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    Experience real-time, automated, and comprehensive Seur tracking. Get updates on the delivery status, delivery time, and the current location of your Seur package on TrackingMore.


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    Seur Tracking

    Seur offers a real-time online tracking service for both individual customers and business clients, providing them with a seamless and transparent shipping experience. This service allows senders and receivers to monitor the entire journey of their packages in real time. From the dispatch to the final delivery, Seur customers can stay informed about the status of their shipment, gaining peace of mind knowing that their shipment is on track and on time.

    Moreover, the real-time tracking service can help businesses build trust with their customers. By providing accurate and timely information about the delivery process, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence. For e-commerce merchants, Seur tracking is especially useful, as Seur allows buyers to view the location and the delivery person on a map. This level of transparency significantly enhances the post-purchase experience, alleviating any anxieties associated with waiting for a package.

    About Seur

    Seur is part of Geopost, a leader in parcel delivery operating in 49 countries worldwide. In addition to Seur, it also has expert delivery brands such as DPD and Chronopost. Leveraging Geopost’s broad parcel delivery network, Seur is able to provide comprehensive and excellent delivery services for its clients. As a Spanish delivery company, Seur mainly caters to shipping needs from the Iberian Peninsula (including Portugal), the Spanish Islands, and other European countries, specializing in express and urgent shipments. 

    Established in 1942, Seur has continuously grown its business and enhanced its services. At present, Seur boasts over 4,000 Pickup points, encompassing convenience stores and lockers, and employs a workforce of 10,000 professionals. With more than 80 years of operation under its belt, Seur has become a trusted brand in the express delivery sector.

    Seur Shipping Service

    Seur offers a wide range of shipping services, catering to both national and international needs. Its national shipping services cover the Iberian Peninsula (including Portugal) and the Spanish Islands, extending east to the Balearic Islands and south to the Canary Islands. On an international scale, Seur targets European countries. In addition, Seur offers a comprehensive set of logistics solutions for the e-commerce sector, empowering merchants to enhance the post-purchase experience for their customers. This section will detail the shipping services that Seur provides for businesses.

    • National Shipping

    Depending on the urgency of shipments, Seur’s National Shipping service provides businesses with four delivery options, each designed for varying levels of time sensitivity, thereby also differing in their coverage areas. Please refer to the table below for detailed information.

    Delivery Options

    Delivery Time


    Complementary Services

    Seur 8:30

    Before 8:30 am on the business day following collection

    Only Mainland Spain

    - Check delivery

    - Saturday delivery

    - Saturday collection

    - Cash on delivery

    - Seur Plus

    - Declared value insurance

    - Exchange and Management

    Seur 10

    Before 10 am on the business day following collection

    Mainland Spain, Ceuta, Melilla, Balearics, and Canaries

    Seur 13:30

    Before 13:30 on the business day following collection

    Portugal, Mainland Spain, Ceuta, Melilla, and Balearics

    Seur 24

    The next business day after collection

    Spanish mainland or islands and Portugal

    - Check delivery

    - Saturday collection

    - Cash on delivery

    - Seur Plus

    - Declared value insurance

    - Exchange and Management

    For more information about the shipping services provided by Seur to and from islands such as the Azores, Balearics, and Canaries, as well as the Madeira region, you can click here to review.

    • International Shipping

    Seur offers five solutions for businesses to meet their different needs in international shipping. The table below details the services and corresponding tracking methods provided by each solution for your reference.



    Package Limit



    Seur Classic

    - Cheap and fast

    - Accurate delivery time calculator

    - Suitable for most orders (by road)

    Up to 31.5 kg

    All European countries in the Geopost network

    Online tracking in real time

    Seur Courier

    - Fastest service

    - Urgent orders (by air)

    Max 31.5Kg per package

    Any part of the world

    Online tracking

    Seur Net Express

    - For heavy or large shipments

    - No limits on number of packages

    - 3 to 5 days delivery

    Without weight or measurement limits

    Throughout Europe

    Seur Cold

    - 48 hours

    - Refrigerated packages from 2 to 8°C

    Monopack 85x45x50 cm, max 30Kg

    Only Mainland France

    Seur 2Shop

    - Long weekend pickup times

    - Packages from and to pickup stores

    Max 20Kg, max 250 cm circumference

    26 countries around the world

    Availability notice in store SMS/email

    • E-Commerce Solutions

    Seur offers a set of dedicated logistics solutions specifically for the e-commerce sector. This section will focus on aspects including deliveries, logistics, and e-returns.

    • Deliveries

    Seur’s e-commerce solutions offer merchants’ customers a very flexible range of options in relation to deliveries. Regardless of the time, location, or method of receipt, buyers can tailor it to their own needs.



    Applicable Orders

    Delivery Time


    Same Day

    Online purchase before 2 pm

    Monday to Friday, 

    4 pm to 9 pm

    The Community of Madrid


    Online purchase before 2 pm on Friday

    Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm

    Throughout Spain and Portugal (except Ceuta, Melilla and Azores)


    Online purchase on Saturday

    Sunday, 10 am to 2 pm

    The Community of Madrid

    Seur Now

    Receiving online purchases within 1 hour from collection

    Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 11 pm

    The Community of Madrid

    Seur 24

    Online purchase on business days

    Monday to Friday

    Spanish mainland or islands and Portugal





    At home

    Receiving parcels at home

    Spanish mainland and islands; most countries in Europe

    In Seur Pickup stores

    Picking up parcels in Seur Pickup stores

    1,000 stores in Spain and 26,000 in Europe

    HOW - Seur Predict




    Interactive delivery

    Estimating delivery date

    22 European countries

    Choosing pickup method

    Changing details of the shipments

    Real-time shipment tracking

    Checking the status, location and delivery person of the shipment in real time

    Email / SMS notification

    Understanding time slot on the delivery day

    • Logistics

    Seur Logistics caters to B2C and B2B business models by providing two distinct services: E-commerce Logistics and Product Logistics. In both services, Seur provides real-time tracking and online monitoring functions, allowing businesses to accurately understand the current location and logistics progress of their goods, whether in a B2C e-commerce setting or B2B supply chain management. Specifically, the E-commerce Logistics solution covers all-around services from warehouse management and order preparation to shipment coordination and return processing, while the Product Logistics service manages the entire supply chain, ranging from supplier management to transport. Both services provide detailed logistics information, enhancing businesses’ control over the supply chain and shipping transparency throughout buyers’ purchasing process.

    • e-Returns

    As mentioned above, Seur’s e-commerce solutions also cover the e-Returns service that will provide your customers with a pleasant return experience. Through a convenient and simple electronic return portal, your customers can easily resolve return issues in just three steps, taking only one minute. Plus, they have the flexibility to process returns at a Seur Pickup station, their home, or their workplace.

    How to Track Seur’s Package

    Seur enables you to track your package using a Seur tracking number, in combination with the postal code and your mobile phone or Email.

    1. Via the Official Website

    SEUR tracking website

    • Visit the Seur official website.
    • Find the “Track your item” window.
    • Enter your tracking number.
    • Redirect to the mySeur page.
    • Provide other information about your package.
    • Click on the search icon.
    • Wait for the tracking data to load.

    2. Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    TrackingMore tracking page

    You can also use TrackingMore to track your packages. This platform integrates with 1240 logistics service providers (LSPs), allowing you to track not just Seur packages, but also those from other providers like DPD and Chronopost. The steps to track Seur parcels via TrackingMore are as follows:

    • Visit the TrackingMore official website and select the “Carriers” module.
    • Search Seur on the “Carrier list” using the search box.
    • Click the carrier icon to redirect to the corresponding tracking page.
    • Enter tracking numbers per line and click on the “Track” button.
    • Provide additional information according to the prompts.
    • Wait for the tracking data to load.

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over the Seur?

    Firstly, TrackingMore provides you with bulk tracking capabilities. Unlike Seur, which only supports tracking one package at a time, TrackingMore enables you to track up to 50 Seur packages in one go. This feature eliminates the need for repetitive tracking steps, saving you both time and effort.

    Additionally, TrackingMore provides you with a one-stop tracking experience. You won’t need to switch between websites or apps to track packages from different carriers after tracking a Seur package. That’s because TrackingMore is equipped with the carrier auto-detection feature, which can automatically identify the carrier based on the tracking number entered. This feature is particularly handy when the carriers of your packages are unknown,  or when you have a large number of online orders to track. 

    Seur Tracking Number

    The Seur tracking number is a crucial component when it comes to tracking Seur packages. Regardless of the platform you choose for tracking, the Seur tracking number is a prerequisite. This unique identifier is assigned to each package and serves as a digital passport, providing real-time updates on the package’s journey. 

    • Seur Tracking Number Format and Examples

    Seur’s tracking numbers are available in two formats: one is purely numerical, while the other is alphanumeric. The length of these numbers can vary, with the shortest being 7 digits and the longest extending up to 14 digits. 

    Here are some examples:

    • 2363418
    • 000050687482
    • E005171
    • P2311240311533

    Seur Tracking Status

    This section explains the meaning of Seur tracking status at different transportation stages, helping you to judge and interpret your parcel status.



    In warehouse

    Your package is in an Seur warehouse and is prepared for dispatch.

    In transit

    Your package has been shipped and is heading toward the destination.

    On the way

    Your package is under internal management before the final delivery.

    Seur Tracking API

    Seur provides e-commerce merchants with channels for integration with Seur’s services, ensuring an efficient shipping and tracking experience for businesses. The integration with Seur is available through its API and plugins designed for different eCommerce platforms. Nevertheless, for businesses seeking a solution for tracking parcels across multiple carriers, TrackingMore is a better choice. The TrackingMore API is a multi-carrier tracking API that incorporates 1240 logistics service providers (LSPs), enabling businesses to track packages from Seur and other carriers all on one platform. Beyond the tracking API, TrackingMore enhances e-commerce functionality with a specialized order tracking app for Shopify and robust plugins for WooCommerce and Magento, enabling advanced tracking capabilities.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    As a powerful third-party tracking API, TrackingMore API not only integrates 1240 LSPs worldwide but also features an advanced auto-detection capability for these carriers. This function saves you time in cross-checking parcel details and aids in comparing and analyzing the performance of different couriers to fine-tune your LSP collaboration strategy. 

    In addition, working together with Webhook, TrackingMore API is able to automatically update your parcel data according to your personalized settings. For example, if you select one specific status for notification, TrackingMore API will automatically reflect updates of all parcels with that status in your system. This automation enhances the efficiency of your logistics management and affords a seamless tracking experience.

    While offering convenient services, TrackingMore API also guarantees exceptional reliability, featuring military-grade security with compliance with ISO 27001 and other top-tier security standards. This ensures robust data protection and prevents data breaches, creating a secure operational environment for your business. Additionally, the API boasts high stability, maintaining a 99.9% uptime. This consistent availability contributes to a dependable post-purchase experience for your customers, reinforcing trust in your services.

    Start your free trial today and experience the power of this API!

    FAQs on Seur Tracking

    • What should I do if my package is late?

    In case of shipment delays, you can contact the Seur staff for assistance and then check again the next day from the “My Shipments” section of miSeur for updates. If your shipment still hasn’t arrived after a few days, you can file a claim by selecting “Delay” as the reason and “Shipping not yet delivered” as the description here. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email with a case number. 

    • What should I do if I don’t have a shipping tracking number/code?

    Typically, the sender of your shipment will provide you with a tracking number/code. If you haven’t received it, you may need to request it from them. Once you have the tracking number/code, you can monitor the status of your shipment through Seur’s various information channels.

    • Why can’t I access tracking with my shipping code?

    If you’ve entered the code in the “My Shipments” area and no information is displayed, it’s possible that the sender has not yet handed over the goods to Seur. In this case, it is recommended that you can wait a few days before trying again.

    • Is it possible for the driver to contact me before picking up or delivering my shipment?

    No, Seur drivers do not make calls prior to pickup or delivery. If you’re unable to provide an address where someone will be present, consider using Seur pickup stores as an alternative.

    • Why did I receive an absence notification when I was actually at home?

    If you received an absence notification, it is because the driver failed to access your home, possibly due to a malfunctioning doorbell or difficulty locating it. Seur will attempt delivery again on the next business day. Instead, you can find the SMS or Email you have received and use the link for alternative options, such as changing the pickup location to a nearby pickup point. You can also make these changes (if available for your shipment) by tracking your shipment on the Seur website or through its chatbot.

    Please note that if you are unable to make any changes, it may be because the sender of the shipment has restricted these modifications.

    How to Contact Seur Customer Service

    If you run into any issues while using Seur’s shipping services, you can address your concerns through Seur's customer service available on their official website. Here are some ways you can contact Seur:

    Contact Method


    Free Seur telephone

    800009584 / 902101010

    Social networks

    Twitter / Facebook


    LOLA chat 

    Track all your parcels in one place.

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