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    • Toll Tracking
    • How Can I Track My Toll’s Package?
    • Toll Tracking Number
    • What Does My Toll Status Mean?
    • About Toll
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    Toll Tracking

    With a widespread presence on all continents, Toll Group offers you access to an efficient tracking service that allows you to seamlessly monitor your package through its delivery journey in real time. The free tracking service is a crucial part of the company's commitment to delivering top-tier logistics solutions to its clients worldwide.

    How Can I Track My Toll’s Package?

    Due to the huge amount of parcels handled each day, Toll Group offers several methods to access the shipment status of your package. You can track your package using the Toll Group official website or through the MyToll Dashboard. Alternatively, you can also use third-party tracking platforms such as TrackingMore, which tend to be more powerful compared to the official platforms.

    1. Via the Toll Official Website

    Toll tracking page

    • Launch your browser and go to the official Toll website.
    • Enter your package's reference number in the search field and click the search button.
    • You will be redirected to MyToll & Tracking, where you will find the shipment status of your package.

    Toll tracking status

    However, if you shipped your shipment with Team Global Express which was formerly Toll Global Express, you should use the official company's website. 

    2. Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    TrackingMore Toll tracking page

    • Open your browser and visit the TrackingMore website.
    • Click the Carriers tab to access the list of available carriers.
    • Search for Toll in the provided search bar and click the Toll icon to access the carrier's tracking page.
    • Enter your package's reference number and click the track button to start the tracking process. 
    • You will receive all information regarding the delivery progress of your shipment. 

    TrackingMore Toll tracking status

    Thanks to partnerships with more than 1,100 carriers, TrackingMore allows you to not only track packages from Toll but also packages shipped through any of their partners. This guarantees full shipment visibility, especially for international packages where Toll could rely on another company for final delivery. 

    Toll Tracking Number

    The Toll tracking number is a unique reference number assigned to any package shipped through Toll. Your package's reference number acts as a key that gives you access to the Toll tracking service. The number is made of letters and alphabets ranging between 7 and 22 digits.

    Some examples of common Toll reference numbers include:

    - 7865701940656

    - 6430488867610004624001

    - MYTT383754

    - REF10161084

    Tracking numbers are case-sensitive, so be sure to enter the tracking number exactly as it appears on your shipping label.

    What Does My Toll Status Mean?

    To help you understand what's happening to your shipment during the delivery process, Toll uses milestones that cover everything from when the shipment was created to delivery. Knowing what each shipment status means can help you plan for the delivery depending on the information you receive. 

    Shipment Status 


    Shipment created.

    A shipping label or waybill has been generated, and the shipment details have been recorded in the logistics system. 

    Shipment picked up. 

    The courier or delivery service provider has collected the package from the sender's location or a designated drop-off point. 

    Shipment in transit.

    The package is actively being transported from one location to another, which involves various stages such as sorting, transfer between transportation hubs, and traveling en route to its final destination. 

    Out for delivery.

    The package has arrived at or near the recipient's local delivery facility. It is now scheduled for delivery to the recipient's address.


    This status indicates that the package has been successfully delivered to the recipient's specified address. 

    Exceptions along the way.

    You will receive this status if your delivery meets some delay at any point in the process. 

    About Toll

    The history of Toll begins with just one man, Albert Toll, who founded the company in 1888 to transport coal using a horse and a cart. From these humble beginnings, in Newcastle, Australia, the company has grown to cover almost the entire globe with locations in the Asia Pacific, America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.  

    With a forwarding network in more than 150 countries, Toll offers its services to more than 20,000 global customers in different industries. The company also boasts 500 sites in 26 markets which is backed by a team of more than 16,000 members who are always ready to solve any logistics, transport, or supply chain issues customers might have. 

    Toll offers a wide scope of solutions including transportation (ocean, air, rail, road, etc), and supply chain and logistics services. Additionally, in its run of nearly 130 years, the company has been able to work with a wide range of industries from government and defense to energy and technology. 

    How to Contact Toll Group Customer Support 

    Toll Logistics operates on a performance-driven and accountability culture with a strong focus on customers' needs. To that end, the company offers various methods you can contact them in case you have any questions or issues regarding your package/ delivery.  

    Contact Method 


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