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    Start tracking your Skynet packages the easy way with TrackingMore. Enter your air waybill number to view the real-time status of your Skynet shipments.


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    • How Can I Track My Skynet Package?
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    Skynet Tracking

    Skynet is among the leading local logistics services providers (LSPs) in Malaysia. This company offers various services, including warehousing and fulfillment, customs brokerage, and freight forwarding, ensuring fast, accurate, and reliable package delivery. 

    Skynet allows you to track your package faster and more conveniently in the comfort of your home. You only need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an active internet connection and your package’s tracking number to track its current delivery status. This helps customers and sellers have clear visibility of their parcel's progress and stay in control. 

    How Can I Track My Skynet Package?

    Skynet lets you track your parcel the easy way. In fact, you can track your package in three ways, through the official Skynet website, mobile application, or via a reliable third-party package tracker like TrackingMore. 

    Here is a detailed guide on how to track your Skynet package with these three options. 

    1. Via the Official Skynet Website

    Skynet tracking page

    • Open your device browser and go to the official Skynet website.
    • Click the Track tab and enter your parcel’s tracking number (in this case, air waybill number) on the page. Also, you can click the Multiple Tracking button to track up to 20 tracking numbers at a go.
    • Cross-check the tracking number to ensure it is correct, and click the Track button. 

    Once you’ve followed these steps, you will be taken to the Tracking Results page, showing the real-time status of the package, including its progress, as shown below.

    Skynet tracking status

    2. Via the SkynetGo Mobile App

    Skynet provides a powerful and user-friendly mobile application called SkynetGo. You can use this app to track your shipments using the parcel's tracking number or scanning the barcode. 

    Skynet mobile app

    Here is how to track your package with the SkynetGo app.

    • Install the official SkynetGo app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Both download links are available on the Skynet website. 
    • Open the App and click the Track icon.
    • Input your parcel’s tracking number and click the Track button to proceed. Alternatively, you can click the scanner icon and point your camera at the parcel’s barcode. 

    Following these steps will take you to the tracking results page showing the real-time status and progress of your package. 

    3. Via TrackingMore

    Here are the steps to follow to track your Skynet package with TrackingMore.

    • Open your browser and visit the official TrackingMore website.

    TrackingMore Skynet tracking page

    • Click Carriers and scroll down to "Carriers List".
    • Search Skynet on the search bar and click the carrier. Alternatively, you can go directly to this Skynet tracking page to save time. 
    • Enter your parcel's tracking number on the page.
    • Click Track to initiate the package tracking process. You will be redirected to the Tracking Results page, where you can view the current package status and updates about its shipment.

    TrackingMore Skynet tracking status

    TrackingMore is a leading third-party package tracking platform that offers all-in-one tracking solutions, such as auto-tracking and delivery notifications. 

    TrackingMore not only supports Skynet parcel tracking. It can track packages from over 1,100 logistics service providers and carriers globally, including FedEx, UPS, and DHL Express. Also, TrackingMore supports 16 languages, including English, Spanish, and German. This makes it convenient for users across the globe. 

    What’s more, TrackingMore has one of the best international shipment tracking APIs. Merchants can incorporate this shipment tracking API into their business systems. This enables them to get real-time updates about their packages’ statuses across multiple carriers and LSPs, which can provide customers with a smooth order-tracking experience.

    Skynet Tracking Number

    A tracking number is a special identification code attached to a shipment or parcel that enables the sender, carrier, and recipient to track its progress throughout delivery. It may consist of letters, numbers, or a combination of both, depending on the delivery service provider. 

    The tracking number can be an air waybill number, a consignment number, or a shipper reference number. Skynet utilizes an 11 or 12-character air waybill (AWB) number as its tracking number. It may contain numbers alone or combine both numbers and letters. Here are some formats and examples of Skynet tracking numbers.

    - 11 numbers: 23875165646

    - 12 numbers: 239094167303

    - 2 letters + 8 numbers: MY10002706

    - 3 letters + 9 numbers: ESR104117985

    - 4 letters + 8 numbers: ESCU45648127

    Note: Skynet will soon launch package tracking using the shipper reference number. However, this feature is currently not yet ready.

    What Does My Skynet Status Mean?

    When tracking your Skynet package, you’ll find several statuses showing its delivery progress. Here is what each status means. 



    Arrived at the Sorting Facility

    This status means that your package is at Skynet's sorting facility

    Departed to Hub

    The package has been sorted and sent to Skynet's headquarters hub.

    Arrived Hub

    Your package has been received at the Skynet headquarters.

    Departed to “Point A”

    The parcel has been sent to the next station.

    Arrived at “Point B”

    Your package has been received at the next station.

    Delivery Rescheduled

    You’ll receive this status only if there has been a change in delivery date.

    Out for Delivery

    The parcel has been shipped to the destination address.


    Your package has arrived at the destination address. This means you can go and pick it up. 

    About Skynet 

    Established in 1992, Skynet is one of the top local carrier companies. It provides international and domestic carrier services and has over 80 delivery stations strategically located in Malaysia.

    The company provides next-day delivery for its courier services, including international freight, warehousing and logistics, and pick-and-pack projects for customers. With its extensive network and robust infrastructure, Skynet is committed to upholding quality and ensuring fast and reliable delivery services. 

    Also, Skynet has invested in modern technologies and ICT infrastructure to ensure integrity in capturing, managing, preserving, and storing customer data. These systems have improved reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

    How to Contact Skynet Customer Care

    Skynet has a strong customer support team ready to help you address your concerns. Here’s how you can contact Skynet.

    Contact Method


    Physical address

    No.4 Jalan SS13/5, 47500 Subang Jaya,

    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 

    Customer service hotline

    03-8602 9266


    Skynet Malaysia




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