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    Track your DTDC courier with feature-rich TrackingMore API integration. Know about services, tracking ID, & status & ensure seamless delivery across the globe.


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    DTDC Tracking

    DTDC tracking is an online tracking solution that allows customers to receive real-time shipment updates. After being registered, the packages are assigned tracking numbers. This number is integrated into the tracking system so that whenever the package passes through transit, the location, time, and date are automatically updated in the tracking system.

    Customers can track their packages by entering the tracking number into the tracking tool available on the DTDC website. There are other ways to track the packages, which include contacting customer care service via phone call or email or using a third-party tracking platform, such as TrackingMore. 

    About DTDC 

    Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo, in short, DTDC is a multinational logistics company. Starting operation in 1990 as a small courier delivery service company, the company is now one of the giant courier and delivery services serving more than 220 locations around the world. 

    DTDC has had a strategic partnership with GeoPost (international parcel delivery service), the express logistics arm of Le Group La Poste (La Poste) since 2013. As a strategic partner of DPD, owned by GeoPost, DTDC has become one of the largest parcel delivery networks in India. 

    DTDC is now a one-stop platform that has gone through the transition from home-grown courier, express, and parcel to a globally recognized express logistics brand. Currently, it has 580 operating facilities, over 1,500 vehicles, and more than 14000 channel partners. DTDC serves approximately 96% of the Indian population and has a record of delivering over 12 million deliveries per month.

    DTDC Tracking in India 

    DTDC provides a variety of shipping services to meet the needs of any type of shipment, whether it is small, medium, or large, time-sensitive, or cost-effective within India and to destinations around the world. Using DTDC shipment tracking features, customers can effortlessly access the most recent status of their packages at any moment.

    Express Parcels

    The DTDC Express Parcel service is designed to assist C2C and B2B customers with their time-sensitive deliveries. Customers can deliver parcels of any size, from documents to part-truck-load shipments, to almost any location inside Indian territory. 

    Under DTDC Express Parcels, the following services are being provided.

    a. Express Services

    The Express Services by DTDC is for small to medium-sized time-sensitive shipments, such as confidential documents. All of the services in this category include DTDC parcel tracking features that allow customers to track their packages online 24/7 from dispatch to delivery to the final destination location.

    Customers can choose this service from any of the following. 

    • Express Standard: Offers delivery service via multi-modal logistics and is reasonably priced. 
    • Express Premium: Super-fast parcel delivery services within a short time, even within a specific date and time. 
    • DTDCShipAssure™: Assure timely delivery by any means. However, failure to fulfill the promise will be compensated with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

    b. Ground Services

    Backed by fleets of more than 1,500+ trucks, DTDC Ground Service offers medium to large-sized delivery with multi-stop trucking.  DTDC's live tracking is a core feature that underscores their commitment to transparency and timely service for their customers. It ensures users are always informed about the status of their shipments.

    These services are orderable with the following options. 

    • Ground Standard: Cost-effective solution for B2B customers for large-sized and less-than-truckload shipments. 
    • Ground Premium: Cost-effective & speedy point-to-point trucking service for B2B customers’ high volume of medium or large-sized shipments. 

    c. Value-added Services

    DTDC's Value-added Service is for Customers to receive a smooth shipping experience not only for them but also for their recipients. These services include the following. 

    • Securitized Logistics: Manages sensitive shipments that require security such as debit or credit cards, passports, etc. 
    • Critical Logistics: Offers logistics solutions for critical spare parts and premium next flight out option. 
    • Packaging for Electronics: Offers packaging solutions for electronic products like phones, laptops, etc.
    • Temperature-controlled Shipments: Has IoT technology-based tracking system for products like vaccines, food, etc. 
    • Reverse Logistics: Has reverse and forward pick-ups, proofs of delivery, and consignee-to-pay facilities.  
    • Drop-off: Allows customers to drop parcels off at DTDC branches. 

    International Shipments

    DTDC India provides overseas shipping services to more than 220 destinations. DTDC international shipment service is speedy, cost-effective, and catered to meet the needs of time-sensitive parcel transfer both for individuals and businesses. Customers can take DTDC international shipment services under the following categories. 

    • Premium Express: Time-sensitive documents, parcel shipment within a definite time. With the DTDC international tracking system, you will stay updated on the end-to-end information of the shipment process. 
    • Priority Express: An affordable and fast shipment solution. 
    • Import Express: Customized shipment service to simplify goods importing. 
    • E-commerce Solutions: Offers private and postal delivery networks for e-commerce businesses’ international shipping. 
    • Freight Forwarding: Customized air and sea freight solutions for international shipments.

    Packages registered for all these services include tracking services. The DTDC online tracking feature allows both the sender and receiver to monitor their packages throughout their entire journey and get peace of mind. 

    Integrated E-commerce Logistics

    The integrated e-commerce logistics service of DTDC is designated for e-commerce companies to fulfill their needs for complete fulfillment. E-commerce businesses can choose to decide services from the following segments. 

    • B2C Pick-up and Delivery Services: The delivery network consists of 14,000 pin codes, ensuring flexible, multi-location, first & last mile logistic services. 
    • Fulfillment Services: Handles customers’ business orders and returns. Has micro fulfillment to large fulfillment, same-day and next-day delivery options available. 
    • Value-added Services (VAS): has add-on features and services for e-commerce businesses. 
    • Customized API Integration: Integrates across numerous platforms. 
    • Payment on Delivery: Has COD (Cash on Delivery) and other digital payment (UPI) systems available.
    • Returns: Offers Reverse pick-up in case of any e-commerce customers’ returns. 

    These services are reliable and transparent, as DTDC provides tracking services along with these delivery services. The DTDC courier tracking feature enables customers (both sender and receiver) to track their package from dispatch from the warehouse to the final delivery to the receiver’s doorstep. They can also track their shipment online 24/7 using a third-party shipment tracking platform.

    DTDC Global Tracking

    DTDC offers a comprehensive international courier and logistics service provider connecting businesses and individuals worldwide with efficient cross-border shipping solutions.

    Cross Border Management

    Cross Border Management solution by DTDC is a set of customized services that includes logistics, and all types of assistance to connect supply chains for e-commerce businesses. From international courier services to logistics distribution, those businesses can receive any type of solution they need. 

    Benefits of DTDC Cross Border Management

    • Pick-Ups
    • Localized Warehousing Fulfillment
    • International Supply Chain Management
    • Express 24/7 Custom Clearance
    • Reverse Logistics 
    • Real-Time Online Tracking
    • Dedicated Customer Service 

    Last-Mile Delivery

    As one of the largest delivery networks in India, DTDC ensures seamless shipping services across India. 

    Benefits of DTDC Last-Mile Delivery

    • Cash on Delivery (COD)
    • Next Day Delivery
    • Managed Drop Ship
    • 3PL Management
    • Reverse Logistics 

    How to Track DTDC Courier’s Parcel?

    DTDC Courier packages can be tracked in several ways including the official website, DTDC app, and third-party shipment tracking platform, for instance, TrackingMore. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to track DTDC Courier parcels. 

    1. Via DTDC's website

    The first way is to track through a website. One of the major advantages of the DTDC website is it has a country-based domestic website available alongside the international one. 

    Step 1: To track your domestic parcel, visit the DTDC India website, and to track international parcels, go to the DTDC International website. 

    Step 2: In DTDC India, the site for tracking domestic delivery you will find a section ‘Track Your Shipment’. Click on it. 

    DTDC tracking page

    In DTDC International, the site for tracking International delivery you will find the tracking tool in the middle of the homepage. 

    DTDC international tracking page

    Step 3: You will see two options for tracking your package; AWB/Consignment number and Reference number. You can enter a maximum of 25 tracking numbers in a single search attempt.

    Step 4: Then, the details of your shipment will be visible to you. You can see when and where your shipment has been through along with the current status. 

    2. Via MyDTDC APP 

    DTDC mobile app

    The next way is to use the mobile app. Fortunately, DTDC has applications available both for Android and IOS, known as MyDTDC. You can install and use it to check your shipment status from anywhere. 

    3. Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a third-party parcel tracking platform connected with more than 1,100 logistics tracking APIs. You can track your DTDC package with TrackingMore as DTDC is one of its carriers. The robust carrier network allows you to track multiple carriers on a single platform. This means you can track both your domestic and international DTDC packages, as well as those of other logistics companies, from the same place.

    Here’s how you can track your parcel with TrackingMore. 

    Step 1: Go to TrackingMore's website and click on ‘Carriers’ from the menu bar.

    TrackingMore DTDC tracking page

    Step 2: On the Carriers page, search for “DTDC’ in the carrier search bar and click on ‘DTDC’ from the carrier list. 

    Step 3: Enter your tracking number in the tracking field and click the ‘Track’ button.

    Then, the details of the tracking information will be visible to you. 

    TrackingMore DTDC tracking status

    Alternative method: 

    On the "Carriers" page, there's a tracking box where you can input up to 50 tracking numbers at once. Simply enter your DTDC package tracking number, and TrackingMore's powerful tracking API will automatically identify your carrier, directing you straight to the results page.

    Why should I choose to track using TrackingMore over DTDC?

    TrackingMore is a shipment tracking platform that offers fast, accurate, updated, and real-time information. It supports 1,100+ global carriers and ensures seamless customer experience and satisfaction. 

    Using a third-party shipment tracking platform like TrackingMore has advantages that are way more efficacious for businessmen and individuals. Let's take a look at the TrackingMore features

    • Tracking of 50 packages from different carriers at a time
    • Automatic carrier detection feature
    • Clear shipment visibility including last-mile updates
    • 24/7 global support team

    DTDC Tracking Number 

    Once customers register their shipment with DTDC, they will receive a DTDC tracking number, also known as DTDC tracking ID, DTDC AWB (Air Waybill) number, and DTDC consignment tracking number. 

    This number is a unique 9-digit series of alphanumeric codes that is allotted to each package. As mentioned earlier, DTDC tracking ID formation is an alphanumeric series, the first one being a capital letter and the rest are the numerical digits. 

    Here are some examples of DTDC tracking numbers. 

    - W13138836

    - D76249850

    DTDC Courier tracking number is generally found on the handwritten consignment note, under the barcode as 'CN No'. You can also find it in the consignment tracker when DTDC sends you the confirmation mail or SMS. 

    DTDC Tracking Statuses 

    DTDC updates its status every step of the way. Let's get to know what the status of different activities means. 

    DTDC tracking status


    Softdata Upload 

    The customer’s package has been registered and waiting for confirmation. 

    Pickup Awaited 

    A shipping label has been created and the package is being processed for delivery. 

    Booked At Facility 

    DTDC has received the package as per the customer’s request and is processing the shipment. 

    Processed & Forwarded To Facility 

    The package has been processed and forwarded to the facility for the next step of processing. 

    Processed & Forwarded from the Facility

    The processing has been done and the package is being forwarded to the next transit point. 

    Received At Hub 

    The package has reached the hub. 

    Processed & Forwarded to the Hub

    The package has been processed by the facility and is being forwarded to the hub. 

    Processed & Forwarded From Hub

    The processing has been done and the package is being forwarded to the facility from the hub. 

    Received At Facility

    The package is back at the facility and being prepared for delivery. 

    Out For Delivery

    DTDC has completely processed the package and now the package is being discharged to the recipient’s doorstep. 


    The recipient was not available to receive the package. The recipient requested not to leave the package if s/he isn’t available. And thus the package is back to DTDC. 

    Successfully Delivered 

    The recipient has received the package and the delivery has successfully been completed. 

    DTDC Tracking API 

    DTDC API integration connects different-sized e-commerce businesses to DTDC couriers and thus it streamlines the parcel transfer, tracking, and delivery process across multiple platforms. 

    However, using TrackingMore API is always smart, and more reliable than using DTDC’s API.

    Why should I use the TrackingMore API instead? 

    TrackingMore is one of the leading parcel trackers with a robust network of shipment-tracking APIs. It provides individuals and businesses with a global tracking solution that allows them to track shipments throughout their entire journey. You can take advantage of the following benefits.

    • Support 1,100+ carriers worldwide
    • Unified standard data
    • API uptime of 99.90%
    • Advanced-level multi-programming language support. 
    • Compliant with ISO 27001 and other top-tier security  
    • Accurate tracking info from start to finish and multi-courier tracking 

    TrackingMore offers business-specific customized solutions as well. So, if you are interested, feel free to sign up with TrackingMore and try out its feature with a 7-day free trial. 

    FAQs on DTDC Delivery and Tracking

    • Is DTDC fast or slow? 

    DTDC courier service is reputed for its express delivery services, in short, fast delivery service. Domestic consignment delivery takes 3-7 business days and international shipments take 3-6 business days. They offer premium services for time-sensitive domestic delivery within 24-48 hours. 

    • How many days does DTDC take to deliver? 

    Depending on delivery mode, destination, and package volume, DTDC delivery time may vary. For standard domestic shipping, DTDC takes about 3-7 business days, and priority-based premium service is delivered within 24-48 hours. For international service, the delivery time takes approximately one week and premium service can manage to deliver within 2-4 business days.

    • How much does DTDC charge per kg?

    DTDC charges are calculated based on the weight of the parcel, dimension, destination, and urgency. 

    Here’s a chart of courier charges inside India. 






    Within city 


    Rs. 40 to Rs. 100

    Different states 


    Rs. 200 to Rs. 500


    The US


    Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3500


    Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000

    • Does DTDC deliver on Saturday or Sunday? 

    The regular DTDC delivery schedule is Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 6 pm and delivery service remains closed on Sundays and other public holidays. However, DTDC provides a 'Prime Time Plus Sunday' service for customers who require Sunday delivery. This is an express delivery service that picks up packages before 6 p.m. on Saturday and delivers them on Sunday. 

    The service is only available for a limited number of pin codes across India. You can contact customer service to check whether your location falls under this service area.

    • Can I send a SIM card through DTDC? 

    No. You can't ship a SIM card with DTDC as it falls under the category of 'Restricted & Banned Items' of DTDC which the company doesn't permit to book in any network. 

    How Can I Contact DTDC Customer Care?

    DTDC has a direct international presence in over 21 countries including India, Australia, Canada, UAE, the UK, and the USA. They operate through associates in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kenya & Israel. 

    Here are DTDC Global customer care contact details.



    DTDC House No.3, Victoria Road, Bangalore 560047, Karnataka

    Email Address 

    [email protected] (For business inquiries) 

    Phone Number 

    080-25365032, 25365039 


    Corporate Office

    House No 3, Victoria Road, Bangalore 560047, Karnataka 

    Email Address

    [email protected]  

    Phone Number

    + 91 - 9606 911 811 (Available 9.30 AM IST to 6.00 PM IST from Monday to Saturday)

    Online form

    Fill up the ‘Raise a Query’ page 


    Head Office

    DTDC Express Inc.

    545, 8th Ave, Suite 17SW, New York, NY 10018

    Email Address

    [email protected] 

    Phone Number

    +1 212-268-2727 

    Toll-Free Number


    Fax Number

    +1 212-268-0525

    ‘VP-North America’

    Mobile number


    Work week and hours

    Monday – Friday 09:00 – 19:00 EST


    DUBAI (Regional Head Office)

    DTDC Eurostar Courier & Cargo LLC

    PO Box No. 118519

    Warehouse No. 4, Marakech Street,

    Near Emirates Metro Station,

    Behind RTA Office, Um Ramool,

    Dubai, UAE

    Phone Number


    Email Address

    [email protected] 

    [email protected] 


    Head Office Location 

    Isapur Estate, 7454 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON L4T 2H5 

    Customer Service & Shipping Office 

    Isapur Estate, 7454 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON L4T 2H5 

    Email Address

    [email protected] 

    Phone Number

    1-905-405-1111 / 1181


    Toll-Free Number


    Working Days and Office Time

    Monday to Friday 

    10 AM to 6 PM (Head Office) 

    9 AM to 7 PM (Customer Service) 

    Franchise Location

    885 Progress Avenue, Unit 107 Ground Floor, Scarborough, ON M1H 3G3

    Phone 1-647-838-3025

    Email: [email protected]



    DTDC Courier & Cargo UK Ltd

    Augustine Close, Off Blackthorne Road, Poyle, Slough, SL3 0ER 

    Email Address

    [email protected] 

    Sales: [email protected], [email protected] 

    Sales support: [email protected] 


    020 3411 7333 

    CSS Ext: 3911/3908 

    Sales Ext.: 3907/3913/3916

    Sales support Ext: Ext.: 3915/3912


    Head Office Address

    Unit 9 / 10 Ferngrove Place, Chester Hill, NSW 2162

    Email & Live Chat

    [email protected] 

    Phone Number

    1300 658 775

    Business Hours

    Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5:30 pm


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