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    Get real-time updates for your Thailand Post parcels by using TrackingMore.


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    • How Can I Track My Thailand Post’s Package?
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    • About Thailand Post
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    Thailand Post Tracking

    Thailand Post tracking provides real-time updates on parcels shipped via Thailand Post. This system offers insights into your package's journey, from dispatch to delivery. By using the provided Thailand Post tracking number at shipment, you can monitor your package's current location, estimated delivery date, and other significant updates. This straightforward and transparent tracking service by Thailand Post elevates the shipping experience by offering clarity for both domestic and international shipments at no extra cost.

    How Can I Track My Thailand Post’s Package?

    Given the sheer amount of shipments Thailand Post handles daily, the company offers several ways to track your shipments. The most straightforward way is through Thailand Post’s official website and mobile app. However, the tracking information may not be available for all shipments since the company only offers tracking for specific services. This is where third-party tracking platforms like TrackingMore come into play. TrackingMore allows you to track shipments from different carriers and up to 50 tracking numbers at once. 

    Here are the steps to track your Thailand Post package on all available channels.

    1. Via the Thailand Post Official Website

    Thailand Post tracking page

    • Go to the Thailand Post website. 
    • On the top-left corner above the main menu, you can switch from Thai to English if you are not a native speaker.
    • Locate and click the "EMS Tracking and Registered Mail" tab on the right side of the website.
    • Enter your tracking number in the "Tracking number" field and click the "Search" button.
    • Wait 1-3 seconds for your Thailand Post shipping status to appear under the form.

    Thailand Post tracking status

    2. Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    TrackingMore Thailand Post tracking page

    • Launch your browser and visit the official TrackingMore website.
    • Locate and click the "Carriers" tab in the main menu.
    • Search for Thailand Post in the provided field and click the Thailand Post icon.
    • Enter your tracking number and click the "Track" button to initiate the tracking process.
    • You will then be redirected to a different page with your shipment status.

    TrackingMore Thailand Post tracking status

    Beyond Thailand Post EMS tracking, TrackingMore provides global EMS tracking, thanks to its robust API integration with over 1,100 carriers. This positions it as a comprehensive package tracking platform. E-commerce businesses can effortlessly incorporate TrackingMore's API for a seamless tracking experience for their customers. With distinctive features like a branded tracking page and automated shipment notifications, TrackingMore elevates its appeal, enabling businesses to effortlessly boost their brand image and heighten customer satisfaction.

    Thailand Post Tracking Number

    As the national postal service of Thailand, Thailand Post uses a specific format for its tracking numbers. A Thailand Post tracking number typically consists of 13 characters, comprising a combination of letters and numbers. 

    Examples of Thailand Post tracking numbers include:

    - EF582568151TH

    - RG453678925DE

    Thailand Post’s tracking number format follows a specific pattern. The first two letters indicate the postal service type you used. The next eight digits are known as package identifiers because they uniquely identify your page. The check digit is the ninth number and it's used for error checking, and ensuring the accuracy of the tracking number. The final two letters typically stand for where the shipment originated from like "TH", "SG", and "DE", etc.

    Thailand Post Tracking Status

    As you eagerly await the arrival of your package sent through Thailand Post, understanding the meaning behind the tracking status updates can help you have a clearer picture. The status messages hold key information about your shipment's journey, from departure to delivery. Below is a list of some of the common statuses you might come across.

    Shipments status

    Status Meaning 

    Posting/ Collection 

    This status indicates that the sender has handed over the package to Thailand Post or that it has been collected from the sender's location.

    In transit

    "In Transit" means that the package is on its way between different postal facilities or sorting centers but hasn't reached a final delivery point yet.

    Arrival at post office

    This status signifies that the package has arrived at a local post office or distribution center and is awaiting further processing and sorting before it can be dispatched for delivery.

    Arrival at outward office exchange

    When a package reaches this status, it has arrived at the main international sorting facility before leaving the country.

    Departure from outward OE

    This status indicates that the package has left the main international sorting facility and is en route to the destination country.

    Item out for physical delivery 

    When you see this status, it means that the package has been processed and is out for delivery by a local postal worker or courier. 

    Final delivery

    "Final Delivery" indicates that the package has been successfully delivered to the recipient's address. 

    About Thailand Post

    Thailand Post is the national postal service of Thailand, responsible for mail and package delivery across the country. Established in 1883, it has evolved into an all-rounded logistics provider offering a wide range of services including domestic and international mail, parcel delivery, and express shipping. It also offers a variety of financial services, such as money orders and remittances.

    Thailand Post has a long and rich history of more than 150 years. Thanks to the vast experience, the company has continued growing, becoming one of the most efficient and reliable postal services in Southeast Asia. Thailand Post boasts a network of over 1,300 post offices spread across Thailand as well as a workforce of over 24,000 employees. With such a robust network, Thailand Post is capable of handling over one billion pieces of mail and parcels each year.

    How to Contact Thailand Post Customer Support

    When it comes to ensuring smooth shipping experiences, efficient communication with the postal service provider is paramount. If you have any questions or issues with your parcels and shipments, contact Thailand Post customer support for feedback. The table below explores the various channels available for contacting Thailand Post's customer support, providing you with insights on how to effectively connect with their team. 

    Contact Method 



    111 Chaengwattana Road, Thung Song Hong Subdistrict, Lak Si District, Bangkok 10210-0299


    0 2831 3131 - General customer care support 

    1545 or 0 2831 3600 - Track and trace inquiries


    0 2831 3550-1


    [email protected]

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