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    Effortlessly track your An Post packages with TrackingMore's website and powerfulAPI. Try our reliable tracking solution now!


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    • How to Track An Post Shipments
    • How can I Track An Post outside Ireland?
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    An Post Tracking

    An Post, the national postal service of Ireland, offers a robust tracking system for its parcels and mail items. An Post's tracking feature provides both senders and recipients with real-time updates on the status and location of their packages. By using a unique tracking number assigned to each parcel, users can conveniently monitor their shipments' progress from dispatch to delivery. This transparency enhances the overall mailing experience, giving customers peace of mind and confidence in the reliability of An Post's services. Whether you're sending a package within Ireland or internationally, An Post's tracking system ensures you're always informed about your shipment's journey.

    About An Post

    An Post, the state-owned postal service of Ireland, delivers a combination of financial, postal, and distribution solutions. Founded in 1984, it has since become the leading postal service in Ireland, catering to key entities including the Irish government departments, the National Treasury Management Agency, and the Post National Lottery Company. Beyond traditional postal services, An Post also offers financial services, such as money transfers and deposit accounts. As one of the largest employers in Ireland, An Post operates its main headquarters in Dublin.

    Its extensive network comprises over 1100 post offices and more than 100 postal agents nationwide. With its global outreach to over 200 countries, An Post specializes in international deliveries. For ease of parcel management, each shipment is assigned a unique An Post tracking number, ensuring seamless and efficient tracking for customers.

    How does An Post work?

    An Post’s operations are based on a few fundamental factors as listed below.

    • Various Shipping Alternatives

    Customers can now book their local or international package deliveries by using An Post services.

     And they can also choose from different postage options depending on which option suits them best. These options include a standard or registered post, digital stamp, express post, or International Courier Service.

     Of course, Customers also have the flexibility of booking their posts online or in person. 

    • Shipping Rates

    Three major factors decide on An Post’s shipping rates, including the delivery service type selected, the destination area, and the package’s weight and size.

    • Quick Tracking

    This service provides customers with an easy and transparent method to track their items online. All they have to do is enter their An Post Ireland tracking number. An advanced tracking option is also available specifically for An Post's business customers.

    Not only this, An Post also permits a safe tracking system, management of deliveries, and possible returns. A backup option is also available to ensure that the customers never miss any An Post deliveries. 

    • Seamless Customer Service

    An Post ensures that its customers receive a quick and proficient resolution of their complaints and issues. Its organized customer service system solves package delivery or returns issues efficiently. 

    How to Track An Post Shipments

    Tracking An Post shipments is simple. There are two primary methods for this purpose.

    • Via An Post’s Official website

    An Post tracking page

    You can begin tracking your parcel by signing up on An Post’s official website, then continue to follow these steps.

    1. Go to An Post’s official webpage for tracking items.
    2. Sign up for An Post’s tracking service or just add the tracking number for up to 5 items. 
    3. Get to know your package’s status by simply clicking on the Track item button given. 
    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore holds a top position in the realm of package tracking, providing eCommerce businesses an opportunity to enhance their consumer experience. With this service, consumers can track their shipment status sent via thousands of couriers all over the world. 

    TrackingMore An Post tracking page

    The step-by-step guide for An Post package tracking via TrackingMore is as follows.

    1. Access the TrackingMore webpage. 
    2. In the given box, enter your An Post Ireland tracking number and click on Track.
    3. Receive detailed and auto-updated information regarding your package status and the estimated time for delivery.

    TrackingMore offers multiple services, including shipment visibility, timely notifications, and a branded tracking page that ensures repeat sales.

    How can I Track An Post outside Ireland?

    An Post regrets its inability to track international items that were sent or are due to be received internationally, as it does not have control over item delivery internationally, which may include delaying issues like customs holding the package up.

    After a package leaves Ireland through An Post, it is handed over to the International Postal Carrier of the destination country. An update is placed into the system as soon as it is received through the Receiver Postal Service. A specific item can only be tracked through An Post’s online tracking tool once it has reached inside Ireland and a tracking number or ID is provided.

    As a third-party package tracking service, TrackingMore can help solve this issue as it works with the world’s top couriers, including DHL, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, and many others. The proficient courier detection and powerful dashboard provide its customers with seamless tracking knowledge locally and internationally.

    An Post Tracking Number

    Tracking your An Post packages is made fairly simple by the postal service's organized procedures. All An Post packages are given their own tracking ID, a barcode that combines numbers and capital letters. Shipment tracking would not be possible without this unique An Post tracking ID.

    • An Post Tracking ID Format 

    The An Post shipment can be tracked by An Post tracking ID.  It will help you see in real-time whether the packages have been delivered, are in transit, or have been picked up. The tracking ID is available on the receipt. 

    An Post Tracking ID consists of a combination of numerical digits and capital letters.

    An Post Tracking ID begins with two letters(R, A, E, V, C, L), followed by nine numeric digits, and finally ending with IE (referring to Ireland), such as CE759439153IE. 

    • How to Track My An Post Shipments Without a Tracking Number?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to track the An Post shipment status if the tracking ID is lost. In case you have lost your tracking number, you can simply refer to your An Post account to find your tracking number.

    In case you cannot find your An Post tracking number, you can check the confirmation email sent to you by the seller. Usually, the tracking number is part of the confirmation email sent to you after the online placing of the order.

    Another way of finding your tracking ID is by logging into your An Post account by clicking on My Account and searching through the recent orders placed. There, you should be able to retrieve your lost tracking code.

    An Post Tracking Statuses

    Here is a small guide to help you understand An Post’s different tracking statuses.

    In transit

    This means that your package is on its way and is somewhere between the delivery address and its collection center. 

    The transit time can vary for multiple reasons, including bad weather or a customs hold-up. Knowing the destination country’s customs rules is best to avoid unwanted delays.


    This status is usually seen at the beginning of the delivery process, where the dropped-off package must still be scanned into An Post’s system. The status normally changes within three business days. 

    Package Information Received

    Information regarding the incoming item has been received from the sender, and the package will be sent to a sorting office after receiving it.

    Package Accepted

    Your package/delivery was received.

    An Post Tracking API

    An Post Tracking API allows swift tracking updates for packages sent through it, letting consumers track multiple shipments simultaneously.

    As An Post is unable to track international items that were sent or are due to be received internationally, you can turn to TrackingMore for help. TrackingMore is a third-party parcel tracking tool (also known as a multi-carrier tracking tool) that supports online parcel tracking of worldwide 1100+ couriers, such as

    Express: UPS trackingDHL trackingFedEx trackingTNT tracking

    Post: USPS trackingChina Post TrackingHong Kong Post Tracking, etc.

    If you check the statuses of bulk international parcels shipping via An Post, TrackingMore will display all tracking details in one place, from both the origin country and destination country. You can subscribe to email delivery notifications in the An Post shipping tracking result page to auto-send you alerts once there is an update of your order status.

    If you want to find explanations of a specific tracking event, you can refer to "Tracking Status descriptions & suggestions".

    FAQs on An Post delivery 

    • I am still waiting for my package delivery; what should I do?

    An Post ensures swift delivery of your package to your doorstep as soon as it is received and scanned into the post’s network system. 

    However, if you do not receive the parcel, you can check its status through the online tracking portal system, which is consistently updated.

    • Is there a way of tracking international posts that have been sent through An Post?

    The An Post tracking international ID is mandatory for this purpose. This tracking code can track your item through An Post online tracking service.

    However, once the package leaves Ireland, delivery of the item to another country cannot be tracked. In such scenarios, the only way of getting an update on your international tracking is to get in touch with the Receiver Postal Service. 

    • My package was processed through An Post parcel hub. When will it reach me?

    A delay is possible during the busy times of the year. It is recommended that you wait for at least five working days until your package is processed. 

    • In case of my absence, can my mail be held by An Post?


    A death in the family, an unplanned appointment in another city, or simply a sudden vacation plan may cause you to leave your house for a few days. In such cases, your mail will be kept safe with An Post until your return for up to 12 weeks. In order to retrieve it, you will only need to fill out an online form available at MailMinder. 

    • What can I do if I do not get or receive my An Post package?

    You can choose any one of these:

         - Bring in a DIB or Docket in Box notice and your personal ID, for example, your driver’s license, and collect your package.

         - Nominate someone else to collect your missed package on your behalf. This nominee must have the DIB notice signed by you along with their own personal identification.

         - Get the item redelivered to an alternate or the same address by visiting the webpage here.

    • How many times An Post will try until my parcel is delivered?

    An Post will try delivering the package to your address at least once. A note of ‘sorry we missed you’ will be left behind if no one is available to receive the parcel. This note will also explain what you are supposed to do in order to get your package.

    • What is the reason behind my mail being delayed?

    Generally, most items are delivered within one or two days after they have been posted. Delays occur as a result of incorrect, incomplete, or illegible addresses. A parcel could be held up for other reasons as well such as:

         - Property is difficult to access

         - The item was posted after the day of the final collection

         - International delivery being handled by third-party postal services or customs agents

         - The post contained banned or prohibited items

    • What should I do in case of an opened/damaged/missing post?

    You should immediately access the Help Center and fill out the Contact Form to file a complaint in case you receive a damaged, missing, or opened package. 

    • In case of a missed delivery, how long will An Post keep my parcel?

    Missed deliveries are normally kept for:

          - In the case of Standard and Express Post, it will be kept for five working days

          - For the registered posts, it will be kept for 3 working days 

          - International Post to be kept for up to 16 working days 

    In case it still goes unreceived after the designated time period, it will be sent back to the original poster. The returned package will have a sticker on it, with an explanation of why it couldn’t be delivered. 

    • Why my An Post mail seems to be stagnant or not updated?

    In case of unprecedented delay, your parcel may appear to be unmoved. This delay could be caused by several factors, including the destination’s road traffic situation and adverse weather conditions.

    In case of an international delay, the issue mostly lies at the customs’ end, whose status can only be confirmed after it leaves customs. 

    If the tracking shows that your package has been upheld by customs, you may contact your local customs office for more details.

    Contact An Post Customer Service

    An Post can be immediately reached through multiple ways, such as

    Here, you find information on the service and products.

    • Webchat

    Here, you can directly get in touch with a customer support representative to have your queries or issues resolved. The support is available from 9 AM to 5 PM (Monday to Friday) and 9 AM to 2 PM (Saturday). 

    • Calling the Customer Service

    You can call at 353(1)7057600 from Monday to Friday from 9 AM-5.30 PM. Remember that the phone lines are closed between 1 PM & 2 PM. The service is also available on Saturday 9 PM-2 PM.

    • Writing to the Customer Service

    You can write to An Post Customer Services, General Post Office, O’Connell Street Lower, Freepost, Dublin 1, D01 F5P2.

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