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    Track your Ninja Van shipments easily with TrackingMore, the best third-party tracker integrated with more than 1100 carriers.


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    • How to Track Ninja Van Malaysia's Package
    • Ninja Van Tracking Number
    • What Does My Ninja Van Status Mean?
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    Ninja Van Tracking 

    Ninja Van Tracking offers its customers comprehensive monitoring services from the customer's closest pickup point through the delivery progress to the recipient’s door. Whether the parcel is sent domestically or internationally, Ninja Van offers a tracking number through which the user can check on their package’s status. This gives a seamless tracking process either through the Ninja Van tracking system or Trackingmore, a premium third-party tracking tool.

    The tracking information relaying the status of the Ninja Van packages includes key package details like its origin, immediate location, and significant transit checkpoint. The NinjaVan tracking service also takes note of product returns in case of unsuccessful deliveries and relays the same to the users. In such cases, Ninja Van ensures every party involved in the package’s transit is informed of the status of the deliveries and the necessary actions one should take.

    About Ninja Van

    Ninja Van, established in 2014 in Singapore, is a tech-driven express delivery enterprise catering to various businesses across Southeast Asia, including countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. They offer various services, from last-mile deliveries to international shipping and freight handling.

    Ninja Van addresses specific business requirements by leveraging API integrations, mass CSV order uploads, bespoke routing methods, and a comprehensive logistics management system. Their delivery solutions perfectly suit online merchants, corporate entities, and diverse online marketplaces.

    Ninja Van Tracking Service

    Ninja Van offers professional logistic services with Fast, Accessible, and Reliable delivery solutions across Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. With customized delivery services and cross-border solutions, Ninja Van promises to deliver your package safely to the destination with guaranteed tracking services.

    Last Mile Delivery

    Ninja Van is among Southeast Asia's leading providers of last-mile logistics services, guaranteeing fast, punctual, and hassle-free delivery. It offers two primary last-mile delivery packages, Ninja Van Pro and Ninja Van Lite.

    Ninja Pro

    Ninja Pro is a speedy and flexible Ninja Van shipping service where users can order products from various e-commerce sites and pay after their ordered products are delivered.

    The logistics company offers an upgraded security and trust level with guaranteed fast-speed delivery, good parcel handling, and prompt pickups, which is beneficial for any online shopper. 

    With a commitment to timely deliveries, Ninja Pro gives several benefits to its customers seeking flexibility and efficiency for their online purchases.

    These benefits include:

    • More than 5,000 convenient pickup & drop-off Ninja points.
    • Seamless return process with nearby and easy-to-locate Ninja points for customers to drop their return packages.
    • Three delivery attempts for free in case of unsuccessful deliveries before sending the parcel back to the sender.
    • Regular payment collection on behalf of stores offering Cash-on-delivery (COD) services.
    • Parcel liability coverage to the declared value of the item or RM200 in case of parcel damage or loss.
    • Real-time tracking service with direct communication with Ninja Van customer service officer.
    • Customized pick-up solutions with delivery anywhere domestically and internationally.

    Ninja Lite

    Ninja Lite is a Ninja Van’s fast, secure, and hassle-free package delivery in Malaysia. As a commitment to their customer's convenience, the company still ensures all parcels shipped within Malaysia feature prompt pickups, good parcel handling, and fast-speed delivery.

    Ninja Lite also comes integrated with multiple value-added services designed to enhance the shippers and recipients' experience. These services include:

    • Three free delivery attempts after an unsuccessful delivery.
    • Ninjachat’s real-time tracking feature with available customer support.
    • Over 1,000 convenient pickup and drop-off Ninja Points.
    • Payment collection for stores offering Cash-on-Delivery services.
    • Limited parcel liability coverage of up to SGD100 or the damaged item’s value.
    • Seamless return process.

    International Deliveries

    Ninja Van takes pride in its great regional presence within Southeast Asia, and its experienced Ninja operators. As a result, the courier company goes the extra mile to offer customized cross-border solutions, ensuring all international shipments are tailored to the customers' needs.

    Additionally, Ninja Van also enjoys its API integration with multiple major platforms, guaranteeing customers the utmost visibility throughout the shipping process. This transparency helps track all international orders effortlessly.

    Here is why you should consider Ninja Van for your international shipments.

    • Flexible remittance cycles, meeting the needs of many customers and shippers.
    • Seamless return support in all NinjaVan-covered countries.
    • Dedicated account manager for round-the-clock help with all inquiries and requests.
    • Tech-enabled international shipping services with real-time updates from the online store.

    Freight Forwarding

    With Ninja Van's extensive logistic network, its Freight forwarding service is the best anyone can have for importing and exporting products in bulk worldwide. Whether you need to ship products that need special requirements or any other types of products, the Freight Forwarding service is the best for any business needs.

    To ensure all deliveries are freight forwarded within the expected timelines, urgent shipments are sent by air, while sea shipping is the best for all bulk packages at affordable shipping options. Customers intending to use the service can also save on shipping costs by hauling parcels to neighboring countries via land transport. Ninja Van also offers rail transport to all remote towns and neighboring areas with rail freight.

    Here are many other benefits of choosing Ninja Vans freight forwarding service.

    • Fast shipments, whether import or export.
    • Affordable freight costs with Ninja Van's extensive logistics network.
    • Smooth shipping free from customs clearance hassles and other shipping issues.
    • Shipping on a regular basis without unexpected delays.
    • Point-to-point transparent shipment with guaranteed package delivery status and location.
    • Customized delivery solutions to all sorts of business needs.

    Fulfillment and Warehousing

    Ninja Vans fulfillment and warehousing is a one-stop service for e-commerce businesses that need inventory management and order processing. With outstanding experience and a great customer-handling team, Ninja Van boasts several fulfillment centers and warehouses within its Southeast Asia network.

    Ninja Van's fulfillment and warehousing process commences with the meticulous receipt, inspection, and efficient management of customers' shipments, a meticulous procedure that spans 3 days. Subsequently, orders placed before 2 p.m. are expeditiously forwarded for same-day last-mile transit, while orders submitted after 2 p.m. are promptly scheduled for handover on the following day.

    Understanding the need for timely deliveries, Ninja Van works on exceeding its customer expectations by ensuring all orders are dispatched on time. This is in addition to the company’s tracking system providing full visibility and real-time updates on warehouse activities during the warehouse and fulfillment stage.

    How to Track Ninja Van Malaysia's Package

    You can track a domestic or international Ninja Van package through the official Ninja Van Malaysia tracking system or by using a third-party package tracker like TrackingMore.

    1. Via Ninja Van Malaysia Official Webiste

    The Ninja Van tracking system leverages proprietary technology to maintain end-to-end visibility over your package and provide real-time updates.

    • Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking

    Ninja Van tracking page

    Here is the procedure to follow when tracking Ninja Van Malaysia parcels.

    • Visit the Ninja Van Malaysia tracking page.
    • Enter the parcel tracking ID in the dialog box.
    • Click on the Track parcel button.
    • You'll then receive the latest update on your package's status.

    Ninja Van tracking status

    • Ninja Van International Tracking

    Ninja Van international tracking page

    Ninja Van also lets you track all your international packages through the Ninja Van track and trace tool. Here is how to do this.

    Ninja Van ensures you stay informed with automatic and prompt package updates, removing the hassle of manual tracking. These updates offer live location insights directly through platforms like Messenger, Telegram, and Viber. Additionally, with the Ninja account, you have a centralized space to oversee and manage your orders. To access these features, simply sign in on the Ninja Dashboard for NinjaVan live tracking.

    2. Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    TrackingMore provides tracking pages for tracking Nanja Van delivery specific to different countries. Here is the procedure to Track Ninja Van Malaysia packages on the TrackingMore platform.

    TrackingMore Ninja Van tracking page

    • Visit the TrackingMore's Ninja Van Malaysia tracking page.
    • Enter the Ninja Van tracking number in the search field.
    • Click on the [Track] option.
    • Then the redirected page will display the most recent status of your package.

    TrackingMore Ninja Van tracking status

    For international packages, TrackingMore will display all the tracking information on the same page detailing both country of origin and destination.

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore over Ninja Van?

    TrackingMore is a powerful parcel tracker for tracking Ninja Van parcels.

    TrackingMore has an auto-detect function that allows it to track packages from 1,100+ carriers. As Ninja Van often uses other 3PLs to fulfill its deliveries, you can use TrackingMore to conveniently track your packages without having to switch from one carrier to another's package tracking page.

    Moreover, if you are an e-commerce seller who is looking for perfect tracking solutions, TrackingMore makes it possible for you can create a branded tracking page, which increases your brand's visibility and from which you can upsell and cross-sell to your customers. TrackingMore also provides automatic shipment notifications by email or SMS, which can update your customers on the latest status of their parcels.

    Ninja Van Tracking Number

    The Ninja Van tracking number is a unique code used to identify each shipment for easy delivery process management, which is used to track the package.

    Ninja Van Malaysia tracking numbers come in a series of 15 to 18 alphanumerics. However, the exact number format varies. The alphanumeric combinations contain letters as prefixes such as the “NJV” OR “NV” which show the parcel was sent with Ninja Van, and the “MY” or “MYML” representing Malaysia.

    Here are some examples of Ninja Van Malaysia tracking numbers.

    - MYNJV00400382209

    - NVMY23007000005122

    - NVMYMLSSB000000901

    Note: Ninja Van tracking numbers can be in various formats. Here is how to check your Ninja Van tracking number. The Ninja Van tracking number is usually indicated in emails and notifications sent to you regarding the shipment. If the tracking number is missing, check for it in the emails and alerts from the sender. If you cannot find the tracking number or if it is rejected as invalid, then contact the sender or Ninja Van support.

    What Does My Ninja Van Status Mean?

    Here is what various Ninja Van status updates mean.




    The package is on hold due to inaccurate details, i.e., the recipient's name, phone contact, and address. 


    The initial delivery failed. The re-attempt is subject to a policy agreed upon by the seller and Ninja Van.

    Delayed Shipment

    The shipment has been delayed by unforeseen circumstances.

    Return to Sender (RTS)

    Delivery failed repeatedly, and the parcel was returned to the sender.


    The order has been canceled.


    Ninja Van drivers are awaiting the shipper to confirm the pickup reservations.

    Pending Pickup

    The shipper has committed to the pickup by a particular time.

    Van En Route to pick up

    A van has been dispatched to pick up the parcel.

    Pickup fail

    The pickup has failed, and the order is now waiting to be rescheduled.

    En Route to Sorting Hub

    The parcel has been picked up and is on the way to Sorting Hub.

    Arrived at Sorting Hub

    The parcel has reached Sorting Hub.

    On Vehicle for Delivery

    The parcel has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle and is en route to its final destination.


    Delivery has been successfully completed. 

    Pending Reschedule

    Delivery failed and is awaiting rescheduling for the next attempt.

    Transfer to 3PL

    A cross-border item has been handed over to a third-party logistics provider.

    Arrived at Distribution Point

    The parcel has reached a local distribution facility.

    Pending Pickup at Distribution Point

    The parcel is ready and waiting for the recipient to collect it from the distribution facility.

    Ninja Van Tracking API

    Ninja Van offers a RESTful tracking API and webhook that simplifies the integration of the tracking function into your own project. Ninja Van's tracking APIs automate faster delivery of shipment statuses and support APIs Client Libraries for PHP, Node.js, Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and Goland. However, TrackingMore's tracking API offers a better choice.

    Why should I use TrackingMore API instead?

    TrackingMore API supports over 1,100 carriers, providing a seamless tracking experience for you and your customers. By integrating TrackingMore's API into your system, you can monitor millions of packages. Not only that, you can design your own branded tracking pages for cross-selling, thus increasing your business revenue.

    The following are some supported features of  TrackingMore API.

    • TrackingMore's support of advanced programming languages like PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby makes it easy for your developers to patch the API quickly.
    • TrackingMore's unified data format is convenient for your customers to use as everything is presented standardized.
    • TrackingMore is ISO 27001 and other security top standard compliant, which makes the system very secure.
    • TrackingMore offers 24/7 technical support.

    TrackingMore, a powerful third-party tracking tool, has successfully served over 300,000 happy customers worldwide. You, too, stand a chance to be one of them and give your customers a superior post-purchase experience. Enhance your service and sign up for an account today. 

    FAQs on Ninja Van Tracking

    • How to use the Ninja Van Dashboard for Ninja Van tracking?

    To use the NinjaVan Dashboard,

    1. Log into your account.

    2. Select the [Tracking] option from the side navigation bar.

    3. Enter the delivery name, partial tracking ID, or phone number in the dialog box that appears.

    4. Click the [search] button for your updates on the package status.

    • How long does Ninja Van deliver?

    Ninja Van keeps excellent delivery time which varies for different destinations.

    Destination Delivery time
    Within Metro Manila 1-3 days
    Greater Metro Manila  3-5 days
    Provincial areas 7 working days
    • What if Ninja Van is taking too long to deliver?

    Though Ninja Van promises to deliver your package expeditiously, sometimes it is held up by disruptions of nature, customs clearance issues, or an overwhelmed system during the high season.

    Contact customer support on chat or email for assistance when the parcel takes too long. If the package is lost and you wish for compensation, lodge your complaint 10 days after the date of successful collection with no updates from the Ninja delivery team.

    • Does Ninja Van deliver on weekends?

    Ninja Van delivers from Monday to Saturday, 9 A.M. to 10 P.M., except on public holidays. Ninja Van will not deliver on Sunday. Reschedule delivery to the next possible working day if you cannot take delivery on Saturday. 

    • What is Ninja Van contact number?

    For assistance or inquiries related to Ninja Van services, you can reach out directly to their dedicated support team at the contact number +60 111 722 5600.

    How to Contact Ninja Van Customer Service

    Contacting Ninja Van customer service is an effortless process. Here are the channels you can reach Ninja Van customer service.



    Telephone hotline

    +60 111 722 5600

    ( 8.00 AM-8.00 PM Monday to Saturday, except on public holidays.)

    Online inquiry form


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