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  • Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking APP
    Auto import and track Ninja Van Malaysia shipments from Shopify, Amazon, Magento, WooCommerce, Wish, eBay, AliExpress, shipstations shop
  • Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking API 
    Provide Ninja Van Malaysia tracking api for e-commerce developers to get real time Ninja Van Malaysia tracking info. Give customers access to track Ninja Van Malaysia parcels right at shopping cart and marketplace.
  • Ninja Van Malaysia Shipment Status Update Notification
    Send customized email and sms notifications of Ninja Van Malaysia shipment status updates to reduce customers' queries when package is in "transit", "Out for delivery", "delivered" and so on.
  • Importing Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking Numbers
    Bulk track Ninja Van Malaysia packages by uploading Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking numbers in CSV files
Ninja Van Malaysia tracking, TrackingMore provides Ninja Van Malaysia tracking API, shipment batch tracking management and an option to receive automated notification.

Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking Details

TrackingMore is a third party package tracking website which supports parcel tracking of worldwide 475 express and postal couriers. You can enter a tracking number to track a single Ninja Van Malaysia package, use CSV upload or restful Ninja Van Malaysia parcel tracking API to track multiple packages.


If you track international parcels from Ninja Van Malaysia, TrackingMore will display all the tracking info in one place, from both origin country and destination country. 

You can subscribe email notification in the Ninja Van Malaysia tracking result page to auto send you alerts once there is an update of your tracking info.


If you want to find explanation of a specific tracking event, you can refer to "Tracking Status descriptions & suggestions".

Ninja Van Malaysia Official Website: https://www.ninjavan.co/en-my


Ninja Van Malaysia Customer Service Contact

Email: [email protected]


Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking Number Format

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They are called Ninjavan because ...
Like ninjas, their delivery boys cannot be seen at all ...including your parcels they are supposed to deliver.
Slow AF
Ordered two item. Each different courier. One with ninja , and the other one with pos laju. 5 days already with ninja van, pos laju ordered yesterday, and today got delivered. what a sick courier
siput ninja
lembab nak mampos ninjavan. camne ah lazada boleh trust company ni
First time & last gune perkhidmatan ni..BARANG HILANG. Korng buat keje mcm mne eh?
Super Angry!!!
Absolutely irresponsible and shouldn’t be in business. Bought something advertised on FB (ok, I shouldn’t have). Payment term COD. Ninja Van delivered the package and I paid cash on the spot. When I opened the package, product’s quality and quantity were far from what was being advertised. In fact, it was a scam of pretty high degree. Immediately contacted Ninja Van and guess what was the reply; they are only responsible for delivery and not the product’s authenticity. Fine, but who collected my cash? At that moment, wasn’t my cash still in Ninja Van’s account? My request for them to hold on to paying the seller was rejected. They suggested that I contact the seller but, you guess right: more BS. Seller again claimed that they are only a logistics provider and hold no responsibility to claims on quality. Lesson learned: COD payment for online purchases is no guarantee of getting product delivered or in correct quality order. The whole episode seems everyone in logistics are in cahoots with the scammers. Say no to Ninja Van
Emm, tknn masi lg in transit ah. Dari 21/9 lgi , tpi bila cek tracking belum kna update, not available .
Lambat sial anak anjing
Baik tutup je company kalau keje mcm tak je bodoh
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