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    Get the latest status updates on your parcels with real-time Chronopost tracking on TrackingMore. Input your tracking number to get started.


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    Chronopost Tracking

    Chronopost tracking is a complimentary service offered by the French express delivery company Chronopost for parcels sent locally and internationally. Through Chronopost tracking, customers can get a glimpse of the latest status update on their shipment, its exact location, and the shipping checkpoints it has undergone in its journey.

    A robust third-party tracking platform like TrackingMore is also a recommended way of tracking your Chronopost packages and enhancing your overall tracking experience. If you have been looking for a guide on how to monitor the movement of your Chronopost packages conveniently, this article will introduce you to tracking on the company’s website and through TrackingMore.

    How Can I Track My Chronopost Package?

    Tracking Chronopost packages is a streamlined process that helps to keep you at ease as you wait for your items to be delivered to the designated location. The two methods below rank as the best options for keeping up with the latest events concerning a Chronopost parcel.

    • Via the Chronopost Official Website

    The Chronopost official website has prioritized a standout user experience that ensures you can meet all your shipping and tracking needs in one place with simple navigation. To track your parcels through this platform, follow the procedure below.

    • Launch the Chronopost website and scroll down to see the “Track your package” section to the right of the screen. You can also head directly to the tracking page by clicking the “Track” button at the top of the screen or scroll down to the bottom to see the tracking tool.
    • Proceed to enter your parcel’s tracking ID without space in the search box provided.
    • Click the forward arrow icon to start tracking and wait for a few seconds for the results to load on a new page.
    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore is the ultimate tracking platform for individuals looking for an alternative tracking platform for their Chronopost packages. This website lets you track the whereabouts of your parcel with a simplified workflow as follows.

    • Open the TrackingMore website.
    • At the top of the homepage, click on “Carriers” to redirect to the carrier list.
    • Use the search function on the carriers page to search for Chronopost and click on the matching result.
    • Enter your parcel’s tracking number in the tracking field on the page that loads and click the “Track” button.
    • In a moment, TrackingMore will show you the entire tracking history of the package you are checking up.

    TrackingMore is developed exemplarily to connect to a network of 1251 carriers globally which enables you to track Chronopost packages and others from different logistics service providers in one place. The efficiency of this platform is such that you will get accurate, real-time tracking results for each package you are monitoring with no need to visit the individual carrier websites, some of which do not render in English or the local language in your area.

    As an all-ensuite tracking platform, TrackingMore also features a tracking API designed to help businesses of all sizes integrate Chronopost and other carrier package tracking information into their business systems. An ever-growing carrier ecosystem of 1251 allows your customer support team to keep track of all shipments on a unified dashboard and stay ahead of any exceptions, ensuring reduced WISMO tickets and a satisfactory customer experience.

    Chronopost Tracking Number

    Chronopost tracking numbers are the special codes assigned to parcels when a customer books shipping through the company. This code is critical to tracking the movement of a package online using the Chronopost tracking tool or TrackingMore.

    The standard format of a Chronopost tracking number is a 13-character alphanumeric code with the layout of two letters followed by nine numbers and two more letters at the end. Packages coming in from abroad have 15 characters in total. Other formats of tracking numbers exist depending on the service category and origin of the parcel. Examples of Chronopost tracking numbers you can refer to include the following.

    • XW067534906JF
    • XW693198281JB
    • 31380088021
    • 01605047654618O

    If you are using Chronopost for the first time, you may wonder where you will find your parcel’s tracking number to enable tracking. For recipients, the tracking number can be found in the shipment confirmation email or SMS sent by Chronopost. If you bought goods online, you can find it in the order confirmation email or purchase invoice. Chronopost also recommends asking the sender to share it with you if the above options don’t yield a result.

    Senders need to start by checking their sender’s slip that they kept as proof of the shipment. Chronopost will also send an email confirming payment for the parcel. This will also include the tracking code. The last resort is to log into your Chronopost account and you will find the tracking number in the “My Shipments” section under your customer area.

    Chronopost Tracking Status

    Chronopost returns different tracking statuses as your package progresses from one checkpoint to the next in the shipping journey. The table below lists common tracking statuses and their explanations.

    Chronopost Tracking Status


    Parcel being prepared by the sender.

    The sender has contacted Chronopost to book a shipment and is currently preparing the parcel for pickup.

    Sorting carried out at the departure agency.

    The parcel has been picked up and delivered to a Chronopost agency facility for further processing before it starts shipping.

    Parcel in transit.

    Your parcel is being transported to the nearest Chronopost processing hub.

    Recipient informed by SMS or email.

    The recipient has been informed by Chronopost that the final mile journey of the parcel is about to begin. They should avail themselves to receive the package.

    Parcel being delivered.

    The Chronopost parcel is out for delivery.

    Delivery completed

    The package was delivered successfully to the recipient.

    About Chronopost

    Chronopost is a French express delivery company that handles parcels below 30kg. It was founded in 1985 by La Poste to provide quick parcel and courier services in France’s metro areas. Today, it is still part of the La Poste Group, which is owned by Geopost. This affiliation allows Chronopost access to over 17,000 local points in France including agencies, postal offices, and pickup locations.

    Chronopost has gone from strength to strength since its founding to now employs over 5,000 staff, partners with 100 agencies, and operates 12 hubs which allows it to ship to all locations in France and over 230 countries and destinations worldwide. The company delivers nearly a million packages daily in France and in 2022 hit a record 230 million parcels in a year. Its services include next-day express delivery, food and health products delivery, and out-of-home delivery service.

    How to Contact Chronopost Customer Support

    To get in touch with the Chronopost customer support team, use the following channels.

    Contact Method










    +33 (0)969 391 391

    Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and on Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (Paris time, excludes holidays)


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