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    Obtenez des mises à jour sur votre colis China EMS ePacket. L'API de suivi TrackingMore détecte automatiquement les transporteurs et unifie les données de suivi de plusieurs transporteurs sur une seule page.


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    China EMS Tracking

    The China EMS tracking systems provide real-time shipment updates the moment the package passes through a checkpoint. The precise and accurate tracking feature facilitates communication between the sender, receiver, and carrier by keeping the shipment journey transparent. 

    Each and every package sent via China EMS is given a tracking number, which serves as the package's identification. Customers can use the tracking number to know the whereabouts of the packages and get peace of mind.

    About China EMS

    China Post EMS, also known as China Post Express Mail Service, is China Post's fastest logistics solution, meeting both domestic and international shipping demands of individuals, small, medium, and large businesses, as well as eCommerce merchants. 

    China Post is a China-based logistics company authorized by the Government of China. It is headquartered in Beijing and has approximately 54890 postal offices throughout China. It is one of the largest and most popular logistics solutions for eCommerce platforms such as AliExpress, FastTech, eBay, and so on. 

    China EMS Tracking Service

    China EMS provides a variety of fast shipping services that deliver shipments ranging from lightweight to heavyweight from Mainland China to destinations worldwide. The EMS services are reliable and secure, as they include a tracking feature that allows customers to follow the progress of their shipments and track their shipping route.

    The China EMS service includes the shipping services listed below.

    • International EMS Tracking 

    International EMS (Express Mail Service) is a fast delivery service that delivers urgent letters, documents, financial bills, and medium to heavyweight packages all over China (rural areas and 2000 domestic cities) and 200 countries. It is an expensive shipping service with a delivery time period of 3-7 business days.

    The International EMS packages are provided with 13 alphanumeric character tracking numbers that start with the letter ‘E’ and another letter, followed by 9 digits, and ends with ‘CN’ or ‘CS’. Customers can use this number to track their package online, anytime from anywhere.

    Service Features:

    • Tracking service for shipment visibility
    • High priority for customs clearance
    • Zero additional charges for customs clearance, delivery to remote areas, or fuel surcharges
    • Return shipments are free of charge
    • Compensation for delay, loss, and damage 

    Shipping time:

    Shipping time depends on various factors, including customs clearance, weather, holidays, festivals, and so on. Delivery to remote locations may take an additional 2 days. The estimated delivery times are-


    Delivery time

    South Asia and Southeast Asia

    Within 3 business days


    Within 4 business days

    European and American countries

    Within 5 business days

    Weight limitation:

    The weight limit is divided into five categories depending on the destination: 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 31.5kg, and 40kg. The following are the weight limits for some of the destinations. 


    Maximum Weight Limit

    Argentina, Spain, Malta, Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Qatar, Philippines


    Papua New Guinea


    UK, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia


    USA, United Arab Emirates, Macau, Nepal, Romania


    Malaysia, Hong Kong


    • China International Express Tracking

    China International Express, also known as China Express, is a logistic solution that delivers documents, letters, bank bills, and packages to more than 200 destinations around the world while maintaining high efficiency. This service differs from the International EMS service in areas such as customs clearance, business procedures, posting specification requirements, and distribution channels.  

    The shipments are assigned a 13-character unique tracking number beginning with the letters ‘CT’, followed by 9 numerical digits, and ending with the letters ‘CN’ that customers can use to monitor their shipment.

    Considering the weight limit, service model, and shipping time, the service has different subcategories, which are- Global Express, Economy Express, and Value-added services that include Customs Duty Agent, and Paid By Addressee Service.

    Global Express Service: 

    The Global Express service of China Express provides the fastest door-to-door delivery to over 200 destinations around the world using the TNT International Express network. This is a popular shipping solution for China Express businesses for its exclusive features that include-

    • Guaranteed On-time delivery
    • Shipping visibility (Tracking feature)
    • After-sales services

    Economy Express Service:

    The Economy Express service of China Express is an economical door-to-door delivery service for shipping heavyweight goods with tracking features. This service delivers goods weighing more than 45 kg using multiple modes of transportation, including air and land. The service covers the regions of Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Oceania, and the Middle East. 

    Note: Shipping is a bit slow compared to the Global Express service and may need an additional 2 to 3 days. 

    • ePacket/EUB Tracking

    ePacket, also known as EUB or e Youbao (e邮宝) is a part of the E-commerce Express service. It is a cost-effective shipping solution for the e-commerce industry, such as AliExpress, GearBest, or eBay, which has a high demand for delivering small, lightweight goods from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau to overseas destinations. 

    The service covers delivery to more than 44 destinations around the world. Usually, the shipping time required for key routes is within 7 to 15 days. To maintain transparency and reliability, the ePacket service includes a tracking feature. 

    The ePacket packages are given a 13-character tracking number that starts with the letter ‘L’ and another letter (depending on service), followed by 9 digits, and ends with the letters ‘CN’. 


    - America: USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil

    - Oceania: New Zealand, Australia

    - Middle East: Israel, Saudi Arabia

    - Asia: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan

    - Europe: UK, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Greece, Hungary, Sweden, Turkey, and so on.

    Delivery Range

    - USA: All regions

    - UK: Mainland and Channel Islands

    - France: Local areas

    Weight Limit

    Below 2 kg for all countries except

    - Russia (3kg)

    - Israel and UK (5kg)

    Size Limit

    - Minimum size: Length 14cm, Width 11cm. 

    Roll or cylinder shape (Greatest dimension ≥11cm, 2x Diameter+Length 17cm)

    - Maximum size: Greatest dimension ≤60cm, Length+Width+Depth=90cm

    Roll or cylinder shape (2x Diameter+Length 104cm, Greatest dimension ≤90cm)

    Delivery Time

    - Mexico: within 20 working days

    - Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and Russia: within 7 to 20 working days

    - Rest of the nations: within 7 to 30 working days

    Note: The delivery time may take longer due to bad weather, festivals, public holidays, or other factors.

    • e-EMS Tracking

    International e-EMS is another type of E-commerce Express service that offers fast shipping of heavy e-commerce goods. This service is available for shipping from Mainland China to 50 countries and regions worldwide. Moreover, this service determined the charge per 50 gm of shipment weight.

    Delivery Time

    - 5 to 10 business days: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India

    - 10-20 business days: USA, UK, Australia, France, Spain 

    - 10-25 business days: Canada, Russia, Ukraine 

    - 15-25 business days: South Africa

    Weight Limit

    - 10kg: Cuba

    - 20kg: Australia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Israel 

    - 30kg: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore

    - 31.5kg: USA, Macao, Vietnam, Kenya, Romania

    • China EMS tracking in the USA

    China EMS delivers packages to the USA. However, when the shipment reaches the USA port or airport, the packages are handed over to USPS, the local courier partner of China Post. USPS carries out local deliveries within the USA after receiving clearance from customs. 

    The China EMS packages are registered into the USPS system when they take the responsibility for delivering them. Hence, apart from using the China EMS website or third-party tracking sites, you can track your China EMS packages from the USPS official website. 

    Simply go to the USPS official website and enter your China EMS tracking number in their tracking tool. You will get last-mile tracking information from this site. You can also track on TrackingMore, a third-party shipment tracking platform as well.  Because Trackingmore is integrated with over 1,100 carriers including USPS, which allows it to offer the shipment information of the packages registered with USPS for delivery.

    How to track China EMS Packages

    The tracking number provided with China EMS packages can be used to track the packages via various platforms, such as the China EMS official website, the EMS official website, or third-party tracking sites such as TrackingMore.

    The following are step-by-step instructions for tracking China EMS packages.

    1. Via the China Post's official website

    The official website of the China Post is in Chinese. To track your package you have to convert the page into English and then follow the steps mentioned below.

    • Go to the China Post's official website, which has the Chinese and English versions.
    • On the homepage, you will find a tracking tool where you can track one item at a time.

    China Post EMS tracking page

    • In the tracking field, enter your EMS tracking number, and then click the search icon present on the right side of the box.
    • After that, a dashboard with information on the status of the shipment will appear on the screen.

    China Post EMS tracking status

    2. Via EMS's official website

    The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has created a website that is specifically designed to track EMS packages. You can use your China EMS tracking number in the tracking tool integrated into the EMS website to learn the whereabouts of your EMS package.

    To track your China EMS packages through the official EMS website,

    • Go to the EMS's offcial website.

    EMS tracking page

    • Enter your tracking number in the tracking field, and click the ‘Track’ button. 

    Note: You can enter multiple EMS tracking numbers in a single search by separating them with commas.

    • Then the tracking dashboard will appear on the screen with the updated shipment progress report for your EMS package.

    EMS tracking status

    3. Via TrackingMore

    To track your China EMS package using the TrackingMore,

    • First, go to TrackingMore’s homepage and select ‘Carriers’ from the menu bar. 
    • On the carrier list, you will find ‘China EMS’. You can also search for ‘China EMS’ in the carrier search bar.
    • Click on the China EMS carrier will take you to this China EMS tracking page. 

    TrackingMore EMS tracking page

    • Here you will find the tracking tool, where you can enter up to 50 China EMS tracking numbers in a single search. 
    • Then the dashboard will appear on the screen, showing the current status of your package. 

    TrackingMore EMS tracking status

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore over China EMS?

    Customers can track their packages using China EMS, but it has some limitations, such as slow website performance or other issues. Hence, using TrackingMore for one-stop tracking can be an excellent solution for tracking your EMS items. 

    Using TrackingMore over China EMS can provide you with the following advantages.

    • Automatic carrier detection
    • Clear shipment visibility
    • Fast website performance
    • Tracking of 50 packages at once from various carriers
    • Multiple data sources provide last-mile tracking updates
    • Track not only China EMS packages but also packages from over 1100 carriers.

    China EMS Tracking Number

    China Post assigns each registered shipment a unique series of 13 alphanumeric characters (combination of letters and numbers) tracking numbers. These tracking numbers serve as the identity of the packages, allowing customers to identify their shipment, track it, or claim compensation if it is lost or damaged.

    The tracking number is printed on the shipping label and sent to the recipients via a confirmation email and text message by the seller or sender. Customers who purchase from online platforms can also obtain the tracking number from the order details. 

    Although the tracking number is 13 characters long, the format is different for every EMS service. The following are the various EMS tracking number formats with examples. 

    - China Post EMS (International EMS)

    The China Post EMS tracking number starts with a pair of letters, followed by 9 numbers, and ends with a pair of letters ‘CN’ or ‘CS’. The first letter is E, which is followed by another letter. For example, EV850264876CN, EE815935869CS.

    - China International Express

    The China International Express tracking number starts with the pair of letters ‘CT’, followed by 9 numbers, and ends with the pair of letters ‘CN’. For example, CT956035956CN

    - China EMS ePacket (EUB)

    The China EMS ePacket (EUB) tracking number starts with a pair of letters where the first letter is L, followed by 9 numbers, and ends with a pair of letters ‘CN’. For example, LR916497843CN.

    China EMS Tracking Status

    Here is a breakdown of each specific tracking status provided by China Post's Express Mail Service (EMS). This will empower you to accurately interpret the real-time updates of your shipments, ensuring you're always informed about your package's journey through China's expansive postal system.

    Tracking Status



    (Origin location), Package Received

    China Post has registered the shipment after receiving it from the sender.

    In Transit

    (Origin location), Arrival at Processing Center

    The shipment has arrived at the processing facility to be processed.

    In Transit

    (Origin location), Departure from Processing Center

    The shipment has completed the necessary processing and has been forwarded to the next step.

    In Transit

    (Origin/Destination Location name), Item Presented to Customs 

    Customs is inspecting the shipment.

    In Transit

    (Origin/Destination Location name), Item Returned from Customs 

    The shipment has received clearance from customs.

    In Transit

    (Origin/Destination Location name), Arrival at Regional Sorting Center

    The shipment has reached the mentioned regional sorting office for the necessary processing.

    In Transit

    (Origin/Destination Location name), Departure from Regional Sorting Center

    After completing the necessary processing, the shipment was released from the mentioned regional sorting office.

    In Transit

    Received by the Carrier

    The shipment has been loaded onto the carrier that will transport it to the destination country or area.

    In Transit

    Flight Departure

    The aircraft carrying the cargo has taken off for the destination country or area.

    In Transit

    (Destination location), Arrival at Delivery Office

    The shipment has reached the local delivery office of the destination location, where it will be handed over to the delivery man.

    Out for Delivery

    The delivery man has received the shipment and is on his way to the recipient.


    (Destination location name), Delivered to Parcel Locker/ Pickup Station

    The shipment was delivered to the mentioned pickup station or parcel locker, from which the receiver must collect the package.

    In Transit

    (Destination location name), Delivered

    The delivery of the shipment was successful.


    (Destination location name), Pickup by Addressee

    The recipient has collected the shipment from the parcel locker or pickup station.

    China EMS Tracking API

    China EMS has an integrated tracking API on its website that supports tracking of EMS and other packages shipped via China Post. However, the English version of the official website only allows you to track one item at a time, whereas the Chinese version allows multiple trackings. There is another EMS website that allows tracking of multiple EMS items in a single search. 

    Therefore, TrackingMore which offers an all-in-one tracking service can be a smart choice for bulk tracking and enjoying other benefits. You can simultaneously track packages from both China Post and EMS on TrackingMore.

    TrackingMore is one of the leading third-party tracking platforms with a powerful tracking API. It is linked to over 1100 carriers worldwide, providing you with a seamless tracking experience for items shipped via TrackingMore's carrier partners.

    TrackingMore tracking API includes the following features.

    • Tracking of over 1100 carriers worldwide
    • 24/7 technical support from the customer care service
    • 99.9% API uptime provides accurate and consistent tracking updates
    • Supports multiple programming languages, including Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, and Ruby
    • Supports integration with eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify stores.

    Create a TrackingMore account and Sign up for a free trial today!

    FAQs on China EMS Tracking

    • What is China EMS ePacket?

    China EMS ePacket is a China Post delivery service that is specifically designed to meet the international shipping needs of the e-commerce industry between China Mainland and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and other countries. Depending on the shipping regulations of various countries, the service permits the shipping of light items weighing less than 2 kg with exceptions of up to 5 kg.

    • How long does EMS ePacket take to ship from China?

    EMS e-Packet is a fast shipping service that delivers consignments from China to 44 destinations and countries around the world. The delivery time depends on several factors, including weather, holidays, customs clearance procedures, and so on. The estimated delivery times are-



    Delivery Time



    20 working days

    Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, and Russia

    7 to 20 working days

    Other nations

    7 to 30 working days

    • What is the difference between EMS and EMS ePacket?

    Although China Post EMS and EMS ePacket both offer fast delivery, they have differences in terms of weight limitations, shipping time, shipping rates, and other factors. The differences are explained in the following chart.



    EMS ePacket

    Service area

    2000 Chinese domestic cities and more than 200 other countries

    Over 44 countries and destinations worldwide

    Shipment type

    Large and heavy shipment

    Small and lightweight shipment

    Weight limit

    5 types of weight limits depending on the destinations: 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 31kg, 31.5kg, and 40kg.

    Under 2kg, with exceptions for Russia (3kg), Israel & UK (5kg)

    Shipping time

    Within 3 to 7 working days

    Within 30 working days

    Compensation coverage


    Not available

    • Who delivers China EMS in the USA?

    The responsibility of EMS is to deliver the shipment to the destination country; the rest of the procedures for final delivery are handled by the local postal service. As USPS is the local postal service of the USA and has an agreement with China Post, the China EMS parcels are delivered in the USA through USPS. 

    How to Contact China EMS Customer Service

    China EMS is the product of China Post. Hence, if you have issues with your China EMS package, you have to contact China Post’s customer care service.


    • For instant response, you can call China Post customer service. Dial the customer service number +86 10 11183 and press 8 to communicate with the customer care representatives in English. 
    • The customer care service is available between 08:30 a.m. and 17:30 p.m., 365 days a year.  

    You can also contact TrackingMore for assistance regarding your China EMS shipment tracking. The international support team at TrackingMore offers 24/7 customer service.

    Track all your parcels in one place.

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    TrackingMore integrated with 1272+ carriers, supporting global parcel tracking in one place.

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