are Korea Post’s office hours?

    Korea Post’s office hours in Korea run from 09:00-17:00 hours Monday to Friday. Using Korea Post on weekends is only possible between 09:00-13:00. Korea Post Saturday operations only apply when using ePost Shipping’s on-demand pick-up.

    • How does Korea Post calculate the guaranteed delivery date?

    The delivery guarantee date is extended by the number of days the customs clearance process will take. If Korea Post attempts a delivery but fails because the recipient is unavailable, it is considered a normal delivery.

    • What should I do if my mail hasn’t arrived within the expected delivery period?

    If the expected delivery period of one week has elapsed and you haven’t received your mail, submit an e-mail request to Korea Post for investigation, and it will be acted upon as soon as possible, after which the company will update you on the results.

    How to Contact Korea Post Customer Service

    Contacting Korea Post customer service is highly recommended if you encounter any problems tracking your domestic or international packages. For any inquiries on an item, contact the customer or a post office call center of the destination country.



    Postal Service

    For domestic use: 1588-1300(sender paid)

    From overseas: 82-42-609-4295

    Korea Post Office Call Center



    [email protected]

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