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LBC Express is a Philippines-based Logistics Service Provider. Learn how to track LBC Express packages through TrackingMore.

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    LBC Express is a Philippines-based Logistics Service Provider. Learn how to track LBC Express packages through TrackingMore.


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    LBC Tracking

    LBC Express, renowned across 30 countries with 6,400+ locations, is the Philippines' top choice in cargo & logistics. Beyond its expansive reach, the LBC tracking service sets it apart, allowing customers to utilize their unique tracking numbers for real-time package updates. This commitment to transparency ensures customers, both individual and business, can get the latest status of their shipments without any anxieties. While LBC primarily caters to the needs of the Philippines, its services bridge the gap between the Philippines and the global stage. For those seeking diverse tracking solutions, alongside the LBC Track & Trace tool, third-party parcel trackers like TrackingMore offer additional options.

    About LBC

    LBC Express's main office is located in Metro Manila, Philippines. From its humble beginnings as a brokerage and air cargo agent in 1945, LBC Express has become a premier provider of remittance, courier, and logistics services in the Philippines. It pioneered express delivery, cargo shipping, and 24-hour door-to-door delivery in the country and has never looked back in an attempt to satisfy its customers.

    Today, LBC Express shipping services and remittances include LBC Express padala services, e-commerce and business solutions, and payment services. To facilitate these operations, LBC leverages its comprehensive air, sea, and ground infrastructure, a vast network of domestic and international locations, agents, and key strategic partnerships.

    LBC Tracking Services

    LBC Express offers shipping services both within the Philippines and abroad. Though similar, these services may differ in their aspects, for instance, in transit times and applicable rates. Below is the breakdown of LBC Express shipping services.

    LBC Cargo Tracking

    LBC offers an array of shipping services, encompassing land, sea, and air freight, catering to a wide variety of logistical needs.

    • Land Freight

    LBC Express is the top choice for land freight in the Philippines. They deliver packages safely and on time, and cater to both small and large shipments. Whether it's documents, packages, or parcels, LBC can give a door-to-door delivery service. By utilizing the RoRo system of integrated highways and vehicular ferry routes, LBC Express always makes secure deliveries on time. What's more, customers can monitor their shipments in convenience with the LBC Philippines tracking system.

    • Sea Freight

    LBC revolutionized the shipping industry with the Balikbayan box, offering a cost-effective sea cargo solution for packages to the Philippines. They ensure every package is delivered door-to-door, no matter the destination within the country. LBC provides both Less Than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) options, catering to both international and domestic shipping needs. With optimized sea routes, they offer competitive rates, handling a variety of items from electronics to fashion and food. What makes it more perfect is the LBC balikbayan box tracking service, ensuring recipients stay updated on their package's journey. 

    • Air Freight

    LBC's Air Freight service combines speed, reach, and security. Leveraging a vast network of flight routes, it ensures timely deliveries across the Philippines, even to its most remote locations. Their well-established infrastructure and dedicated air freight terminals guarantee that parcels remain in pristine. Adding to the efficiency is the LBC tracking parcel feature, which provides customers with real-time updates on their shipments, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

    LBC Tracking International 

    In addition to LBC Philippines tracking, LBC Express extends its capabilities with robust international tracking services, aligning with its worldwide vision. As a recognized leader in international courier services, LBC guarantees timely and secure deliveries for every package, be it vital documents like passports, certificates, or personal correspondences such as festive cards. To experience this unparalleled service, one can visit the nearest LBC Express Branch.

    Cross border solutions

    LBC Express excels in offering trusted cross-border delivery services. Utilizing an expansive fleet spanning land, sea, and air, they guarantee timely and secure shipment deliveries. By selecting the most efficient routes and blending various transportation modes, LBC achieves a harmonious mix of cost-saving and swiftness tailored to individual shipping requirements. Furthermore, their extensive experience in logistics provides them an edge in navigating the complex realm of documentation and certification essential for hassle-free cross-border shipping.

    How to Track LBC Packages

    Here are the ways to track LBC Express packages.

    • Through the official LBC Express Website

    1. Visit the LBC Express official website and find the tracking section.

    2. Enter a valid tracking number in the required field. 

    3. Check the box provided to receive updates via messenger. 

    Note: This is optional, a messenger is accessible on smartphones and most other devices. So it’s best if you don’t want to log into separate websites or check emails.

    4. Click on the 'Track' button, then the tracking results page will show your shipment's current status.

    LBC tracking status

    Alternatively, you can track the LBC package through the LBC Connect Mobile App available on Google Play and Apple's App Store. With the LBC Connect application, you can track multiple shipments and gain access to many more LBC Express services. 

    • Through TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a premier third-party shipment tracking platform for tracking LBC Express packages. To use it, follow the following straightforward procedure.

    1. Visit TrackingMore's LBC Express tracking page.

    2. Enter the LBC Express tracking number.

    3. Click on the 'Track' button.

    4. Wait for the tracking results to be loaded.

    TrackingMore LBC tracking status

    Note: You can also visit TrackingMore's general parcel tracking page, the TrackingMore auto-detect feature will identify the tracking number belonging to LBC Express and pull up the relevant page. So you can go to this page to track your parcels when you have multiple packages that are delivered by different carriers.

    Why Use TrackingMore over LBC Express Tracking?

    Though LBC Express tracking is efficient, TrackingMore's tracking features offer a better alternative.

    Here are the reasons you should choose to track your LBC package with TrackingMore than with LBC tracking, especially when you are an e-commerce merchant who is looking for a perfect parcel tracking solution.

    • Partnership with 1100+ carriers. LBC uses multiple carriers to transport packages from one region to the other. Because TrackingMore has an alliance with most of them, you don't need to switch from tracking platform to tracking platform.
    • Shipping notifications. While TrackingMore can automatically send email and SMS updates at each delivery milestone to provide your customers with consistent reassurance, the shipping notifications will be readily available on Messenger by selecting the Messenger option on the LBC Track & Trace tool.
    • Branded tracking pages. You can customize TrackingMore's tracking page with your company's brand. Then every time your customers return to the page to check their package's status, they encounter your brand. This exposure, reinforced by a pleasant post-purchase experience, may help drive repeat sales.
    • TrackingMore is fast, always. Sometimes, too much traffic bogs down the LBC Express tracking system. When your customers cannot get their updates, they may turn to you, distracting you from focusing on more important matters. TrackingMore, on the other hand, is always fast and efficient.

    LBC Tracking Number

    The LBC Express tracking number is a unique numerical tag that can be used to track the package. Typically it consists of 12-17 digits for Philippines domestic shipments and five digits for international packages.

    Here are some samples of LBC tracking numbers.

    - 1456 3782 4786

    - 3476 8974 2342 231

    FAQs on LBC Tracking Number

    • Where to find the LBC tracking number?

    The LBC Express tracking number can be found on the shipping receipt (lower left side below the barcode), package outer packing, and email and text communication from the sender.

    • How to track an LBC package without a tracking number?

    If you lost your tracking number or your LBC tracking number is invalid, you are unable to track your LBC package. Please contact your sender to acquire the tracking number if you can't find it.

    Meaning of LBC Tracking Status

    Here is a list of the typical statuses and their meanings that you get when you track an LBC Express package.




    The shipment is awaiting a specific action or confirmation before it can proceed to the next phase in the delivery process. 

    Pick up

    The shipment is collected or retrieved by the courier from the sender.

    In Transit

    The shipment is moving to the designated place of delivery.


    The shipment has been delivered successfully.


    The attempt to deliver the package has been prevented by the absence of the recipient or other factors. 

    Not Found

    No tracking info is available yet. With a 404 error message, 'Not found' may indicate you entered an invalid tracking number.

    LBC Express Tracking API

    With LBC Express' tracking API, you can easily integrate LBC's tracking function into your project for faster real-time tracking. However, you can integrate with TrackingMore's API for more efficient access to LBC's other functionalities.

    Why Use TrackingMore's API over LBC Express Tracking API?

    TrackingMore API has richer functionality, as shown below.

    • Access to 1100+ global carriers. A third-party tracker's true worth lies in the number of carriers it has access to.  With TrackingMore, you can easily onboard 1000+ carriers worldwide, such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, etc.
    • Supports multiple programming languages. Support with advanced programming languages like PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby, this compatibility helps developers to patch API effortlessly and quickly.
    • Unified data format. TrackingMore's API unifies discrete data into a standardized, simple structure. The ease and clarity with which the data can be consumed contribute to a positive user experience.
    • Military-grade security level. Security breaches can cost you a lot in lost opportunities. TrackingMore's API security levels are top-notch and compliant with ISO 27001 and other top security standards.
    • API uptime of 99.9% and round-the-clock technical support. TrackingMore's API technology allows tracking anytime and from anywhere. It means every customer will always have visibility over their package. More importantly, TrackingMore provides round-the-clock technical support so the user is not held up for want of assistance.

    TrackingMore helps you offer a superior post-purchase experience for your customers through enhanced end-to-end visibility capabilities. Satisfied customers often become repeat customers. Sign up for a free trial!

    FAQs on LBC Express Tracking 

    • How many days does LBC Express take to deliver?

    LBC Express delivery time depends on the distance and the mode of transport to be used. Sea freight takes longer than air freight for the same distance.

    Generally, these are the various transit times.

    - Domestic packages: 24-48 hours

    - Air freight: 7-10 days 

    - Sea freight: 40-60 days

    • How do I know if my LBC Express package has arrived?

    If you have been tracking your package, you will have been informed of a likely delivery date. If you opt for automatic shipping notifications, you will be informed even without monitoring the latest update. At any rate, LBC Express notifies you when your package is ready for delivery.

    • Does LBC Express deliver door-to-door?

    LBC Express delivers door-to-door through its ground freighting within the Philippines through a predictable schedule that's easy to track.

    • What can I send through LBC Express?

    You can send nearly everything through LBC Express. Through its various freight services, clients documents and shipments of different sizes – from small packages to oversized freight requiring specialized transportation. LBC Express also ships gadgets like phones, laptops, and tablets. However, LBC Express maintains a list of prohibited items it will not carry.

    How to Contact LBC Tracking Customer Service

    Contact information


    Main office address

    10th Floor Tower B Two Ecom Center
    Bayshore Ave. corner Harbor Drive,
    Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay,
    Metro Manila, Philippines


    Philippines: (02) 8858 5999

    The US.: 1-800-338-5424



    [email protected]


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