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    Know the whereabouts of your Poland Post package without any delays with Poczta Polska tracking on TrackingMore. Type in the tracking number and click track.


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    • How Can I Track My Poczta Polska Package?
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    Poczta Polska Tracking

    When sending or anticipating a package via Poland Post, you can easily follow the package's journey with Poland Post tracking. Poland Post tracking lets you know the status of the package, its origin and destination, and the Poland Post service used to dispatch the parcel. The only requirement is your Poland Post tracking number and a reliable tracking platform.

    The Poland Post website features a free-to-use tracking tool that allows you to get more information about your package as it goes through the delivery cycle to its destination. This article will break down the steps for tracking your Poczta Polska package on the Poland Post website. It will also reveal why using a powerful third-party tracking tool like TrackingMore is a better option for tracking your packages comprehensively.

    How Can I Track My Poczta Polska Package?

    Poczta Polska (Poland Post) packages can be tracked comprehensively in several ways using either the logistics service provider’s website or a robust third-party tracking platform like TrackingMore.

    • Via the Official Website

    Poczta Polska tracking page

    Poland Post’s website has a tracking tool that enables shippers and recipients to track the status of their packages quickly and efficiently with just the tracking number. To track your Poczta Polska packages, follow these steps.

    1. Open the Poczta Polska website.
    2. Navigate to the email dropdown menu and click on eMonitoring.
    3. Enter your package’s tracking number in the search field and click SEARCH.
    4. The package’s tracking history and current shipping status will be shown on the next page.

    Poczta Polska tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore Poczta Polska tracking page

    TrackingMore is a powerful third-party platform that enables end-to-end tracking of Poland Post packages via a browser. You can know the status of your packages with the following procedure.

    1. Open the TrackingMore website and click on Carriers from the top ribbon.
    2. Search for Poland Post from the carrier list using the search field.
    3. Type in the Poland Post tracking number and click the Track button.
    4. The package’s tracking information will load in a moment.

    TrackingMore Poczta Polska tracking status

    Compared to the Poland Post website, TrackingMore can track more than just Poczta Polska shipments. TrackingMore supports over 1,100 global couriers, including La Poste, UPS, and China EMS. This multi-carrier package tracking capability ensures you can track multiple packages from varying logistical companies from a single platform, saving you the stress of visiting different carrier websites to know the status of your parcels. With TrackingMore, you can also continually track the Poland Post package even when it changes couriers during cross-border shipments.

    If you run an online shop, TrackingMore’s tracking API can help you provide your customers with a branded tracking experience with a quick and simple implementation. Get a bird’s eye view of all orders you are sending out using Poland Post and over 1,100 other logistic companies and stay ahead of any shipment exceptions to ensure a remarkable post-purchase experience for customers.

    Poczta Polska Tracking Number

    The Poczta Polska tracking number is a distinct code that differentiates one Poland Post package from another. It helps to uniquely identify the shipment, no matter its location or stage in the delivery cycle. The Poland Post tracking number updates shipping events about the package as it is scanned at various shipping points and passes successfully.

    Poczta Polska tracking numbers are alpha-numerical or 20-digit-only depending on the service the shipper uses. The mixed number and letter tracking numbers start with two letters (PX, VV, RR, CP, or EE) followed by nine digits and two more letters (PL) at the end. Below are some examples of authentic Poczta Polska tracking numbers.




    Poczta Polska Tracking Status

    To understand the tracking report generated whenever you are monitoring the status of your Poczta Polska package, it is important to know the meaning of each status. The table below shows some common Poland Post tracking statuses and their explanations.

    Poczta Polska Tracking Status


    Electronic shipment data received

    The shipper has sent the package information to Poczta Polska, and a shipping label has been created.


    The package has been handed over to a Poland Post driver for transport to a processing facility.


    The shipper has officially posted the package with Poczta Polska.

    E-mail notification sent

    Poczta Polska has sent the shipping confirmation email to the sender informing them of a package coming their way.

    Package in transportation

    The Poland Post package is on the way to an export processing hub.

    Sent from Poland

    The Poland Post package has been processed and officially shipped to the destination country from Poland.

    Shipment in transit

    The Poczta Polska parcel is being shipped to the destination country.

    Accepted in country of destination

    The parcel has been processed at customs in the destination country and has been successfully allowed entry.


    Your Poland Post package has been officially scanned in the destination country by a fulfillment partner.

    Processing for delivery

    The Poczta Polska package is being processed before the final mile delivery.

    Handed over for delivery

    The Package has been handed to a last-mile delivery driver for transporting to the recipient's preferred pickup or delivery point.

    Item delivered

    The Poczta Polska package has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

    About Poczta Polska

    Poczta Polska, translated to Poland Post or Polish Post in English, is the state postal administration agency of Poland. The company was initially founded in 1588 and has a 400+ years history. However, its modern history dates back to 1928 when the company rebranded its services to align with the modern needs of Polish people who wanted to communicate with family and friends and to serve businesses across the country.

    Today, Poczta Polska is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, and employs over 60,000 employees who help to execute its mandate. Some of the services the company offers include parcel service, letter post, third-party logistics, deposit accounts, EMS, freight forwarding, and delivery. Through its services, Poczta Polska has been central to the growth of the e-commerce industry in Poland.

    How to Contact Poczta Polska Customer Service

    Poczta Polska provides several contact options for customers who may need support from their customer service team. You can contact customer support with package tracking issues or any other general challenges faced while using the Poland Post services.

    Contact Method



    Headquarters of Poczta Polska SA

    street Rodziny Hiszpańskiego 8
    00-940 Warszawa


    (+48) 438 420 600


    [email protected] 

    Note: The hotline operates from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

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