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    TrackingMore provides DHL eCommerce tracking API, shipment batch tracking management and an option to receive automated notification.


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    DHL eCommerce Tracking

    DHL eCommerce tracking is a specialized service offered by DHL, focused on the efficient and economical shipping and tracking of e-commerce parcels, especially for online retailers. As one of the world's leading logistics companies, DHL has developed this eCommerce solution to cater to the growing demand for online shopping, ensuring timely and transparent delivery of packages. With DHL eCommerce tracking, both businesses and consumers can monitor the real-time status of their shipments, from dispatch to delivery, enhancing the overall shopping and shipping experience.

    About DHL eCommerce

    DHL eCommerce Solutions stands as a premier e-commerce logistics service, operating both domestically and internationally for a global clientele. With a mission to simplify consumers' lives, it delivers goods right to their doors. Their suite of services encompasses everything from package handling and delivery to pick-up and returns, specifically tailored for e-commerce businesses. Serving areas such as the Asia Pacific, Middle East/Africa, and the Americas, their reach spans over 220 nations. A dedicated team of e-commerce experts ensures top-notch solutions, enhancing online shopping experiences.

    Boasting millions of active users monthly, DHL successfully handles roughly 1.8 billion deliveries each year. Notably, prominent online retailers like Walmart, Samsung, and BEST BUY often choose DHL eCommerce for their logistics needs. Underpinned by thorough processes and strategies, they consistently offer dependable and effective service, ensuring satisfaction right to the end user.

    How does DHL eCommerce work?

    DHL eCommerce Solutions provide customizable services for e-commerce businesses, to cater to their various logistic needs. These solutions work under detailed working dynamics that include:

    • Seamless Integration

    Connect your e-commerce store to DHL eCommerce Solutions through seamless integration. It automates all the steps of your order processing, offering an open communication channel between DHL representatives and business owners.

    • Detailed Shipping Options

    Customized shipment for any consumer worldwide with countless DHL eCommerce Solutions shipping options. 

    It covers domestic delivery, international shipping, and different levels of delivery speed, including DHL eCommerce economy and DHL eCommerce express packages.

    • Warehousing & Storage

    Store your inventory and ensure the security of your packages with proper warehousing services and order processing solutions. DHL eCommerce Solutions covers many warehouses and fulfillment centers in different parts of the world for easy management.

    • Packaging & Labeling

    DHL eCommerce Solutions reduces the hassle of packaging the orders for your consumers. After you’ve received an order, DHL eCommerce representatives collect the required item from your inventory, pack it, and label it for shipping.

    • Logistics

    DHL eCommerce has a widespread logistics network with proper transportation mediums worldwide. It handles all sorts of shipping and mailing burdens with air, rail, and road delicious per your needs.

    • Transparent Tracking

    DHL eCommerce Solutions facilitates every step of your shipment procedure with transparent tracking features, from receiving the order to dropping it on the customer’s doorstep.

    It helps you track your package, monitor progress, estimate delivery dates, and be informed about any delays.

    • Customer Service & Queries

    Manage your package returns and customer queries efficiently with the DHL eCommerce Solutions customer support platform. They handle every question related to package reversal, shipping, and pick-ups.

    DHL eCommerce USPS Tracking

    DHL eCommerce collaborates with local postal services like USPS by handling the parcel’s initial collection stage and packaging, whereas USPS manages the delivery and returns. 

    A unique 22-digit USPS tracking ID is provided next, allowing you to remain updated on the whereabouts of your package.

    This tracking ID can be entered into sites like TrackingMore where the status of the package is regularly updated, and each tracking detail is summarized in a simple format.

    DHL eCommerce Tracking Worldwide

    DHL eCommerce Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of services for both budding e-commerce businesses and established merchants globally.

    It has extended its operations to include various facilities and warehouses, forming networks and collaborations with respected local postal service providers, domestically and internationally to serve different parts of the USA, Canada, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

    Moreover, tracking has been made quick and easy thanks to services like TrackingMore, which offers real-time live shipment tracking on multiple packages at the same time.

    How to track a DHL eCommerce package

    There are many different ways to track your DHL eCommerce package, you can check out three primary methods defined as follows:

    • Via DHL eCommerce Tracking Website

    DHL Ecommerce tracking page

    To monitor the status of your package via DHL eCommerce, follow the steps below.

    1. Visit the DHL eCommerce tracking website.

    2. Navigate to the tracking section.

    3. Enter the tracking ID.

    4. Click "Track" and view the Package's tracking status.

    • Via DHL eCommerce’s last-mile carrier partners’ websites

    DHL eCommerce Solutions often take the assistance of various last-mile carrier partners to offer speedy and efficient local deliveries. It even helps e-commerce businesses to minimize delivery costs and choose feasible routes. DHL only chooses reliable local carriers like Canada Post in Canada, Aramex in New Zealand, USPS in the USA, and others are known for their strong regional presence.

    If your package is being delivered via its last-mile carrier, then you can follow the steps below to track it down.

    1. Get the DHL eCommerce Tracking Number from your documents.

    2. Contact the Online Shop and ask about the last-mile carrier using this number.

    3. Go to the Last-Mile Carrier's Website (e.g., USPS).

    4. Find the 'Tracking' Section and input the tracking number.

    5. Check the Shipping Progress to see the status.

    • Via TrackingMore (Bulk Track)

    DHL Ecommerce tracking page

    Tracking your DHL eCommerce shipment is quite simple with TrackingMore; all you have to do is follow the steps.

    1. Visit the TrackingMore website.

    2. Select "Carriers" from the top menu.

    3. Search for "Yun Express" using the search bar.

    4. Input your package's tracking number and hit the "Track" option.

    5. You'll then be able to view your package's detailed status.

    TrackingMore is a renowned package and shipping tracking service, that helps businesses and individuals closely monitor their packages. By availing of its services, you’ll be able to track your shipments from more than 1,100 carriers around the globe. Besides DHL, TrackingMore offers shipment tracking details on over 1100 different couriers, including USPS, Royal Mail, Canada Post, New Zealand Post, India Post, etc. The service is efficient because of its auto-detection courier feature, capable of finding out the status of your package delivery. 

    DHL eCommerce Tracking Number

    DHL eCommerce Solutions employs a systematic procedure for monitoring every package and shipment, utilizing unique tracking numbers to ensure a safe and satisfying customer experience.

    • What is the tracking number/tracking ID?

    The tracking number or tracking ID is your package’s unique identity or serial number with numbers and letters combined. The DHL eCommerce tracking ID can be around 10 to 39 characters long, depending on the region and country where the parcel must be shipped.

    • DHL eCommerce Tracking Number Format & Examples 

    DHL eCommerce tracking number is a combination of prefixes and numeric digits. 

    The prefix detects the destination region for the parcel, “GM" is for global mail, “RX” is for shipment within the US, etc. 

    Whereas numbers are responsible for the unique identification of each parcel, for example, GM99999999999, RX2434967010, etc.

    There is also a specific "check digit" of your tracking number. It is only used by DHL personnel and can be obtained by using the DHL-authorized algorithm for error detection purposes.

    • Application of DHL Tracking number

    There are many different uses of the tracking number. Its primary applications are for monitoring your shipment status and transit location, tracking the updates, confirming the delivery, detecting issues, resolving queries, and availing refunds. 

    These tracking numbers can assist users when communicating with DHL eCommerce customer support representatives about specific shipment details.

    • FAQs on DHL eCommerce Tracking Number

    • How to find my DHL eCommerce tracking number?

    When you order an item from an online store, you'll receive a confirmation email. This email includes a 'Details' section with a tracking number and a link to track your parcel.

    • When will my tracking information appear?

    The tracking information is expected to appear instantly, but it may show up within 48 days after placing the order; the reasons for this delay can be system lag, delay in updates, late entry of your order by the merchant, etc.

    • Why is my tracking number/ID not working?

    This can happen because your package details haven’t been entered into the tracking system yet, and you should wait. 

    Check again after a few days and make sure you're entering the correct number. If the problem still occurs, then you should connect to DHL eCommerce customer service.

    • If I do not have my tracking number, is it still possible to track my shipment?

    If you can not find the DHL eCommerce tracking ID anywhere in your confirmation receipt or have lost it by accident, you can reach the sender and ask them for the ID. 

    They will inform you about the suitable method to track your parcel, or you can go to the merchant’s store and view your order history to get the tracking number.

    DHL eCommerce Tracking Statuses

    DHL eCommerce marks your parcel activities with a wide range of tracking statuses reflecting the current progress of your shipment so that you can’t miss out on any updates or delays.

    Here is a list of statuses you’ll come across when tracking a package shipped by DHL eCommerce Solutions.

    DHL eCommerce Tracking Statuses


    Return to Sender

    Your destination detail doesn’t match the shipment criteria, or your customers didn’t receive the parcel, that’s why logistics sent it back

    Incomplete Address

    The destination address wasn’t complete, and the logistics team wasn’t able to find your customer’s/receiver’s address

    Shipment Data Submitted

    The receiver's name, address, and phone number have been submitted to DHL eCommerce Solutions.

    Package received at DHL eCommerce distribution center

    Your package has reached the DHL eCommerce distribution center closest to the origin place

    Departure origin DHL eCommerce distribution center

    The package has departed from the closest DHL eCommerce Distribution Center

    Process Complete at Origin

    All the shipment processes at the origin place or the place closest to the merchant’s inventory have been completed

    Departed on an Outbound flight

    The shipment has been boarded on the cargo flight, reaching the destination

    Processed at Transit Facility

    The package is loaded on the truck or train, ready to be deported

    Arrived at Destination Country

    The package has reached the cargo airport of the receiver’s country

    Held at Customs

    Custom clearance is needed to be done to receive the package

    En route to the DHL eCommerce distribution center

    The package is on the way to the DHL eCommerce warehouse nearest to the receiver’s location

    Processing at DHLeC Facility’

    The shipment is being processed at the DHL eCommerce facility, and personnel are picking, packing, or labeling the package sent by the merchant

    Package Received at DHL eCommerce Distribution Center

    The package is at the DHL eCommerce distribution center near the receiver’s location

    Available for Delivery

    Waiting for the logistics team to load the package on their area-specific delivery truck

    Tendered to the delivery service provider

    The package is picked up by a delivery service provider, i.e., USPS or others

    Delivered/Picked Up

    The package has been received, or the customer has picked up the order

    DHL eCommerce Tracking API

    When managing an e-commerce business, handling customer queries related to the delivery status of DHL eCommerce or other logistics parcels is one of the most consuming aspects. It can be the most significant barrier affecting your business growth and efficiency.

    Therefore, you’ll need a solution to increase shipment visibility and enhance the order-tracking workflow. For such problems, integrating a tracking API like TrackingMore's can work wonders.

    With access to 1000+ couriers worldwide, TrackingMore’s API offers efficient integration, excellent uptime of 99%, and accurate data retrieval, making it easy for you to closely monitor all your parcel statuses. 

    You can easily manage a large volume of order status lookups with limited personnel while elevating your customers’ post-purchase experience. 

    TrackingMore’s solution also offers you custom email notifications and a brand-specific tracking page to smoothen your shipment operations.

    FAQs on DHL eCommerce Delivery

    • What is the shipping time for DHL eCommerce?

    DHL eCommerce guarantees fast shipment with different levels of speed for delivery according to your requirements. You can check the estimated delivery time on the confirmation receipt or the checkout page of the e-commerce website.

    It is up to the merchant to select the shipment duration.

    The delivery time depends on various factors, including the shipment service chosen by the business, availability of products, and distance from merchant to consumer.

    Generally, it takes 3 working days for domestic deliveries or within neighboring countries. 

    Additionally, if you are shopping from a different continent, your package may take over 20 days to arrive.

    Regardless of the transportation medium used for the shipment, your parcel will reach the local warehouse and then be loaded to logistics for reaching your doorstep.

    • Who will deliver my shipments?

    DHL eCommerce has more than 1400 warehouses from which the shipment is sent to your customers. In any case of delay, it takes assistance from 220 local postal partners for reliable regional shipments.

    • Why has my shipment not yet been delivered?

     There might be a delay if you haven't received the package by the estimated delivery date.

    The reason behind this can be due to weather conditions, logistic strikes, political situations, customs, etc.    

    • My shipment has not been delivered. What can I do?

    If your shipment isn’t delivered within 10 working days after the estimated shipment date, you can contact the merchant or customer support of the e-commerce store.

    They will be responsible for locating and investigating your missing parcel until you receive your package or get a refund.

    • Who should I contact if I haven’t received my package?

    If you haven’t received your package, you should wait for 10 days and then contact the e-commerce store with your order confirmation receipt or tracking ID.

    • Can you change my delivery address?

    No. If the package departs from the store inventory, DHL eCommerce Solutions isn’t able to make any changes or modifications to the delivery address. You can contact the store for more help.

    • Can I change the delivery day or delivery time?

    Changing delivery duration, time, or date isn’t possible for DHL eCommerce Solutions once the package is dispatched, as it depends on the business sending the shipment out.

    • Why are customs holding my shipment?

    Some shipments aren’t approved by customs in a specific country without a certain amount of tax; thus, customs often hold it until the receiver clears the dues or taxes for the particular product.

    The custom clearance process time is different for every country and can’t be influenced by DHL eCommerce Solutions.

    • Is DHL eCommerce tracking not updating or not working?

    If you have entered a tracking ID on the DHL eCommerce tracking page and haven’t received any result or the progress is stuck at one spot for several days, there can be several reasons behind it.

    The reasons include updating delays, technical errors in the tracking system, or you’re entering inaccurate tracking numbers. You must contact DHL eCommerce customer support in such a case.

    • Why is my shipment status unchanged?

    Different shipments have different checkpoints for delivery. The shipment updates can take some time to appear on the tracking system. Depending on the distance and transit time, you must wait a few hours or days until the event may change by skipping a few steps after the update.

    Delivery delays can also be the reason behind unchanged events on the tracking system.

    • My shipment is damaged, or the content is missing. What can I do?

    If you have received damaged items or there’s missing content in your package, then you should visit your local postal office within a week and submit a damage report for your item with the tracking number and shipment confirmation receipt.

    Later on, you should send this report to the e-commerce store, and they’ll file a claim for the damages on DHL eCommerce Solutions.

    By following this systematic process, you can receive a refund or exchange products, or else it’ll be difficult to claim your damages.

    • Why is my DHL eCommerce package returned to the sender?

    Your package is sent back to a merchant or e-commerce store because of an incorrect address added to the destination.

    Moreover, refusal to accept parcels from the receiver, inability to clear customs, exceeding weight, and unsuccessful delivery attempts can be reasons behind parcel reversal.

    • Why does the tracking event not match the real status?

    There are some events when your tracking status doesn’t match your shipment progress’s actual location or status.

    The reason can be synchronization issues with data, delay in tracking system updates, lag in real-time location scanners, etc. 

    If the issue isn't resolved promptly, you can contact DHL eCommerce customer service to obtain real-time updates on your order status.

    Contact DHL eCommerce Customer Service

    DHL eCommerce customer service provides dedicated support to help customers with tracking, shipping, and resolving any issues related to their e-commerce deliveries.

    Below are the contact details and service hours for DHL eCommerce Customer Service in the main countries served.

    CountriesPhone numberService hours
    Malaysia Domestic+603 2779 2300

    Monday to Friday - 8 am - 7 pm

    Saturday - 9 am - 6 pm
    Sunday and PH - OFF

    United States+1 317 554 5191

    8 am - 9 pm Monday to Friday
    Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

    Thailand Domestic+66 2 029 0999

    8 am - 8 pm Monday to Saturday
    Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

    Germany+49 228 4333112

    7 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday

    7 am - 4 pm Saturday
    Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

    Canada+1 317 554 5191

    8 am – 9 pm (ET) Monday to Friday
    Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

    If you want to know the relevant contact information for DHL eCommerce Customer Service in other countries, you can go to the DHL eCommerce tracking website.

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