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Not really "express"
My parcel has been received by the last delivery hub on Friday 2pm so I expected that by Saturday or at least Sunday the item will be delivered BECAUSE ACCDG TO SHOPEE THEY DELIVER MONDAY-SUNDAY. But heck no, THEY DID NOT. It takes them 2-3weeks to delivery items/parcels. Ughhhhhhh. Frustrating.
Trash delivery
Slowest delivery ever, tracking number always not found, will never use again. Gonna wait for ages
Too slow
the thing that i order 3days later using jnt is so much faster than shopee express delivery
The worst service ever
Continuous misroute few times and did not reply message for a long period. The solution u get from them is being waiting patiently althought the parcel still going anather places..... It take around one and half month from subang to kuantan yet the parcel still not yet arrive
Bila brg blh sampai!?!?
Shopee express is not express at all
Worst delivery service!! Super duper slow. Will NOT choose this delivery service anymore!
You have to wait the exact date before it will deliver to you. Its said in just 3 days but it will take about 6 to 9 days so dont expect to deliver yours orders ahead of time. So if you would like to buy an item buy it as soon as you can because you will wait a period of time.
Delivery timeline getting worst
At one time I felt Shopee Express was very efficient as they were very fast. But of late their delivery timeline is getting worst and could take 3x longer the wait to receive the package as compared to previously.
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