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    Lasership tracking on TrackingMore lets you monitor the status of your package from pickup to delivery. Enter your tracking number below to start tracking.


    • What is Lasership Tracking?
    • About Lasership
    • Lasership Tracking Service
    • How To Track a Lasership Package
    • Lasership Tracking Number
    • What Does My Lasership Status Mean?
    • Lasership Tracking API
    • Lasership Tracking FAQs
    • How to Contact Lasership Customer Service

    What is Lasership Tracking?

    Lasership tracking, recently rebranded to OnTrac tracking, allows online retailers to provide their customers with an elaborate way of following their packages’ journeys from start to end of the delivery process. This dedicated package tracking allows online shoppers to quell their post-purchase worries and stay updated on the shipping status of their orders.

    This tracking service gives e-commerce retailers a bird’s eye view of each order delivery, allowing them to identify any potential delays and communicate any changes in expected delivery time with the customer.

    This end-to-end parcel tracking feature is available for all Lasership shipments across the US with just the package’s tracking number. Through Lasership tracking, shoppers tracking the status of their orders can see the current location of the package and all the delivery steps it has successfully passed.

    About Lasership

    Lasership is a regional last-mile logistics provider headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, serving the Eastern and Mid-western US since 1986. For more than three decades, Lasership was the pacesetter for other last-mile logistics providers within its area of operation, with four sorting hubs and more than 60 distribution hubs. This extensive network allowed Lasership to offer reliable ground, same-day, and overnight delivery services.

    In 2021, Lasership combined forces with OnTrac, a West Coast logistics company. After the merger, the name Lasership was dropped, and the new logistics company now operates as OnTrac, a transcontinental parcel delivery service. 

    As OnTrac, Lasership offers residential and coast-to-coast e-commerce delivery services in 31 states plus Washington, where its network of 16 sorting centers and more than 102 distribution locations are available. The company delivers same-day, next-day, 2-day packages to over 250M customers in the US. Online retailers can also ship an order across the country in just three days.

    Lasership Tracking Service

    Lasership has customized its delivery services to cater to the e-commerce industry in the US. Online retailers can easily ship to their customers in different parts of the country by selecting any of the Lasership delivery services discussed below.

    • Transcontinental E-commerce Delivery

    The coast-to-coast e-commerce delivery service is designed to help digital merchants offer a better customer experience, faster delivery, and boost loyalty. This service was introduced recently after the merger between Lasership and OnTrac. 

    Combining Lasership’s east coast delivery network and OnTrac’s west coast locations, the service allows for parcels to be sent from one coast to the other in just three days. All packages are fully tracked, allowing for close monitoring of the delivery process and quick communication with the customer in case of any delivery exceptions.

    • Last Mile E-commerce Delivery

    Lasership’s Last Mile E-commerce Delivery is a service offered by the company with the help of more than 7,000 independent drivers and delivery contractors. This delivery service allows online retailers to deliver to their customers' doorsteps in one and two-day options.

    According to the company, the service delivers 1.9 days faster than national carriers at 10-35% less in costs. Lasership as OnTrac has an impressive 97%+ on-time delivery performance, making it the ideal last-mile e-commerce partner for online sellers. This delivery service also allows the customer to track their order right from the merchant’s facilities until it is delivered to them.

    How To Track a Lasership Package

    Tracking a Lasership package is easy. This tracking process can be done via the official website or a robust and more reliable third-party platform like TrackingMore. Below are steps to track your Lasership package using both methods.

    • Via Official Website

    Tracking via the official website is the most popular way for shoppers to follow the delivery progress of their Lasership package.

    Lasership tracking page

    Track the status of your package with the following steps.

    1. Visit the OnTrac official website.
    2. Type in your tracking number in the search field provided on the homepage.
    3. Click “Track Your Package” to retrieve the delivery report.

    Lasership tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore Lasership tracking page

    You can also conveniently follow updates on your Lasership package by tracking its delivery status through TrackingMore with the following procedure.

    1. Open the TrackingMore website and click on “Carriers” on the homepage.
    2. Search for Lasership from the carrier list and enter your package tracking number.
    3. Click on the “Track” button and wait for the system to pull up your package’s delivery information.

    TrackingMore Lasership tracking status

    TrackingMore is a robust multi-carrier shipment tracking platform that helps in Lasership tracking to know where a package is at any given time. More than just Lasership packages, TrackingMore also supports more than 1100 global carriers, allowing for convenient end-to-end shipment tracking.

    Why Should I Choose To Track Using TrackingMore Over Lasership?

    Many online merchants choose TrackingMore as their top choice for a one-stop tracking solution due to its array of features. One of the most compelling features is TrackingMore's support for over 1,100 global couriers, providing users with one-stop tracking capabilities across various shipping services, which is valuable for tracking shipments seamlessly, especially when Lasership hands over packages to other couriers for the final mile.

    TrackingMore can also auto-detect couriers. This helpful feature helps the customer know right away which courier is handling their Lasership package, which helps to reassure them and reduce post-purchase anxiety that may build up during the delivery process.

    TrackingMore also supports end-to-end shipment tracking. This feature ensures that customers can start tracking their Lasership packages immediately an online retailer creates the order to the time a delivery person hands it over at their doorstep. The platform also updates customers via SMS and email as the package reaches different milestones in the delivery process.

    Another compelling reason to track Lasership packages with TrackingMore is the service is available even during the peak holiday season when logistics providers experience a traffic surge on their tracking pages. While Lasership’s tracking page may be slow at this time, TrackingMore performs excellently and delivers real-time package tracking information.

    Lasership Tracking Number

    A Lasership tracking number is a unique code that helps a customer track a Lasership package from the official website or using an after-market solution like TrackingMore. The tracking number is essential to obtain as it is the most straightforward way of staying updated on your package’s whereabouts at any moment.

    The tracking number is generated by Lasership when a merchant creates an order after processing a customer’s corresponding order. Ideally, the shipment confirmation message received after ordering online should contain the tracking number. If this is not the case, the customer can reach out to the seller to share the tracking number.

    • Lasership Tracking Number Format and Examples

    An incorrect Lasership tracking number will not help you track the shipment status of your package. An error message will show up. The correct Lasership tracking number will vary between 10 and 19 characters. The 10 and 15-character tracking numbers are more common.

    All Lasership tracking numbers are a mix of numerals and alphabet letters. Some examples of Lasership tracking numbers showing their format are listed below.

    - LS45551611

    - D10014144020869

    - 1LSCXO733765317

    It is worth noting that Lasership package tracking numbers may vary in how the characters appear because they are randomly generated when an order is created. Regardless of the number of characters in the tracking number, most Lasership package tracking IDs will start with any of the following prefixes followed by numerals.

    - LS

    - D1

    - DD

    - 1L

    To check if the Lasership tracking number you got is accurate, try tracking the package on TrackingMore for free. If correct, it will display tracking information. If not, it will show an error message.

    What Does My Lasership Status Mean?

    When tracking your Lasership package, each tracking status will mean a specific thing that you must comprehend to know what is happening to your package and where it is. For the newbie, this information can be confusing, but the table below explains the meanings of some common Lasership tracking statuses.

    Lasership Tracking Status


    Label created. Tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the Lasership facility.

    Lasership has processed your order details, and a label has been created for your package. Once the package is scanned at a Lasership facility, you will be able to track it.

    Arrived at Lasership facility.

    The package has been delivered to a Lasership sorting facility, ready to be scanned.

    Lasership origin scan.

    The package has been scanned at a local Lasership facility.

    Loaded onto vehicle.

    Your Lasership package has been loaded onto a delivery vehicle and will start the journey to your destination soon.

    Package received as an overage.

    The Lasership package was successfully delivered, but the quantity was more than the customer anticipated or ordered.

    Order information created by Lasership.

    A shipping label has been generated for your Lasership package.

    Your package has been delivered.

    The Lasership package has been delivered to the specified address you indicated.

    Select the camera icon to view delivery photo.

    Click on the camera icon on the package tracking page to view the delivery photo and gain an idea of where the delivery driver left the package.

    Package is on its way.

    The Lasership parcel is in transit, heading to the delivery destination.

    Your package has been received and is on its way. 

    The package has successfully been scanned and sorted at a Lasership facility and is now headed towards your address.

    We’re working hard to deliver your package soon. Please continue to check your tracking for real-time updates.

    There are some slight delays, but Lasership has not canceled the delivery. The courier will continue with the delivery process.

    Package received by your local Lasership facility and is processing for delivery. See estimated delivery date.

    After scanning at a Lasership facility, the package’s label has been created, and an estimated delivery date is available to view.

    Delivery could not be completed. Unable to gain access to deliver package.

    The delivery location was inaccessible, which made the delivery attempt unsuccessful.

    Your package has been delayed due to weather. We will deliver as soon as possible.

    Adverse weather conditions have affected delivery routes. Your Lasership package will be delivered as soon as the weather improves.

    Lasership Tracking API

    The Lasership tracking API allows e-commerce merchants to provide customers with a convenient way of tracking their orders during the delivery process right from the online retailer’s website. TrackingMore offers a better parcel tracking API that also supports 1100+ global couriers with end-to-end tracking for each package. 

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    Taking your e-commerce business to the next level requires your business to implement a reliable package tracking API that allows customers to track their shipments in real time. TrackingMore is an exemplary tracking solution with a reliable uptime of 99.9% on various tests. This ensures that tracking information is continually relayed between the carrier and your customers to improve their after-purchase experience.

    Help your customers track their packages better by signing up for a free trial of our TrackingMore API.

    Lasership Tracking FAQs

    • Is Lasership tracking accurate?

    Lasership tracking pulls up accurate real-time tracking information on your package.

    • Why is my Lasership tracking not updating?

    The Lasership tracking may fail to update for various reasons, among them an invalid tracking number or the tracking information is not available yet. 

    • Is Lasership live tracking on third-party platforms reliable?

    Third-party platforms like TrackingMore offer end-to-end package tracking that is up-to-date and accurate.

    • Why does Lasership take so long to deliver?

    Lasership deliveries are fast and efficient with one and two-day delivery options. In case of any delays, check the package’s tracking information to know what is happening or contact Lasership tracking customer service for help.

    • Can I track Lasership packages on OnTrac?

    All Lasership packages can be tracked efficiently on OnTrac since the merger.

    How to Contact Lasership Customer Service

    Lasership prioritizes the customer experience and is therefore available to offer support whenever needed. Submit an inquiry online or text the Lasership tracking customer service number if you have any issues with your package tracking. The table below offers more details.

    Contact Method



    Online Inquiry 

    Monday-Friday: 8 am-9 pm

    Saturday: 8 am-8 pm

    Sunday: 8 am-8 pm

    Exceptions: Christmas Day, New Year, Thanksgiving Day and 4th of July


    (302) 246-7136

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