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    TrackingMore offers fast and reliable tracking for DHL Express, making it easier for businesses and individuals to track their DHL shipments.


    • DHL Express Tracking
    • What is DHL Express?
    • What is DHL Express Shipping Service?
    • How to Ship DHL Express’s Package
    • How to Track DHL Express’s Package
    • DHL Express Tracking Number
    • DHL Express Tracking Status
    • DHL Express Tracking API
    • FAQs on DHL Express Tracking
    • How Do I Contact DHL Express Customer Service?

    DHL Express Tracking

    DHL Express Tracking is a quick, easy and comprehensive tracking service for customers to monitor their domestic and international packages throughout the shipping journey. Customers can track their DHL express shipments across multiple platforms, including DHL Express's official website, mobile app, official social media, WhatsApp and call line. Conveniently, the only thing customers need for tracking DHL Express packages is the DHL express air waybill number. 

    Moreover, DHL also offers a business-oriented tracking solution – DHL ProView, which delivers a comprehensive overview of the real-time tracking data. It also helps to send customers instant status updates via email or SMS, ensuring constant awareness of DHL Express shipping. 

    What is DHL Express?

    DHL Express is an important branch of the world-famous logistics company – DHL. Leveraging its extensive shipping network and expertise in customs clearance, DHL Express specializes in transporting urgent documents and goods and excels globally in time-definite international deliveries for both businesses and individuals. Time Definite International (TDI), as the core product of DHL Express, provides various types of logistics solutions to suit specific needs of different industries. DHL Express is also renowned for its great shipping capacities, strict quality control and reliable customer services. 

    What is DHL Express Shipping Service?

    DHL Express Shipping Service is a premium courier delivery service domestically and internationally. It specializes in time-critical shipments, ensuring that parcels, documents, and cargos are delivered securely and promptly to destinations worldwide. Here is an in-depth look at DHL Express shipping service.

    DHL Express Domestic Products

    DHL Express Domestic products provide flexible and reliable shipping options within the nation. There are two main products of DHL Express Domestic service.

    DHL EXPRESS DOMESTIC 9:00, 10:30, 12:00

    • Delivery timeframe: by 9:00 am, 10:30 am, and 12:00 noon on the next business day.
    • Weight limit: 
      • up to 30 kg per piece for DHL Express Domestic 9:00 and 10:30; 
      • up tp 70 kg per piece for DHL Express Domestic 12:00;
      • up to 10 packages and up to 300 kg per shipment
    • Dimension Limit: 120x80x80 cm per shipment 


    • Delivery timeframe: on the next business day.
    • Weight limit: 
      • up to 70 kg per package;
      • up to 99 packages and up to 1000 kg per shipment
    • Dimension Limit: 120x100x160 cm per shipment 

    DHL Express International Products

    DHL EXPRESS International streamlines global trade with reliable export and import services, facilitating swift shipments across 220 countries. It offers hassle-free customs clearance and a seamless delivery experience for both sending and receiving goods internationally.

    Service Option

    Delivery Timeframe


    Weight Limit

    Dimension Limit

    DHL EXPRESS 9:00/10:30

    Before 9:00 a.m. next business day


    Up to 300 kg

    Up to 30 kg, 120x80x80 cm per shipment

    Before 10:30 a.m. next business day


    Within two working days

    Africa and Asia

    DHL EXPRESS 12:00

    Before 12:00 noon next business day

    Europe and USA

    Up to 70 kg

    Up to 300 kg, 120x80x80 cm per shipment piece

    Within two working days

    Africa and Asia


    Before close of business next business day

    Europe and USA

    Up to 3,000 kg

    • Up to 70 kg, 120x80x80 cm per shipment
    • Up to 1,000 kg, 300x200x160 cm per pallet

    Within two working days

    Africa and Asia


    On a specific day

    Over 30 countries and territories

    Up to 1,000 kg

    • Up to 70 kg, 120x80x80 cm per shipment
    • Up to 1,000 kg, 300x200x180 cm per pallet



    In addition to the above services, DHL EXPRESS also provides shipping services suitable for urgent lightweight shipments weighing no more than 300 grams, and can provide door-to-door delivery services for duty-free items worldwide. It comes with an easy-to-use packaging envelope for convenience and security. In addition, the service supports environmentally friendly shipping practices, including GoGreen Plus, which reduces CO2 emissions. This makes it a responsible choice for your fast mail and file sending needs.

    How to Ship DHL Express’s Package

    The general process of shipping DHL Express packages may include preparing, packaging and paying. However, the detailed procedure varies with the shipping solution you choose. Here is an introduction of two main methods: ship with MyDHL+ and ship with DHL Express Mobile App.

    • Ship with MyDHL+

    MyDHL+ is an advanced online web platform offered by DHL Express. Shipping with MyDHL+ should follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Get Started

    Go to MyDHL+ and choose your location, which redirects you to your local MyDHL+ official page. Click on “Create a Shipment”.

    Step 2: Provide the Information

    Provide the relative information about your shipment, including the origin, destination, shipment type, customs invoice data, shipment descriptions, etc. Carefully check to make sure the information you provide is correct.

    Step 3: Create your Invoice

    DHL can generate an invoice according to your shipment data or you can upload your own invoice.

    Step 4: Packaging

    Select your packaging type, such as box, card envelope, etc. and select the packaging quantity. If different packages are used, you can add other types of packaging as necessary.

    Step  5: Choose your Payment Method

    Select your payment option for transportation and any duties and taxes. You can select “Alternative DHL Account” to charge the recipient or a third-party account.

    Step 6: Choose your Shipment Date

    Select the date you want to send your shipment and choose what time you would like your shipment to arrive.

    Step 7: Optional Services and Paperless Trade

    Select optional services according to your account’s terms of agreement. You may also upload your invoice if Paperless Trade is available in your destination country.

    Step 8: Choose Pickup/Drop-off

    You can schedule a courier pickup and specify the collection time, pickup location, and shipment weight. Also, you can drop off your shipment at a DHL Service Point.

    Step 9: Create a Return Label

    Create a return label if you need.

    Step 10: Print your Waybill

    DHL Express calculates the quote based on the above shipping information and DHL Express price rate. Carefully check your shipment cost summary and then print your waybill.

    • Ship with DHL Express Mobile App

    DHL Express Mobile App offers a seamless shipping, tracking and managing experience, designed to benefit both individuals and businesses in Singapore. To ship with DHL Express Mobile App, you should follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Provide Shipment Details

    Enter necessary information about your shipment, including the details of sender and receiver, package weight and size, your payment method. If you prefer to pay at a DHL Service Point, prepare for a “partial” shipment.

    Step 2: Choose Shipping Options

    Choose suitable DHL Express shipping options and add any optional services if you need.

    Step 3: Create an Invoice

    Generate a customs invoice. For dutiable or non-document shipments, it’s necessary to provide customs invoice details.

    Step 4: Schedule a Pickup/Drop-off

    Choose either DHL Express pickup or drop-off at a DHL Service Point, based on your convenience. Check DHL Express locations and find the nearest service point.

    Step 5: Review and Pay

    Check your shipment details and cost summary before the final payment. The payment made online will generate the shipping label for print. You can also go label-free with a QR code. If you want to pay at a DHL Express Service Point, a temporary reference number or barcode will be created for use at the service point. After the on-site payment is made, the airway bill or label will be generated.

    Step 6: Track Your Shipment

    No matter which payment option you choose, you can track your shipment status through Mobile App with the DHL Express air waybill number. 

    How to Track DHL Express’s Package

    There are multiple ways to track your DHL Express packages. Read the following step-by-step instructions on DHL Express worldwide tracking.

    • Via the Official Website

    DHL Express tracking page

    To track via the DHL Express Official website, please:

    1. Visit the DHL Express Official website.
    2. Enter the DHLExpress tracking number in the “Track Your Shipment” box.
    3. Click on the “Track” button to get the tracking information.

    DHL Express tracking status

    • Via the Official Mobile App

    DHL Express mobile app

    To track via the DHL Express Mobile App, please:

    1. Download the appropriate DHL Express Mobile App according to your phone’s operating system.
    2. Log in to your DHL Express account. If you don’t have an account, please register for one first.
    3. Enter 10 digits tracking number on the homepage.
    4. Click on the search icon and the tracking details will be presented.
    • Via Other Official Channels

    You can track your DHL Express shipment through other convenient official channels.

    DHL Express WhatsAPP: send a text at +60162994433 to get tracking information.

    DHL Express Call line: get your shipments’ status by calling 1 800 888 388 or +603 7964 2800.

    DHL Express Official social media: access 7/24 live customer service support at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    • Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    You can also track your DHL Express packages with the powerful third-party platform – TrackingMore. TrackingMore provides real-time updates and details on shipments across a broad selection of 1242 global carriers.

    TrackingMore DHL Express tracking page

    For DHL Express easy tracking, please:

    1. Enter your DHL Express tracking number in the search box above.
    2. Click on the “Track” button to view your shipment’s tracking information.

    TrackingMore DHL Express tracking status

    To track shipments with other DHL shipping services, please:

    1. Visit the TrackingMore homepage.
    2. Click on “Carriers” on the top menu.
    3. Choose DHL services from the carrier list or search with keywords.
    4. Enter your DHL tracking number.
    5. Click on the “Track” button to get the tracking information.

    DHL Express Tracking Number

    A DHL Express tracking number, usually known as an air waybill (AWB) number or waybill number, is a distinctive 10-digits sequence automatically assigned to each of your shipments. It serves as a unique identifier of your packages, which will be scanned and recorded at each stage of your shipping process. Usually, you can find the DHL Express tracking number on the shipment confirmation email or the shipment label.

    • DHL Express Tracking Number Format and Examples

    The format of DHL Express tracking number is simple and straightforward: a combination of 10 numerical digits. 

    Example: 0000 0000 00

    • FAQs on DHL Express Tracking Number

    1. What is the DHL Express air waybill number?

    A DHL Express air waybill number, also known as DHL Express AWB number, is a crucial document for international shipping. It contains all the necessary information about the shipments, including the proof of ownership and sender and recipient information. The waybill is commonly attached to the outside of the package to facilitate the customs clearance. What’s more, customers can easily track their shipments with the air waybill number.

    2. How to track my shipment without tracking number?

    Sometimes the DHL Express tracking number may be lost by accident. In this case, you can track your shipment by reference number or waybill number instead.

    1. track by reference number

      Firstly, go to the DHL Track by Reference page. 

      Then, enter the shipment reference number, account number, destination, and date range. 

      Last, click on the “Track” button to get the tracking information.

    2. track by waybill number

    If you are the receiver of the shipment, you can ask for the air waybill number from your sender, which can be used for instant online tracking on your own. Or you can get DHL support by chatting with a live DHL Support at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or calling 1 800 888 388 (only for telecom lines with Malaysia) or +603 7964 2800 (standard call charges apply).

    3. How fast is DHL Express shipment status updated?

    The initial tracking status is generated as soon as the shipment arrives at a DHL Express center. The DHL tracking system employs precise timestamps for shipment status, which is location tagged and reflected in real time after the package arrives at a shipping milestone.

    DHL Express Tracking Status

    It's essential to familiarize yourself with the DHL Express tracking statuses for enhanced insight of your shipping journey. Below is a table that clarifies the meaning of each key status.

    Shipment Status


    Shipment Information Received

    DHL Express system receives the information to create a shipment, and assigns a  unique 10-digit waybill number to it.

    Shipment Accepted

    DHL Express accepts and records the shipment. 

    Shipment Picked Up

    DHL Express courier successfully picked up the shipment.

    Arrived At Sort Facility

    The shipment has arrived at the DHL Express's sorting center and is ready for dispatch.

    Departed Facility

    The shipment has been dispatched and left the previous location for the next destination.

    Processed For Clearance

    The shipment has reached the customs and is being inspected for customs clearance. 

    Clearance Processing Complete

    The shipment has been successfully cleared by customs in the destination country.

    Arrived at Delivery Facility

    The shipment has arrived at the DHL delivery facility of the destination country.

    Scheduled for Delivery

    The shipment has arrived at a DHL facility in the destination country, and the delivery has been arranged by DHL or a third party.

    Shipment is Out with Courier for Delivery

    A designated DHL Express courier has picked up the shipment and is on its way to its final destination.


    The shipment has been successfully delivered to its final destination.

    DHL Express Tracking API

    DHL Express offers MyDHL API, which integrates a wide scope of DHL Express options, including rating, shipping, tracking, landed cost, on demand delivery etc., to streamline the e-commerce business process.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    Although MyDHL API is highly efficient, it has some inevitable shortcomings. For example, MyDHL API features solely DHL Express functions, which may result in frequent changes between different tracking platforms if businesses employ different logistics companies beyond DHL Express. TrackingMore, however, provides an excellent alternative for its powerful tracking features. 

    The advantages of TrackingMore’s multi-carrier shipment tracking API are as follows.

    • All-in-one Tracking: TrackingMore integrates 1242 logistics service providers onto one platform, offering air waybill tracking as well.
    • High Reliability: 99.9% API uptime and military-grade data protection allow stable timely, precise and secure tracking experience.
    • Technical Support: global technical support available 7/24 to provide technical assistance.
    • Adaptable Compatibility: TrackingMore accommodates multiple programming languages, ensuring smooth integration with diverse systems.

    Sign up for a free trial of TrackingMore’s comprehensive tracking solution.

    FAQs on DHL Express Tracking

    • How long does DHL Express take?

    DHL Express shipping time varies with the options. Normally, DHL Express Domestic products support next-day delivery while DHL Express International options usually take 1 to 2 business days. If you require a specific shipping time, you can choose DHL Express Select.

    • Does DHL Express deliver on Saturday or Sunday?

    DHL Express offers Saturday Delivery in many parts of Europe, but does not provide Sunday Delivery. DHL Delivery times may vary depending on the specific origin, destination, and chosen service options.

    • How long does DHL Express take from China to the USA?

    Usually, it takes 1-4 business days for DHL Express shipments from China to the USA. However, factors, such as custom clearance, holidays and weather conditions can affect the actual transit time.

    • Is DHL Express legit?

    Yes, DHL Express is a legitimate and globally recognized courier and logistics company. It is one of the world's leading international shipping and delivery services, offering express mail and logistics services to millions of customers around the globe. 

    How Do I Contact DHL Express Customer Service?

    You contact DHL Express’s customer service in the following ways.


    Contact Details

    Office Hours

    WhatsApp Chat

    +49 (0) 173/54 64 461 or DHL Express Germany 

    Mon.-Fri.: 8 am - 6 pm 

    * Not available on Saturday and during public holidays.


    Domestic Express Shipping: +49 (0) 228 902 435-11

    International Express Shipping: +49 (0) 228  902 435-13

    Mon.-Fri: 7 am-7 pm 

    Sat.: 7 am - 2 pm

    * Not available during public holidays.

    Help & Online contact

    Online Support


    DHL Express Service Points

    Locate a DHL Express Service Point and check the detailed information.

    Varying with the DHL Express Service Points

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