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    Track and monitor shipments across India reliably and efficiently with Bluedart tracking from TrackingMore. Use TrackingMore for a seamless tracking experience with Bluedart.


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    Blue Dart Tracking

    Blue Dart, a leading logistics and courier service in India, offers comprehensive parcel tracking services. With a robust tracking system, Blue Dart provides real-time updates for both domestic and international shipments. Their user-friendly interface ensures customers can easily access the status of their packages, making it a convenient choice for tracking needs. 

    About Blue Dart

    Regarding fast and secure shipments, Blue Dart Express Ltd. is renowned for its premier courier and logistics services throughout South Asia. Blue Dart offers reliable transportation and distribution in India, reaching more than 55,400 locations. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with subsidiary cargo airlines operating within the region.

    For storage and inventory purposes, Blue Dart has dedicated warehouses in 85 locations along with 7 bonded warehouses in major metros within the country, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

    Blue Dart is the only logistic company in India to have invested in technology infrastructure at such a high level. It possesses the country’s largest private computer network for effective communication and customer support at 710 locations. At every transit point, Blue Dart makes sure to automatically update its official Oracle database. Every shipment barcode is scanned multiple times from pick-up to delivery. They prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering unprecedented service standards with supreme market leadership, utilizing high-end technology, innovating their landscape, and assisting around 11,000 workforces.

    Being associated with DHL eCommerce Solutions, Blue Dart acquired one of the largest logistic networks all around the ground. Its comprehensive express range includes 220 countries and territories with a comprehensive set of distribution services, including supply chain, custom clearance, air express, and more.

    Sustainability is a significant part of Blue Dart’s community service goals. The team has done remarkable work for climate protection, academics, and disaster management with their GoPrograms. Their capabilities have even been substantiated by nationwide recognition and collection of awards. Blue Dart has also introduced B2B and B2C e-commerce initiatives in partnership with popular shopping platforms.

    How to Track Blue Dart Packages

    Blue Dart follows a customer-centric approach by providing an easy way to locate your shipments as per your feasibility.

    We recommend two methods to try for tracking your Blue Dart shipments.

    • Via the Official Way

    Blue Dart tracking page

    Follow the steps below for Blue Dart courier tracking.

    1.     Go to Blue Dart's official website
    2.     Find the TrackDartTM section at the upper left panel of the page
    3.     Choose the Waybill option and enter the waybill number
    4.     To track more than one waybill, separate every number with a comma
    5.     Click Go to get all the details related to the shipment

    Blue Dart waybill and order number serve different logistic purposes. The key difference is waybill is provided by Blue Dart which can be utilized by both sender and receiver. Whereas, the order number is generated by the sender or seller when the order is placed on an e-commerce website.

    Here are the steps for Blue Dart order tracking.

    1.     Go to Blue Dart's official website.
    2.     Find the TrackDartTM section at the upper left panel of the page.
    3.     Switch the radio button to Ref No.
    4.     Enter your reference number or order number in the box and separate more than one with commas.
    5.     Hit Go to know about the latest updates on your shipment progress.
    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a prominent shipment tracking platform, that bridges the differences between businesses and individuals to track their parcels. It helps you track shipments from 1272 couriers worldwide on a single screen with order status updates and sends automated notifications regarding parcel whereabouts.

    You can track Blue Dart shipments easily with TrackingMore. Follow the steps below.

    TrackingMore Blue Dart tracking page

    1. Visit TrackingMore’s official website and click the Couries button.
    2. Search Blue Dart in the search bar.
    3. Enter your Blue Dart tracking ID.
    4. Hit Track and you’ll get all the information about your package, from shipment status to estimated delivery date.

    Blue Dart Tracking Number

    When sending a shipment, Blue Dart assigns a specific tracking number to every shipment, so that the parcels can be easily sorted for relevant locations. You can use this tracking number to know about your shipment progress. 

    With every Blue Dart shipping confirmation, you’ll receive a copy of your waybill. You can find the tracking number on your waybill which consists of 11 digits for domestic shipment. In contrast, for international shipments and EMS, there are 13 digits. It is also printed on your parcel as a barcode on the shipping label, which is scanned to update the transit points of your tracking status.

    Following are a few examples regarding what the Blue Dart tracking number looks like.

    - Blue Dart: 31763912412

    - Blue Dart International: AB 736 428 939 US

    - Blue Dart Express Mail: AB 462 387 462 IN

    Blue Dart Tracking Statuses

    During the entire shipment process, Blue Dart helps you track every move of your parcel. These shipment alerts are displayed to you in the form of tracking status, through which you can easily detect real-time progress. These statuses offer information, including transit points, current routes, expected delivery date, and any important event that might hinder the delivery.

    Below are descriptions of some of these prominent statuses.

    Tracking Status


    Online shipment booked

    The sender has requested Blue Dart to collect the package

    Shipment arrived

    Your package has reached the local facility or warehouse nearest the destination 

    Shipment arrived at the hub

    Your package has been collected by the Blue Dart distribution center near the destination 

    Shipment out for delivery 

    Your package has reached the receiver’s country and is all set to be loaded in the logistics truck 

    Shipment further connected 

    Your package is on the way to its destination

    Shipment picked up

    Blue Dart personnel have picked up your package from the sender

    Shipment delivered

    The package has reached the receiver’s location 

    Undelivered shipment held at the location 

    Your package wasn’t delivered to your location because of a specific reason, particularly customs, and is currently on hold at the mentioned location until the issue is resolved

    Network delay

    It is a delay on the transportation side and will impact the delivery due to traffic, events, weather, etc.

    Blue Dart Tracking API

    Blue Dart provides an efficient tracking API dedicated to businesses and developers. It simplifies the shipment process by integrating real-time tracking features into the business app or website. The main objective is to support businesses in providing better tracking services to their consumers.

    Through Blue Dart Tracking API, the developers can gather shipment information, monitor parcels, know about the updates in delivery duration, monitor multiple parcels, use historical tracking data for improvement, and personalized notifications for every business.

    TrackingMore also offers parcel tracking API. By integrating it into your system, you can track 1272 carriers, such as India Post Tracking and Trackon Courier Tracking, etc. TrackingMore automatically detects the carrier according to the tracking number format with the help of its intelligent detection feature. Its reliability and remarkable data accuracy have sustained many famous brands within its clientele, including DJI, Printify, etc.

    FAQs on Blue Dart Tracking

    • How Long Does Blue Dart Take to Deliver?

    One of the promising aspects of Blue Dart courier service is its prompt delivery with affordability and convenience.

    If you have sent a package via Blue Dart express service, it is expected to reach the receiving end within 1 to 2 working days, whereas standard service takes up to 5 business days. The package delivery duration may vary depending on the location, and you can check the estimated time through Blue Dart shipment tracking.

    Many factors may reflect the delivery duration, including weather conditions, strikes, road blocking, and pandemics.

    • Why Can’t I Track My Blue Dart Package?

    Whether you can’t find your package on the Blue Dart tracker or the tracking statuses aren’t changing, the reason can be multifactorial.

    Initially, it can happen due to miscommunication on the sender’s end. Another reason may include a delay in scanning your package and also lag on the website.

    Moreover, you should double-check the digits on your Blue Dart tracking number before clicking on Go, as in some cases, people tend to make mistakes while entering the tracking number.

    Contact Blue Dart’s Customer Service

    Due to its extensive transportation and logistics network, Blue Dart has introduced a centralized customer care service in big cities across India. They have a robust presence in city centers like Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore, and Hyderabad.

    Blue Dart even assists its customers with 24-hour counters and round-the-clock locker facilities. For any query related to tracking or awareness regarding their services, you can reach out to Blue Dart customer service, which is available from Monday to Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. 

    Here are the contact details that Blue Dart customer care about.

    Contact Method


    Contact Number

    - 1860 233 1234

    - 022 6260 1234

    - 044 6634 4600

    Email customerservice@Blue


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