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Tracking your Landmark Global package is easier than ever before. Enter your tracking number on TrackingMore to track your Landmark Global package the easy way.

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    Tracking your Landmark Global package is easier than ever before. Enter your tracking number on TrackingMore to track your Landmark Global package the easy way.


    • Landmark Global Tracking 
    • How Can I Track My Landmark Global Package?
    • Landmark Global Tracking Number
    • What Does My Landmark Global Status Mean?
    • About Landmark Global 
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    Landmark Global Tracking 

    Landmark Global is a premier global logistics service provider (LSP) specializing in transporting, clearing, and delivering e-commerce products to customers all over the globe. This company has global facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, enabling entrepreneurs to deliver packages to customers beyond their borders. 

    Landmark Global provides an easy-to-use package tracking platform. This feature enables e-commerce sellers and customers to track their parcels with clear visibility throughout the delivery process. With that information at their fingertips, they can make informed decisions and stay in control of their deliveries. 

    How Can I Track My Landmark Global Package?

    Tracking your Landmark Global parcel is simple. You only need a smartphone or computer and the tracking number of your parcel to track its current status. This improves convenience as you don’t have to call the customer support team to know about the progress of your package. 

    Here are two ways you can track your Landmark Global package.

    1. Through the Official Landmark Global Website

    Here is how to track your Landmark Global parcel through the company’s official website.

    Landmark Global tracking page

    • Click the Tracking tab on the top right side of your screen and choose Tracking from the drop-down menu that appears.
    • Enter your package’s tracking number on the Tracking page that appears. You can track up to 25 tracking numbers at a go by using commas to separate the tracking numbers.
    • Confirm your tracking numbers and click the SEE TRACKING STATUS button.
    • You will be redirected to a page showing your current package status, as shown below.

    Landmark Global tracking status

    If you wish to view a more comprehensive report on the progress of your package, click FULL EVENT HISTORY. A drop-down description of every event and its corresponding timestamp will appear, providing a more detailed view of your package progress. 

    2. Through TrackingMore

    You can also track your Landmark Global parcel through TrackingMore, a powerful package tracking platform. Here’s how you can go about it. 

    • Go to your web browser and visit the TrackingMore website.

    TrackingMore Landmark Global tracking page

    • Click the Carriers tab and scroll down to the Carrier List section.
    • Enter Landmark Global on the "Search Carrier Name" bar and click the carrier. Using the Enter key to separate tracking numbers, you can track up to 50 tracking numbers at the same time.
    • Enter your package's tracking number on TrackingMore's Landmark Global Tracking page. 
    • Click Track to initiate the tracking process. This will redirect you to a page showing the current status of your parcel.

    TrackingMore Landmark Global tracking status

    TrackingMore is an all-in-one third-party package tracking platform that allows customers and sellers to track their items online. This parcel tracking platform provides real-time updates of your Landmark Global package. Also, it can track parcels from over 1,100 logistics service providers (LSPs) globally, including UPS, DHL, and FedEx. This makes it your one-stop solution for all your package tracking needs, particularly if you use multiple carriers for package delivery. 

    TrackingMore supports 15 languages, including English, German, Spanish, and French. This makes it more convenient for users across the globe. With TrackingMore, you can track up to 50 tracking numbers at a go. This saves time by streamlining the process of tracking multiple packages.

    What’s more, if you are an e-commerce seller who is looking for a tracking solution to improve your customers' post-purchase journey, you can integrate TrackingMore’s shipment tracking API into your system. This enables your customers to gain a comprehensive view of all their package statuses. Also, it provides them with a streamlined package tracking experience while they can track not only Landmark’s packages but also other LSPs’ on TrackingMore.

    Landmark Global Tracking Number

    A tracking number is a unique code attached to every shipment or package. This number is used by carriers, senders, and recipients to track the parcel's progress throughout the delivery process. 

    Typically, a tracking number consists of numbers and letters. However, its format differs depending on the logistics service provider or postal service used. Landmark Global tracking numbers have varying formats. 

    The typical length of Landmark Global tracking numbers also varies, ranging from 9 to 30 characters. Here are some formats and examples of Landmark Global tracking numbers.

    - 3 letters + 17 numbers: LPR00111400012550451

    - 3 letters + 9 numbers: LTN258074390

    -  4 letters + 10 numbers: LTN258827499N1

    - 6 letters + 9 numbers: LDLBUS026021886

    Note: The list is not exhaustive as there are still other tracking number formats. 

    You will be assigned the unique package tracking number when the package is shipped. Contact the sender if you can't find your parcel's tracking number.

    What Does My Landmark Global Status Mean?

    When you track your Landmark Global package, you’ll get several statuses about its progress. Here is what each status means.

    Data Received 

    - This status means your package shipment data has been received and uploaded at the Landmark Global facility.


    - This status means that your package has left the Landmark Global facility. Depending on the origin of your package, this status means your product is undergoing various shipping events, such as customs clearance. Click the FULL EVENT HISTORY button to view the details of every event involved in the shipping of your package.

    In transit

    - This status means your parcel is out for delivery. If the product is shipped from abroad, this status implies that it has arrived in the destination country and Landmark Global carrier is shipping it to the delivery address


    - This status means your item has arrived at the destination address.

    About Landmark Global 

    Established in 2004, Landmark Global is a product of the belief that there are better ways to power committed e-commerce businesses to expand globally and reach new customers. As a leading global logistics company, Landmark Global is one of the international partners of BPOST. 

    The company provides the tools needed and innovative international clearance to serve customers in different locations, including Europe, Asia, the United States, and Canada. With 220 destinations, Landmark Global provides a worldwide delivery network, both domestically and internationally. 

    The company uses ground and air transportation to deliver parcels within the shortest time possible. Landmark Global is powered by Mercury, a proprietary technology. This helps them to dynamically route packages into an intelligent last-mile network, providing customers and sellers full visibility of their parcels. 

    How to Contact Landmark Global Customer Support

    Landmark Global has a supportive customer service team to address any issues you may have. Here’s how you can reach out to Landmark Global customer support.

    Contact Method



    + (888) 205-2251


    [email protected] 

    Web Support

    Fill in the contact form and click Send Request.

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