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    Track your Hermes parcels faster with the TrackingMore platform. Learn how to track your parcel throughout its shipping journey with the Hermes tracking number. 


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    Hermes Tracking

    As one of the largest logistics service providers, Hermes is committed to providing seamless tracking services to their customers.  Through Hermes tracking, users can effortlessly monitor their package's journey and estimated delivery time. Additionally, the Hermes tracking number can be utilized on third-party platforms, such as TrackingMore, for enhanced tracking convenience. 

    About Hermes Group

    Established in 1972, Hermes Group is a global trade and logistics service provider (LSP) headquartered in Hamburg. It is part of the Otto Group. The company, in partnership with holdings and subsidiaries like Evri (formerly Hermes UK), Hermes Logistik Österreich, Hermes Germany GmbH, and Hermes Fulfillment GmbH, provides transport, order fulfillment, and parcel delivery services worldwide.

    The Hermes group brings people together across 95 nations, symbolizing unity and diversity, particularly with its global workforce of over 18,000. Specializing in transport logistics, global e-commerce, and distribution, Hermes ensures flawless local and international parcel delivery.

    Hermes Shipping Services

    Hermes Group offers a wide range of shipping and distribution services across different countries in the world, ensuring parcels and goods are received in good condition. As a leader in the industry, the company is committed to providing quality shipping and delivery services to private customers. Also, all Hermes shipping services are fully trackable, which allows customers to monitor the progress of their packages throughout the delivery process. 

    Here are some key shipping services provided by the Hermes Group. 

    Parcel Distribution Across Europe

    Hermes delivers about 817 million packages annually in Europe. It handles approximately 1.5 million doorstep contacts every day, ranking it high in measures of trust, reliability, and quality. Its presence in over 20 countries in Europe ensures timely and seamless parcel delivery. 

    Here are some parcel distribution services offered by Hermes across Europe. 

    • Hermes UK



    Delivery Time


    Hermes UK (Evri)

    • Accepts and ships different package sizes, from postable items under 1 kg to 15kg parcels.
    • Ships within and beyond the UK (to over 220 countries globally).
    • Provides access to 8,500+ Lockers and ParcelShops countrywide for sending and returning parcels. 

    Standard Delivery: 2 to 3 days.

    Next-day Delivery: the next working day.

    Hermes UK tracking is fully supported, including return parcel tracking.

    • Hermes Germany

    Hermes is one of the largest post-independent LSPs in Germany, specializing in deliveries to individual customers. The company ships nearly everything, from bulky goods and furniture to letters through parcels. Customers can send and receive parcels through over 16,500 ParcelShops countrywide, making it one of Europe's biggest nationwide network of delivery points for private package shipments. 

    With Hermes Germany, you can ship products locally or internationally to over 28 European nations. Also, Hermes Germany tracking is fully supported. This ensures customers and clients can track their shipments online and gain all crucial tracking information on time. Additionally, over 99% of all shipments are delivered safely and on time thanks to the company’s customer-oriented services like 3-hour delivery time slot, Saturday deliveries, and deliveries left with neighbors. This enhances customer satisfaction and shipment delivery experience.

    • Hermes Austria

    Operating under the name Hermes Logistik GmbH, Hermes Austria provides shipping solutions for all your shipment needs. It allows customers and clients to ship packages of different sizes, including small and large parcels. The company focuses on service and quality, ensuring seamless delivery of shipments across Austria. With over 1,600 PaketShops countrywide, the company boasts a robust network of pick-up and drop-off points for shipping parcels. 

    What’s more, Hermes Austria tracking is fully supported. This service provides end-to-end tracking of parcels during the shipment process. Therefore, customers can know the current status and location of their packages under shipment at any time. 

    Global E-Commerce

    Hermes supports businesses looking to expand their reach to an international level. It provides global e-commerce shipping solutions to help businesses achieve their worldwide online retailing goals. 

    Here are the global e-commerce shipping solutions offered by Hermes.

    • International Shipping

    Hermes allows brand manufacturers and retailers to sell their products globally via existing online shops or by shipping them to their customers. Through its subsidiary company, BorderGuru, Hermes Group embraces different aspects of cross-border e-commerce, including the following:

    - Doorstep deliveries

    - Customs clearance

    - Logistics

    - Online orders

    These elements enable businesses to provide global customers with a smooth cross-border shopping experience. Customers are also able to track their international shipments throughout their delivery journey. As a result, they can rest assured their packages are on the way and make informed decisions about their shipments. 

    What’s more, with Hermes, businesses don’t need to incur costly conversion of their current processes. It supports seamless integration thanks to Hermes’ RESTful API, which integrates easily with existing warehouse and e-commerce systems. Hermes International provides customers with swift and cost-effective delivery options, greatly improving post-purchase satisfaction for e-commerce consumers. 

    • Shipping to Europe

    If you’re looking to expand your e-commerce business reach to Europe, Hermes has got you covered. The company has a specialized B2C network that offers country-specific delivery options tailored to meet customers’ needs in over 20 countries in Europe. Hermes’ 40+ years of experience in consumer deliveries makes it a trusted, reliable, and high-quality shipping solution for all your e-commerce delivery demands across Europe. 

    What’s more, Hermes supports 100% web tracking for all shipments to Europe. This ensures customers are aware of their packages’ progress and expected delivery dates. Also, the company offers next-level delivery flexibility to ParcelShop, work, or home. Its seamless parcel return processes ensure customers can return products that do not meet their expectations with ease. 

    How to Track a Hermes Package

    If you want to track your Hermes parcel, you need a tracking number unique to that package. With it, you can track your parcel in several ways, including using the tracking feature on the official website, via the mobile APP, and via a third-party tracking platform like TrackingMore. Here’s how to track your parcel using each of these options.

    Via Hermes Group Official Website

    The company provides multiple dedicated Hermes live tracking services, including Hermes tracking UK, Hermes tracking Germany, and international tracking.

    • Hermes UK Tracking

    Hermes UK tracking page

    Here are the steps to follow to track your Hermes UK or Evri package on the company’s official website.

    1. Go to the Evri website.
    2. Click on the “Track” tab.
    3. For international parcels, click on “Need to track an Evri International Parcel?”.
    4. Enter your 16-character Evri tracking number in the "Tracking Number" field.
    5. Click the “Track” button for international parcel tracking.

    The website will display your shipment tracking information, including the current location of your Hermes package, as shown below. 

    Hermes UK tracking status

    • Hermes Germany Tracking

    Hermes Germany tracking page

    • Go to the official Hermes Germany website.
    • Scroll down to the Private Customers section and click Shipment tracking.
    • Enter your 11 to Hermes Germany tracking number.
    • Cross-check the tracking number for accuracy and click “Tracking of shipment.”
    • Then the website will display the tracking results of your parcel.

    Note: Hermes UK tracking and Hermes Germany tracking can be operated through the official Hermes mobile app. For international Hermes tracking, click here to begin your tracking experience.

    Via TrackingMore 

    TrackingMore Hermes tracking page

    Here are the steps to follow when tracking your Hermes packages with TrackingMore. 

    1. Go to the TrackingMore website.
    2. Click the "Carriers” tab and search "Hermes" from the Carrier List.
    3. Click the Hermes icon to open TrackingMore’s Hermes tracking page.  
    4. Enter your Hermes shipping tracking number in the Tracking Number field.
    5. Click the Track button to initiate the tracking process.

    The TrackingMore website will load and display the real-time shipment status of your package, including its progress, as shown below.

     TrackingMore Hermes tracking status

    TrackingMore is a powerful third-party parcel tracking platform. This platform offers advanced package tracking capabilities and features, helping you enjoy clear shipment visibility. In fact, TrackingMore not only supports Hermes tracking. Instead, it allows you to track packages from over 1,100 global carriers, including USPS and FedEx. This makes it ideal for those who use multiple carriers to package to different destinations.  

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over Hermes?

    Choosing TrackingMore over Hermes provides a one-stop tracking service. Not only can you swiftly monitor your Hermes packages on a unified platform, but TrackingMore also offers specialized tracking for various Hermes services. This includes specific pages for Hermes UK tracking, Hermes tracking Germany, and the distinct Hermes BorderGuru tracking.

    Additionally, TrackingMore boasts an auto-detection capability. Simply input a tracking number, and the system identifies the relevant carrier for your shipment. This proves invaluable for recipients uncertain of the sender's chosen carrier.  To access this tool, navigate to the 'carriers' page on TrackingMore.

    Hermes Tracking Number

    The Hermes tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to every parcel shipped by this logistic service provider. With this tracking number, you can track your Hermes package's progress throughout its delivery journey. 

    • Hermes Tracking Number Formats and Examples

    Hermes uses a 16-character-long tracking number that allows customers to monitor the progress of their shipment as it makes its way through the Hermes network. This number contains a unique combination of alphanumeric characters, which allows Hermes's tracking system to distinguish and track your parcel amongst thousands or millions of others in transit.   

    Here are some examples of Hermes tracking numbers.

    - H01N5A0088969940

    - C00HHA0391182091

    If your courier unsuccessfully attempts to deliver your Hermes parcel, they will leave a card with details on when the next delivery attempt will be made. This card also contains an 8-digit number that can be used to track the parcel. 

    FAQs on Hermes Tracking Number

    • How do I find my Hermes tracking number?

    Your Hermes tracking number is provided by the sender. It is often attached to the shipping confirmation email or on the receipt issued if you made a physical transaction. If you're unable to find it, reach out to the sender for assistance.

    • Can I track a parcel without a Hermes tracking number?

    No. You can't track your Hermes delivery or package without a tracking number. Contact the sender if you do not have a valid Hermes parcel tracking number.

    Hermes Tracking Statuses

    Hermes uses the following terms to inform customers of the status of their parcels. 



    We’re expecting it

    The parcel has been collected from the sender. It's on its way to the ParcelShop.

    We've got it.

    Your parcel has been received at the ParcelShop. Here, the parcel will be collected and taken to a local depot for sorting and processing for delivery. 

    On its way

    The parcel is at the Hermes delivery depot.

    Out for delivery

    The parcel is with a courier and on its way to its destination.


    Your package has been delivered and signed at the delivery address. It’s ready for pickup. 

    FAQs on Hermes Tracking

    • How does Hermes tracking work?

    Hermes tracking allows you to track your package using the Hermes track and trace feature on the company's official website. You will need to enter your Hermes tracking number to get results about the status or location of your parcel. 

    • How long does it take for the Hermes tracking information to be updated?

    Hermes tracking information is updated when your package is scanned as collected. While drivers with handheld devices will scan the parcel immediately upon collection, other packages might not reflect their collection status until they reach the depot.

    • Can I track multiple Hermes packages at once?

    Yes. You can track all your Hermes parcels simply and easily by TrackingMore. You will need to write or paste your Hermes tracking numbers on the TrackingMore website. This powerful tracker allows you to track up to 50 parcels at a time. 

    • Are there any additional charges for using Hermes tracking services?

    No additional charges are required for using Hermes tracking services. Since the entire shipping cost is paid when ordering, no additional cost is incurred by customers to track their parcels. 

    How to Contact Hermes Customer Service

    Hermes provides a supportive customer service team to help you with any inquiries you may have about your parcels from different locations, including a Hermes contact number. Whether you’re using Hermes UK or Hermes Germany, here’s how you can contact Hermes customer support.




    Service hour

    Hermes UK


    Capitol House,1 Capitol Close Morley, Leeds, LS27 OWH United Kingdom.

    Mon to Fri

    - 8 am to 4 pm


    - 8 am to 2 pm


    +44 (0)330 808 5456

    +44 (0)844 543 7411

    Hermes Germany


    Essener Strasse 89 22419 Hamburg Germany

    Not specified




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