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Portugal CTT tracking is to allow you to know timely updates of your Portugal CTT parcels. Use TrackingMore to access this service!

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    Portugal CTT tracking is to allow you to know timely updates of your Portugal CTT parcels. Use TrackingMore to access this service!


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    CTT Tracking

    CTT, also known as Correios de Portugal, is the national postal service provider of Portugal. CTT tracking allows customers to monitor the status and location of their parcels and mail items as they are processed and delivered through the CTT network, ensuring a transparent and efficient postal experience.

    About CTT

    With its history interestingly dating back to King Manuel’s time in the 1500s, CTT was initially a government-run post, telephone, and telegraph company. In 1992, the postal service was separated from the other departments, acquiring the acronym CTT, until it was purchased from the Portuguese government and privatized in 2014.

    CTT began as a domestic shipment company, delivering government and royal documents. The growing population forced it to expand its horizons beyond its borders. Today people can use this service to send and receive shipments locally and internationally.

    The company’s headquarters are located in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. This office is mainly concerned with overlooking the financial and administrative affairs of the company. The shipments sent through CTT will head to the company’s warehouses or processing centers scattered everywhere.

    CTT today offers package and mail delivery locally and worldwide, with multiple alternatives varying according to delivery times and tracking choices for up to 10 kg. Bigger businesses can contract with CTT to ship cargo up to 700 kilograms to Spain and Portugal.

    CTT Shipping Services

    CTT has multiple local and international parcel delivery options, including standard and express services. 

    CTT Domestic Solutions


    Delivery Time

    Additional Features

    Regular Post

    Mainland: 3 business days


    Blue Post

    Mainland: 1 business day, Islands: 2 working days

    Express delivery

    Registered Post

    Mainland: 1 working day, Islands: 2 working days

    Tracking, optional cash on delivery, insurance, SMS

    Green Post

    Mainland: 1 business day, Islands: 2 business days

    Fixed prices, no stamp requirement

    CTT Worldwide Services


    Delivery Time

    Additional Features

    Regular Post

    Europe: 5 business days, Worldwide: 7 business days


    Blue Post

    Europe: 5 working days, Worldwide: 7 working days

    Express delivery

    Registered Post

    Europe: 3 working days, Worldwide: 5 working days

    Includes tracking number

    Green Post

    Europe: 5 working days, Worldwide: 7 working days

    Fixed prices, no stamp requirement

    CTT Shipping Costs and Delivery Time

    CTT boasts an extensive global delivery network, reaching not only Europe but also an additional 150 countries such as Australia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The cost and delivery time of international shipping are subject to variables like package dimensions, weight, the destination country, and the specific service chosen.

    The typical cost rates for CTT postal services, along with their delivery time, are as follows.

    Delivery Service


    Delivery Time Taken

    Domestic Mainland

    11 euros plus

    3 business days

    Domestic Islands

    21.80 euros plus

    Up to 15 working days

    International Europe

    47.40 euros plus

    5 business days


    111.3 euros plus

    Less than 7 working days

    Delivery time tends to vary due to various factors involved in the process. These factors include but are not limited to the package weight and size, distance between the sender and the destination, and delivery turnaround. Quicker delivery options naturally have a higher shipping cost.

    Local deliveries within Portugal take one week at most as Portugal is not a very large country. The time taken for international deliveries obviously varies according to the destination country. Other factors also come into play that are beyond CTT’s control, such as adverse weather conditions, blocked transportation, and customs issues.

    It must be remembered that the delivery times mentioned are always ‘estimated’ meaning they can change while considering the destination country’s circumstances. For an exact delivery time quotation, the customers are advised to get in touch with CTT’s customer service.

    How to Track CTT Parcels

    In two ways, you can easily track the CTT package! Follow the instructions below.

    1. Via the CTT's Official Website

    CTT tracking page

    CTT parcels can be tracked through the CTT official website, where you need to enter the tracking number you received online or on your receipt and click on ‘Track a parcel’. Then You will be able to view the recent details of your package status.

    2. Via TrackingMore

    CTT Portugal has its own massive operations network and system of transportation. While it provides seamless service in the entire country, it has to rely on other couriers, postal companies, and transportation services to offer its facilities in around 150 countries it ships to. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that while CTT completely controls shipments and deliveries sent on national routes, it remains limited regarding international deliveries. It employs the services of several carrier vessels and airlines to complete its operations worldwide.

    With TrackingMore, you would not have to worry about your CTT shipment as TrackingMore allows you to get both national and international CTT package status. To access this one-stop tracking solution, follow the steps below.

    TrackingMore CTT tracking page

    All you need to do is put your tracking number on TrackingMore’s official website, which is given to the sender upon booking a shipment with CTT. TrackingMore will not ask for any personal or private information either from the sender or the receiver.

    The departure location, arrival destination, type, weight or size of the product, estimated time, or travel route, all this information on the package is visible through TrackingMore.

    What’s the Difference Between Using TrackingMore to Track CTT Parcels Over its Official Website?

    As mentioned, CTT gives a clear track record of its locally shipped parcels.

    However, tracking is not under CTT’s control for international deliveries as it has to involve many other courier services, transportation facilities, and post offices worldwide. This means that once the CTT shipment has changed hands and given to another courier, you might not be able to get an updated status on your shipment, causing you to receive a delay in your delivery.

    In case CTT manages the entire delivery process from the beginning till the end, then it will be possible for consumers to get tracking from CTT’s official website. For this purpose, TrackingMore provides the best solution where you can get your shipping tracked and a consolidated package tracking all in one go for up to 50 shipments.

    With TrackingMore, you would not have to log onto different websites to check your package status. You can enter fifty different parcel tracking numbers from five other courier services and get updated statuses for all of them in one place. This is especially beneficial for businesses with multiple shipments from different courier companies moving around the world.

    CTT Tracking Number

    The CTT parcel tracking number is a unique number given to you when you send an international parcel through CTT Portugal. A tracking number given by CTT typically has 13 to 22 characters, including a combination of numbers and letters. CTT tracking numbers are set according to their origin countries. For instance, the tracking numbers created in Portugal usually consist of 13 characters, including 4 alphabetical letters and 9 numerical digits. Contrary to this, the tracking numbers from Spain typically have 22 characters.

    An example of a CTT tracking number is RT145643192PT.

    FAQs on CTT Tracking Number

    • Where can I look for my CTT tracking number?

    If you purchased an item online and it will be shipped by CTT, you will receive your tracking code through email or SMS for tracking and tracing your CTT delivery.

    Contrary to this, if you dropped your parcel off at one of CTT’s Contact Points or local post offices, this tracking code can be on your receipt. Upon booking the CTT Express tracking service online, the tracking number can be found on the shipping label.

    • The delivery is coming, but I don’t have the shipping number. What can I do?

    This shipment number is sent to the sender when they place a shipping order with the company. If you do not have the shipping number or cannot find it on the receipt or label, you will need to contact the original sender of the parcel.

    CTT Tracking API

    A tracking API is designed to allow customers to check their shipments right from their website using the reference or shipment number given. This feature lets consumers return to their official website for shipment tracking or to check the updated status of their order. This return traffic will let your company gain more sales and acquire repeat consumers. Moreover, it allows businesses to track multiple shipments all in one go.

    TrackingMore API is the first choice of many leading brands due to its unique features.

    First of all, TrackingMore’s API is integrated with 1226 courier services all over the globe, including CTT.

    In TrackingMore, you can track more than 1226 carriers, such as

    Express: UPS trackingDHL trackingFedEx trackingTNT tracking

    Post: USPS trackingChina Post TrackingHong Kong Post Tracking, etc.

    Deliveries that encounter delayed updates on CTT’s official website will be automatically updated through TrackingMore’s API.

    Furthermore, this service allows businesses to create their own branded tracking page, enhancing the customer shopping experience.

    Contact CTT

    CTT Portugal can be contacted through the following ways.

    • CTT Call Center – Calls can be made on 210471616 from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on working days.

    • Contact Form – CTT can also be contacted by filling out the contact form with your query and personal information.

    For the latest updates on your shipment tracking, log onto TrackingMore’s official website.


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